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003 | action [hello target practice] & [PM]

[With the Headmaster clearing up the past issues for Seifer, and providing him with the clearance to continue his attempt to regain SeeD status as a means to make up for his past mistakes, Seifer once again finds himself as a student, much to his displeasure.

He's currently enrolled in a handful of classes, and one particular one has him frustrated beyond belief, but not for any minor reason. Advanced Weapons Training. He's lacking a training partner prior to instructor assessment and he's not pleased in the slightest. The Training Center can only help so much before he wants a more difficult target.]

I need volunteers for a sparring session. Or rather, if you're remotely equipped with a weapon and capable of trying to take me on, you're required for target practice. There's no guarantees you won't get injured.

Anyone who shirks from this will have themselves added to the List.

[And here, have a PM.]

[Locked to the members of the Disciplinary Committee. If you even exist.]
The Headmaster's informed me of some mutiny and the lack of members. Those of you who still remain should report to me immediately. Let's give the Garden a reminder of what the committee stands for.

[[OOC: A more IC continuation of the failure that went down here.]]

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