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[The sound of the last Homecoming-related intercom announcement has barely stopped echoing before a rather succinct post goes up.]


[And a couple of minutes after that:]


OWN UP DAMN YOU11 you're goimg to wish you rem,ebered to nominate YOUR INTESTINES1

[Neither is signed, but... given the topic, how many different people could this possibly be?]


[At lunchtime on the same day, if you happen to be keeping an eye out for Edward, you'll find him sulking by himself at a table in the far corner. You might miss him otherwise; apparently, for once, he's trying to look smaller than usual.]
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So what's a "homecoming" and why should I care? 2 sentences or less. Knock yourselves out.


[One of these days, this guy might get bored of setting up weird, ultimately pointless science experiments in the Quad. Today is not that day. He's laid claim to a large patch of dirt not too far away from the stage (nobody seemed to be using it, all right?), and... planted a large purple gemstone right in the middle of it, apparently. Odd. Where'd he get that from?

Right now he's busy scratching arcane-looking geometrical patterns in the dirt with a small stick, only periodically glancing over to make sure the jewel is still there. He looks downright cheerful, which might be more novel than the shapes he's drawing. No telling how long that'll last if anyone disturbs his circles, though.]
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[Raven has been crafting again, and this time she's made enough to share. Or, rather, sell.

Today, she's brought a small table to the Quad, and placed her projects all over it. There's two knitted hats, because the middle of summer is the perfect time to be selling woolen accessories, but it's mostly jewellery. Most of them are pendants, but there's a couple of rings, earrings and bracelets as well. Each has a little label on them stating the price, which could be anything from 500 gil to 5000.

However, Raven's not always been the best of salespeople, even if that is her job at home. She stands there, silently, all wrapped up in her heavy coat and scarf regardless of the warm weather, watching her fellow cadets. Nobody even gets as much as a smile from her - if anything, she seems to be frowning.
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[In an effort to expand from posts about archery, today Artemis is in a Martial Arts classroom. She can be found wailing away at a training dummy like it had just kicked her puppy or something. Honestly she prefers training with other people, so anyone is more than welcome to interrupt her. She doesn't believe in pulling her punches though, so be warned.


About time break was over.

Let's talk classes. Got any favorites or a class you can't stand? For me it's Biology, it's just as bad here as it was back home.

[It has nothing to do with the fact that it's Wally's favorite class, nope of course not.]

If there's a class you know you're going to hate, do you put it off or take it as soon as you can?
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[PM to Squall]

Hey Commander,
Are you free today or sometime this week? Headmaster told me that I should probably talk to you about something I've got planned for next month. It's got nothing to do with Disciplinary Committee stuff; actually, it's more along the lines of stuff from my homeworld.

I'll explain in detail whenever you've got time. It's one of those things that's easier in person.

- Damian Razem

[Since Damian's got very little to do this Quarter beyond taking age-appropriate classes, he's taken to causing small bits of mischief while he's out and about. Today's bit of mischief? He's checked out a few books from the library... and arranged them in a circular fashion like so in one of the classrooms on campus.

There's some from his own collection tossed in there, of course, but it's mostly Library books. Once he's done, he admires his handiwork before arranging another pattern. And another.

Boredom really does do strange things to people...]
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Did everyone have a good time in Dollet? I know I certainly did ;) The beaches were fantastic! Was there anything that we should've avoided? Or was there anywhere that I should've gone? It wasn't my first time in Dollet, but the place seems different every time.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I'll be offering extra Math tutoring this Quarter, just in case anyone needs it (and trust me, some of you actually will. This isn't me being mean so much as me remembering Cadet days). I'm Instructor Tom Bronson, by the way; I teach Boxing and Stats most of the time.

My office is
[location] so I expect to see you eventually.

- Instructor Bronson

[For some reason, Tom looks... happier than he does, and that's saying something considering he's practically overflowing with excitement. It's obvious from the get-go: the guy's happy just reading the syllabus this week in both BOX 101 and STAT 101.

He's even thrilled while grabbing breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the cafeteria - and he's practically skipping as he passes through the Quad on his way to classes. He'll probably spill the beans if someone asks, but his happiness is certainly contagious.]
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Three weeks with nothing to do? Fan-flipping-tastic. Who's bright idea was this?

[All that empty time, poor girl isn't going to know what to do with herself.]
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I'll be busy during break, so I won't be around as the head of the Disciplinary Committee. If you slagging zifts get into trouble, there's still others who're making sure you don't land yourselves in hot water 8/

If my twin, Damian Wayne, isn't around, then go ahead and contact
[the names of various NPC members who've been skulking around campus].

