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[Hermione? Is very, very confused. She's read the letter over and over again until the paper has been nearly worn down from how hard her hold on it had been. The course catalog is clenched in the same hand, her bag held tightly in the other as her wand had been stuffed into the back pocket of her jeans as soon as she had read the warning about 'unusual powers' in the letter-- she's quite sure that being able to cast magic qualifies in that category and doesn't want to take her chances.

She's sitting on a bench in the lobby now, brows knit in concentration as she reads over the letter for the umpteenth time. Time Compression? By the work of a Sorceress? There's just no way-- while she doesn't doubt that some form of time magic is probable due to her experience with the Time Turner, she is quite sure that not one person is able to possess the power to be able to shift time and space completely.]

Impossible... [The word is muttered to herself mostly as she's still baffled by this completely improbable explanation as to how she has wound up in this place. And where is Ron and Harry? She looks up, the perplexed expression melting into one of worry as their current situation seems to settle back down on her shoulders.]
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[There seems to be a new face in Garden today, and it's a teenager. Well, he looks like a teenager anyway.

He's got an issue of the latest newsletter in one hand, and a SeeD jacket in the other. Ooh, must be important.]

Hah, some things never change.

[Short pause.] I don't think I was here for the last Valentine's day though... [He's putting on a thoughtful look now, totally unaware that he's been talking to himself.

But he shakes his head and smiles to himself, stretching as much as he can with his load.]

It's great to be back!


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