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[event action] backdated to yesterday I suppose?

[When Garden had taken its rough tumble along the snowy grounds, Squall had been standing at the window in his 3F office looking out at the passing white-covered foliage. The announcement had been made immediately after he'd braced himself against the window frame, having jolted forward upon impact.

The lights and all power had been lost, the only light being from what was outside as it filtered into his office.

...What now?

[He can only imagine the panic beginning down on the main level and sets off with Lion Heart in hand, leaving the office. He doesn't wait for the elevator, instead he takes the emergency exit stairs off to the left of the corridor and lets himself out onto the 2F to assess any 'damage'.

Well. The only 'damage' there is are the monsters running around on their rampage. So he stands there to take everything in and then moves forward to help those in need with disposing any of the monsters.

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