Also as a reminder: if you type weird, and someone ASKS you to type normally, be smart and do so. Else it's grounds for detention.

- Damian R.

EDIT: Actually, just contact Artemis Crock instead. She'll be acting as leader while I'm away.

[PM to Rapunzel]

So we're in Dollet now! I know I said I'd lead a field trip, but I'm gonna be away on some business pretty soon - so can I show you around by myself later?

I promise it'll be quick.

- Damian R.
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Hello, Balamb Garden! It's been a while since I've posted here - I blame Time Compression for sucking me out and pulling me back in - but I think we all need a little something to keep us organized and together while we're on campus.

So I'm starting a new feature: Cissie's List. And while it's currently not something sponsored by Garden, I certainly hope it'll be something the school'll take note of in the future. :)


Cissie's List is a feature dedicated to telling you guys what (and who) people are looking for! We've got personals, services (PG-RATED SERVICES), items for sale, even the occasional weird request if Cadets and Staff so want them!

The restrictions:
1. Nothing above PG-13. We still have kids on the BBS, so I really don't want to advertise anything sketchy. You can do that on your own time!! >|
2. What happens in Garden stays in Garden. If you're advertising for something outside of Garden, it's not something sponsored by Balamb Garsden ok?? I am not responsible if Headmaster Cid or the Commander get all mad at you.
3. If you guys do stupid stuff, there will be more restrictions. Got it?


1. Community
For when you need to get people together for some occasion or another! (Example: Extra volunteers for a charity event)

2. Personals
If you're desperate for a date, you know where to go!

3. For Sale
Got something you wanna sell? Let us know about it here. (Alternatively, looking to buy something? This is a good place too.)

4. Services
Have a special talent you can offer us? Then let us know.(NOTHING OVER PG-13. I MEAN IT. >||| )

5. Jobs
Got a mission Garden won't sponsor? Maybe we can help you out here.

(If we need more subcategories, I'll add them based off interest.)

When you comment to this, just put your number in the subject heading and we should be good to go! I'll put an example so that you guys know how it works.

Good luck, and I hope this helps you guys. :)

- Cissie King-Jones

[ooc | This is an IC version of a Craigslist meme, but hopefully it'll be more than a simple meme? Feel free to go wild and threadjack, this IS just a list for stuff.]
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[The user id assigned to this post doesn't match any of the existing students, SEED, or faculty, past or present.]

Just wanted to inform everyone the reason their laptops were confiscated was due to bugs being implanted in them.

Seeing as the school was trying to cover this up, I figured someone should inform you you were all potentially leaking sensitive information.

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[The Garden Festival Committee and the Fight Club have graciously sponsored a giant bonfire in the Quad from 2000 to 2400 hours on Saturday night! It takes up most of the room in the center, with piles upon piles of freshly-cut logs and staff members replenishing the fire every so often with para-magic, but there's plenty to do and see in the Quad regardless.

Various members of the GFC have guitars on them, in order to properly sing campfire songs around the bonfire, and there's stations run by both Fight Club and the GFC near the back for s'mores, chocolate, and various other snacks that a bonfire party might need.

And even though your presence isn't mandatory, the smell of freshly roasted s'mores and the heat from the bonfire might be enough to entice just about anyone.]

[ooc | we apologize for the delay in getting this up! Players are free to create their own threads outside of the ones we've provided if they absolutely have to. :) Enjoy the bonfire and have fun, y'all!]
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I don't know who you are, or what you think you're pulling. This letter you gave me? Bullshit.

I want some real answers and I want them now. Start talking or I'll start bashing heads.


[Stomping around the lobby is a woman who looks extremely pissed off. The letter everyone receives when they arrive is crumpled up in her fist, a fist that is being waved in the faces of various strangers as she threatens them. Feel free to approach her and get yelled at.]
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[It's late at night. Almost close to curfew, in fact! Damian's been patrolling campus more vigilantly this Quarter than in the past, mainly because he's got the time after finishing up his last Requirements---save for the math & science classes he takes with natives, his time is completely his own.

So of course, he's taking the opportunity to inspect every last inch of campus tonight for potential idiots to troll.

A) He stops by the cafeteria just before closing to munch on a cookie (and maybe some milk). It's a brief visit, but enough to give the place the once-over...

B) Just as he gives those empty classrooms a second glance. If he's feeling especially mean, he'll turn the lights on, just to make sure the janitors've gone home, but he's not ruling any suspicious behavior out either.

