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[Action] Event - I don't need wings to fly

[Only a little shaken up from the crash emergency landing, it had still taken Rinoa a little while to get ready. Fact is she'd had to junction first, Shiva seeming an ironic but appropriate choice considering just how cold it was already getting. The choice to junction ice magic to Elem-def-J had been an easy one  at least. After that it didn't take long to grab not one, but two weapons and head out to see what all the ruckus was about.

Seeing the mess that Garden was in currently, Rinoa was suddenly very thankful for all the extra training she'd been putting in lately.]

Is this some sort of test? [She asks aloud to herself before testing her grip on the gunblade she's been training with for some time now. Looks like this is really it, the ultimate test to see just how much she's learned in class and from Ryu. Satisfied that all is well with the blade, she spares a glance for the blaster edge strapped to her arm for emergency use before hurrying off to get the attention of several grats and bite bugs that seem to be bickering at each other.] I'm not going to be left behind anymore, I don't have to worry. I can fight too! I'm not going to hold anyone back, not anymore.

[Pep talk over she enters into combat with a very serious, for Rinoa anyway, look on her face as she lets the monsters know just who's boss.  Things are indeed different this time. Now the grats and bite bugs are all dispatched easily with swings that have clearly been well drilled into RInoa's subconscious. It's safe to say that the motions are almost flowing, though they're far from the skills of a true master. Still it's a vast improvement and it's obvious after a while that she's fairly proud of herself and her new skill set. to fight with her? Maybe gawk at how much she's managed to improve if you were there for Rinoa's last public foray into gunblade use? Something else entirely? Totally up to you.]

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[From the dormitory entrance, Snow stares in patent surprise, and earns for this a blow to the chest from the Gayla he'd been holding with one hand and punching with the other. He casts a Ruin straight in its face, punches it till it stops moving, then tosses it aside to call out to the girl with the gunblade]

Hey! Do you know a woman named Lightning?

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{Snow nearly trips over a Bite Bug, which he irritably kicks away]

She was here? And she went home?

[He lifts his hands in a 'you gotta be kidding gesture', with a smile that's really the only reaction he can bear to have right now]

That's nuts!

Time compression is weirder than I thought... Anyway, if you knew her at all, you'll know it's a compliment that you reminded me of her!

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You've taken to a sword like a fish to water.

[He smirked, approaching her since there wasn't any immediate danger.]

I have to say, I'm proud you've come this far with a sword. Never thought I'd make a good teacher.

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I did, but I neglected to mention what happened to him. The entire ordeal is a story for another time, though. Don't worry, he's still alive. I trained him when I was a kid.

[He blushes a little at the compliment.]

You're welcome.

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A gunblade? Not the type of weapon I'd come to expect from you.

[Seifer has his own out, maybe looking to come rescue Rinoa if given that chance because he really finds it difficult to perceive her using one effectively. Or maybe he's just surprised she's managed one.]

Do you need me to save your behind?

don't worry about it D:

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[He can't help but manage a smirk at that.]

Yes you did. I guess I should be impressed that you've managed so far without stabbing yourself or something.

If your arms fall off, I'll carry those back, but you can drag yourself.


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[It's taking some time - and the impromptu pitching of quite a few others - but Minato figures it won't take long until the fiends learn not to get in the path from the dormitory to the infirmary.

He notices Rinoa taking on a pack of Grats and Bite Bugs with her gunblade, and doing a good job for someone who was still a novice back when they had that class. Readying his own gunblade, he slashes a nearby bug to pitching in.]

I see you've been practicing.

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[Minato takes out another bug that rushes at him. Honestly, the only advantage this group has is numbers - and those numbers are about to dwindle.]

There hasn't been a lot of spare time lately. Good thing we got winter break, huh?

[He raises his gunblade to block a swung tendril from a grat. Not the best place to start a conversation, really.]

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Gotten some private tutoring with that thing I see.

Unless you were always a natural, eh?
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Ahhh no problem got migraines /is late

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Oh? Hm. He must be a huge help, eh.

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"You've improved."

[That comes from over the drone of another set of bite bugs and grats, as there seems to be a sudden draft in the area; even more pronounced then before. And in a heart beat, the swarm is suddenly a lot thinner then before, as clusters of bugs drop out of the sky, encased in ice.

And, looking through the now sparse swarm is Mitsuru, giving that sword Rinoa is carrying a surprised look.]

"You've...Improved a great deal, actually."

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"Given the monsters and state of the Garden, I would have to agree."

[That hadn't been the most pleasant way to interrupt her study time. Something which Mitsuru might be taking out on the bugs that are unfortunately in Execution range.]

"So this-"

[More ice! That rapier stays at her hip, for the time being, while she instead focuses on spell work. Likewise, while she's comfortable with her sword, throwing sharp bits of ice around still comes more easily.]

"Is what you have been working on while not studying?"

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[Squall stumbles upon her by pure chance and stops to stare and watch as she uses the gunblade. It's interesting to watch, he would have never thought that she would even be interested in wielding one. But then again he never would have thought Cid would push and push and push at him to do a course on the weapon for a day either.

While he watches, he quietly assesses her strengths and weaknesses in using the gunblade, watches how she moves with it and handles it. He catches himself nodding to himself once or twice, and once she's not so bogged down he speaks up and makes his way over to her with Lion Heart in hand.

Not bad.