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[Jack limps into the infirmary, half covered in mud. His wrists, just visible from under his coat sleeves, are red and raw. He's sort of cradling his left arm (from which a bit of blood is dribbling off).]

Hey, anyone here? A guy just tried to kill me.

[He looks around.]

[[He's also left a trail of muddy bootprints and blood drops out in the hallway, in case anyone wants to have followed that.]]
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[It's a lovely weekday afternoon. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and Edward is absolutely furious. He has the crushed but just about recognisable remains of a standard-issue alarm clock in one hand.

Despite appearances, the clock is not what he's riled up about. He doesn't give a crap about the alarm clock. Okay, it's weird for a clock to suddenly sprout pointy mechanical tentacles and start jabbing you in the face first thing in the morning, but by lunchtime he'd already almost forgotten about it. It was only an hour or so later that he happened to think back to it... and realised why.

After all, who else could he have pissed off enough to pull something like this? ...Okay, quite a few people. But how many of them also have the ability, inclination and sheer pettiness necessary to track down his room number without him knowing and then break in just to modify a goddamn alarm clock? (Or replace? Ed can't tell, and it makes not a shred of difference.)

Yep, he's looking for Jack. Not in any methodical way, mind - pretty much just stomping around Garden (indoors and outdoors), because some things are too important to stop and plan out before doing them. And God help anybody he bumps into in the meantime. "Destruction" is not a fundamental component of alchemy for nothing, you know.]

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[At the library in the afternoon or evening, you might notice a large pile of books in the middle of an aisle, occasionally emitting small but conspicuous bursts of blueish light. Look a bit closer and you'll discover an actual (tiny, irritable) person in there - along with a half-disassembled silver-coloured pocketwatch and some other bits of metal, several of which are covered in circular scratchings. Though no visible tools, curiously enough.

Why would Ed suddenly have a pocketwatch when he neither arrived with one nor has the slightest clue where to buy them? Well, when a counterpart of you from another world refuses to let you run off with their belongings despite you being basically the same person, what else is there to do except make a cheap knockoff out of whatever knick-knacks you can steal from Engineering class find? Just one problem: the watch doesn't do what he originally wanted it for. It doesn't do anything. It doesn't even keep good time... which probably isn't important for his purposes, but what does he know? He's never needed to care about any damn alchemical amplifiers before now.

So, after a few days of messing around with it, an unsigned BBS post goes up:]

Who here knows how to make a watch? Mine doesn't work.
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[For the regular denizens of Balamb Garden, it's an ordinary day...until more off-worlders start showing up, for only a few hours at a time. Unsure what to make of these more temporary visitors, the Garden faculty is holding off on registering them as cadets or offering them jobs.

[Maybe someone you know might turn up?]

Mod note, to reiterate:
  • 4th wall characters can only be seen at certain hours of the day. They may appear for two hours a day, or four... or seen only in the early morning... the time doesn't matter to us, but they're not permanently here. They may return to Garden again through the rest of the month, but they're not around 24/7.
  • Like apped characters, 4th wall characters can't be ridiculously-sized. Transformers, Gundams, and similar concepts/characters will become human-sized (and in the case of mechas, not allowed altogether.)
  • Players (like you and me) are not allowed to visit Garden. We're breaking the 4th wall, not destroying it altogether!
  • Apart from this post, 4th wall characters are free to reply to open posts in [community profile] witchesreign or open logs in [community profile] concoursec. Apped players have the option of closing their posts to in-game characters only.
  • All BBS posts are locked to in-game characters only. 4th wall characters do not have access to any sort of logged in posts unless they hijack someone else's log-in---and in those cases, we need to know this beforehand.

    For those unfamiliar with the setting, here is more info on Balamb Garden's facilities and layout. Additionally, some of the NPCs around and some player characters may be wearing Balamb Garden's cadet or SeeD uniform.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on the OOC post or through the mod channels ([personal profile] wrmods or [ profile] witchesreign).
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    [The usual morning routine is interrupted by a pony with way too much energy. No one who knows her would believe Rainbow Dash is up on time and with energy, but there she is, zooming around Garden excitedly with a rainbow trail left in her wake. She seems intent on exploring everywhere, peering into all the various rooms and areas; in fact, the only place you WON'T find her is in the elevator. Because seriously she can just fly to the second floor.]

