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[Raven is not a very talkative person, and she is still rather unfamiliar with computers despite having been in the Garden for months. However, she has had this question nagging in the back of her mind for some time, and she's not sure where else she could ask.

So, here goes!

I have questions.

There are people here who aren't human, dwarf or elf. Then there are those who look human, but turn into something else. Half-Monsters.

Is this common?

Second question. I haven't seen dwarves and elves here yet. Do they exist?



Jan. 24th, 2012 06:45 pm
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[All it took was the blink of an eye really. One minute he was standing with the other parts of himself and the stupid variants around the U-DO terminal, and the next minute he was in a far more pleasant place. Shuffled into an office that looked too much like his fathers, and handed a letter that made no sense, he was ushered back into the grounds and set loose.

So now, dear citizens of the Garden, you find a boy sitting in the middle of the path with a very clear 'Now what the hell do I do' crossed with a 'deer in the head lights' look on his face. ]


Where is...where is the rest of me?


[Approach? Y/N]


Jan. 16th, 2012 04:45 pm
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*Alex's letter had confused him at first, since he had no idea what a Sorceress was. But a military academy was something he understood. And the first thing any good soldier should do when presented with a new environment was to become familiar with it, so he can be found just exploring the campus with his rifle strapped to his back. He's not looking to bother anyone, but he obviously doesn't actually know where he's going.*


*Later, once he's figured out the primitive computers at Garden, he puts up a forum message.*

Is there anyone here that is versed in Realian maintenance? My superior officer used my emergency override code before I was brought here and I would like to make sure that there is no lasting damage.


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