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So this thing works like the internet, right? Hello everyone then!! I'm Takeshi Momoshiro (I hope I got the English on that right -- reverse order? Dang, Echizen could tell me) but you can just call me Momo! I'm new here, from Japan if anyone else is, and with all these classes... I have no idea what to take. So if there are any senpai, I mean, upperclassmen who could point out the good ones, it'd be a huge help!

Oh, and I keep hearing a lot about the hot dogs here, but are the burgers any good?

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Momo? That sounds like a cat's name.

I'd go for the sciences, of course, but that's just me. You might be better picking up the weapons classes. Your choice, but all the specialisations require at least an intermediate weapons and/or para-magic pass - best get the basics out of the way.

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Then you should learn. That's the point of having classes for it.

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Yeah - they give you a general feel for what's available. You don't specialise until later, when you have a better idea of what you want to do.

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Right now, I'm taking Chemistry, Biology and Chemistry, which will be applied to more specialised classes like Aerodynamics and Anatomy. Next quarter, I'll be taking the Geography and Bestiary classes.

I'm looking into the computer science specialisation, so I'm also taking programming and IT classes.

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Genius? Of course! I'm Aspio's number one genius mage! I'm pretty famous where I come from.

But as for the classes here being "college"-level? I've yet to see it. Maybe it's because these are short courses designed to teach people the fundamentals - Garden is training mercenaries rather than academics.

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And you think scientists don't apply their theories?

Granted, the magic here is a lot easier than the magic back home - you stock and use spells like items. You just need to learn the basic junctioning and draw systems. It's not as elegant or refined as to what I'm used to, but with the short cast time it's very convenient.

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True, I suppose... but I prefer to have a full knowledge and understanding.

And compared to the magic of other worlds, which can take years of study? I'd say so, yeah. You'd need to learn how to junction and draw anyway, since if you use them properly, you can boost your speed and strength. Para-Magic just comes with that.

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You got it? Good. Let me know if you get stuck.

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Favourites? You mean mine? I already told you - the sciences! Engineering's not too bad, either.