    [You may be fortunate enough to find a pony in your class, if you have one with her! She's sitting eagerly at her desk for the academic ones, and... for the sciencey ones like Engineering and Physics, looking just a little bit nervous under her smile. She spends a LOT of time checking her books and terminal, and looking worried when she thinks no one is looking.]

    [During the free time after classes, Rainbow takes to the Quad to play with her pet, Tank -- who is distinctive not just for being a turtle, but a turtle with a magic-powered helicopter on his shell, so he can fly around with her.]

    [OOC: As usual, just say where you're meeting her!]
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    [After classes ended, Maria had snuck off to Balamb Town without much notice, hoping once again that she'd find what she wanted there.]

    [Now she's coming back in, with a massive (if almost feral) grin and a spring in her step that shouldn't be there when she's weighted down by her massive weapons case. But despite the burden, she's bursting at the seams with sheer delight.]

    [What's up with that?]
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    [In the morning there is a BBS Post:]

    Hey Not-A-Robot.

    Got parts.

    Meet me in the cafeteria round 4 (or 1600, whatever).

    Know we have Tactics together, but I have another class right after.

    Wouldn't have time to fix anything.

    -Jack Spicer

    [In Tactics 101, Jack arrives, all harried-looking, just before the instructor. The class starts before anyone can talk to him. After class he leaves in a hurry, clearly preoccupied with something.]

    [Later Jack's sitting at a table in the cafeteria with an array of metal bits in front of him. He's currently trying to make a tower with them, but the smaller pieces keep falling. He keeps replacing them, despite it apparently being pointless. He seems very intent.]
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    [Here's a short blond kid wandering rather stiffly around campus, pestering anyone who looks even slightly engineering-minded:]

    Uh, 'scuse me. You know if there're any mechanics around here? Or if you are one, could you do me a favour? I'm not - well, I guess I am low on money now... but I'll work something out.

    [Because if there's one thing more annoying than being unexpectedly and unwillingly propelled to a parallel world, it's being unexpectedly propelled to a parallel world where your arm won't stay on properly. Ed can in fact speak from experience since both have happened to him in the past day or so, and he's really pissed off about it. More than usual, even.

    He mentally takes stock yet again, in the hope that his situation will make a little more sense the fifth or sixth time through. So... he woke up, definitely not dead. That's a bad start. And then he went and enrolled in the first group he bumped into that remotely resembled a military, which just goes to show he hasn't learned anything. Shortly after that, after they left him to his own devices for the rest of the day, was when his arm fell off. What was it doing here in the first place, anyway? And his leg? He supposes it's better than not having them at all, but...

    Nope, no more sense. Oh well. Maybe if he walks around long enough and bugs enough people, someone will take pity on him. And it serves the additional purpose of familiarising himself with these new surroundings, he tells himself, because he hates feeling as useless as this.]
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    [Jack hears the announcement, and, having nothing else to do yet, checks out the party.

    After briefly popping his head through the doorway though, he quickly realizes that this is not someplace he wants to be. It's far too much like one of his parents' parties. Everyone dressed up, annoyingly small snacks, and worst of all: dancing. Ballroom-type dancing.

    He shudders and slips away.

    After poking about aimlessly for quite awhile, he finally finds a room that looks to be worth investigating.]

    Let's see... This is... Hm. That's an awful lot of books.  Wonder why...

    [He puzzles over this for several minutes before facepalming.] Ugh, it's a school! Of course there's a library. Uh, I knew that. [He glances around nervously, but doesn't see anyone. Obviously the stupidity doesn't count then!]

    [Mystery solved, he's about to continue onwards before pulling up short as he realizes something: books are occasionally useful.]

    [He's just going to be sitting cross-legged in the library, surrounded by slowly growing piles of political and cultural studies books.]


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