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[It was weird having a dorm to herself now. Nepeta couldn't say she particularly like it--she missed Ronnae a lot. While she had lived a pretty hermetic life out in the wild she had always at least had Pounce. Then there were the other trolls, and when she came here Ronnae had always been around. It surprised her how attached she had become to the other girl. So many of her friends seem to have disappeared lately. With Eridan's return, a pat of her hoped that the others would reappear soon as well, but for now she was finding an outlet in baking. Lots and lots of baking.

That's why she had set up a table right outside her dorm door to put treats out. There was no way she'd be able to eat all this by herself, so anyone who comes by is more than welcome to take some. The door to her dorm is open and she can be seen inside. The sleeves to her black shirt are rolled up---a shirt that does not bear her sign--and her hair, now reaching a little past her shoulders it messily piled atop her head with a clip.

The scent of all the various baked goods she is making spill out into the hallway. Come by to have a bite?]


Dec. 2nd, 2011 11:11 am
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Hello? I think I'm doing this right. Although I'm not really sure that I believe that other people will really be able to read what I'm writing as if by magic. (Is it really not magic? Because I just don't see how that can work.) And it seems like a very complicated way to try and talk to people. It's like someone's tried purposefully tried to make them so that they require as many complicated and nonsensical actions as possible.

I should introduce myself, shouldn't I? I'm Merlin. This is very odd, introducing yourself to people you can't see. Don't any of you find this weird? I think it's weird. Almost as weird as everything else in this place. I'm beginning to think that there isn't anything at all here that's normal. Do you know that I've already had a girl with pink hair make it rain chocolate milk on me? I didn't even think you could have milk that was chocolate, let alone making it rain.

I can't think of anything else to write now. What are you meant to do when you finish one of these? Do you just sign your name like a letter? I hope I'm not doing this wrong.


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okay i know i talked to people about this before but this time FOR REAL.

who's up for a trip to the beach in balamb town this weekend? sunday afternoon so people don't have classes and stuff?

we can go fishing, swim, all that stuff. it'll be awesome. plus my brain is gonna ooze out my ears if i spend another weekend on homework, and i can't be the only one, right? right?

just reply here or catch me in class or something!

- lea

[Despite the cheery tone of his bbs message, anybody who's out by the front gates this afternoon might spot Lea sitting on a bench near the fountains, hugging his knees and staring at the water. He almost looks lonely.]
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[She'd read the letter over a few times by now, but MOMO couldn't find anything related to Time Compression within her data banks. Maybe she should ask a SeeD, like the letter had suggested doing if she had questions, but in the meantime, the little Realian can be found in the library, in her cadet uniform, as she looks over the course catalog that the letter also been attached to. A lot of these classes looked pretty interesting, that was for sure, but she was confident she'd be able to pick out the ones she wanted to take.

While she was in the library, maybe she could find something on Time Compression, as well?]


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