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Okay. Okay. You can handle this, Masters. This isn't so hard to grasp.

[Yes it is.

He stares at his acceptance letter yet again, even though he's probably memorized half of it by now. He's still not sure what aspect of all of this should freak him out the most, which is his biggest problem right now.]

So I'm on a different world with no way home where apparently magic exists. And somehow, I now go to a military school here. And there are other people from other worlds with 'unnatural powers.' Alright. I think I get it.


Danny flops down onto a bench, hunched over the letter, which is now on his knees. He hasn't even noticed the course catalog yet.]

So...what? I just...don't go home? I stay here in this weird, different world and become a Plant or whatever? and I never get to see Dad again?

[By now he's forgotten that, yes, this is, in fact, a public place and absolutely anyone can see him moping. Feel free to remind him.]
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[The solid walls and thick ceilings are a bit much for someone unused to them; even windows aren't much help, especially when they're glazed.

So Vol'jin's in the quad, sitting with his back to the wall of the building, a couple official-looking papers strewn around him, weighed down with a few small rocks. He's poking at a course catalog with a pen and noting things down on yet another scrap - really the sort of thing that looks like it'd be better done inside at a desk.

The blue skin, tusks, and strange hands and feet make it pretty clear he's not human from a good ways away... and the way he keeps taking surreptitious looks around his papers at people going by in the distance suggests he's not used to humans any more than they might be to him.

Sighing, he drops his pen and scratches his head, then pushes his hair back into its rough spikes.]

Dey got classes for everyting... and rules for everyting, too.


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