C) And with the murdercat temporarily gone (there were reports of a werecat, but Damian's not sure if they mean murdercat or Instructor Bronson), he's off to the Training Center! Technically, he can't give people detention here, but he can certainly give his toughest glare and hope that people'll leave before he threatens to fight them.

D) After all's said and done, he'll be trooping back to his room for maybe 4 hours of sleep. Life as a vigilante means that sleep is for the weak. No sleep, only justice!!]
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[Thanks to all the free time lately, Artemis has been feeling more than a little antsy. Which is why after a day or so to figure out the logistics Artemis has donned her hero uniform and is currently making use of the training center after curfew for a little exercise. ]

[Standard target practice is child's play for someone with her training, so she's got targets scattered over the entire training center. This way the flora and fauna of the center can work as obstacles she has to work her way around. It's brilliant really even if it's not entirely as strenuous as she might have liked. There honestly aren't enough T-rexaur's to actually make it as dangerous as she'd like which probably says something about the young archer's state of mind.]

[Anyone who happens to stumble upon the training center will probably notice the constant cowled hero in green making her way everywhere using the trees and fences to maneuver around all while displaying perfect archery skills. Other capes and other characters in general are more than welcome to stare/mock/whatever at Artemis at their own risk naturally. She is obviously armed after all.]
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[Jack hears the announcement, and, having nothing else to do yet, checks out the party.

After briefly popping his head through the doorway though, he quickly realizes that this is not someplace he wants to be. It's far too much like one of his parents' parties. Everyone dressed up, annoyingly small snacks, and worst of all: dancing. Ballroom-type dancing.

He shudders and slips away.

After poking about aimlessly for quite awhile, he finally finds a room that looks to be worth investigating.]

Let's see... This is... Hm. That's an awful lot of books.  Wonder why...

[He puzzles over this for several minutes before facepalming.] Ugh, it's a school! Of course there's a library. Uh, I knew that. [He glances around nervously, but doesn't see anyone. Obviously the stupidity doesn't count then!]

[Mystery solved, he's about to continue onwards before pulling up short as he realizes something: books are occasionally useful.]

[He's just going to be sitting cross-legged in the library, surrounded by slowly growing piles of political and cultural studies books.]
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[Grell is out and about in Balamb Garden, standing beneath her parasol. The arm holding up the parasol also holds a basket at the crook of it, filled with red colored envelopes. Currently, she's passing them out. These envelopes hold the key to greatness. To fabulousness!

To a Stag and Doe party!

Never mind that the invites say Don't come without money.

Actually, do mind that.]
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[She knows that she should be in the Infirmary right now. Watching over them, waiting, and probably pacing a path onto the floor.

She should, but she can't

Instead she's hunched up in a sunny corner of the quad trying desperately to forget how it feels to bee dead. It's funny, but the only reason she's even letting herself break down like this is because none of her team, her family, is here to see her. If they were she would have been calm perhaps impassive even, because it's clear that she needs to stay strong for their sakes if not her own.

But for right now with the remnant of her team both lying so still, she can allow herself the luxury of completely falling apart. At least this time there's no one's life depending on her actions but her own.

If anyone is to stumble across her corner they'll find Artemis hunching up in a small ball, rocking back and forth slightly with a look on her face that flickers between despair, worry, and a handful of other emotions none of them particularly positive. Also, through all of this she doesn't say a word.]

o1 [BBS]

Sep. 11th, 2011 01:14 am
[identity profile]
Well this isn't the the prison break I was trying to stop...

So um...what's going on?
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[Minutes after the end of class Artemis stops by the lab and makes a quick BBS post.]

Weird question, but has anyone else noticed that everything seems to be really slow right now?

And... Action! )
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How much for these?

[The shops in Fisherman's Horizon aren't all that whelming. At least the air here is clean compared to Gotham. It feels... weird. Nice, but weird. There's a young boy with dark hair and blue eyes browsing a little way's away from Drunkman Alley. He gets himself a pair of sunglasses — or tries to, until the shop owner makes a face and tells him there's a "problem".]

Huh? Oh — gil, right. Sorry, my bad.

[The kid takes back the American bills, rifling through his pockets for a few seconds before replacing them with a bunch of coins. Not sure if those shades match with the cadet uniform, but he seems to really want them... As soon as he's got them on, the boy seems more relaxed, hands back in his pockets as he wanders off.]

[Dick Robin Dick will be investigating various parts of the locale if you want to run into him! Setting up any sort of scenario inside the Garden is cool, too.]

(ooc: Neville! Are you here somewhere? Robin is your roommate. :D Want to meet up at the inn or anything?)


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