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004 :: Action

[Anyone in the lobby area might find themselves startled by a sound like that of a gunshot splitting the air.

The cause, oddly enough, is Akiela. She stands on top of the flattened remains of a Grat, who tried to smack her with its feelers and paid the price when she dodged by jumping into the air before, ultimately, coming back down on top of it's head. Never let it be said that a Dragoon can't cause a headache. Stepping out of the mess and ignoring the gunk on her boots, she calmly unhooks her spear and twirls it once in hand before approaching a blue dragon.

A suicidal move? Perhaps.

Or perhaps not. The dragon seems, oddly enough, intimidated by her presence. Maybe you'll use the opening to give her a hand?]

Move, you overgrown Puk. I've no time to waste on monsters who barely rate a decent challenge. [She has an appointment to keep, after all.]

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