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[The stopover at Fishermans Horizon takes maybe two minutes, total.]

[One moment, the Garden is slowing to a halt -- the next moment, the dock latches hiss into their closed position, the ramp into town is secured against the second-floor exit, and the SeeDs are being gestured out the door and into action. In the same moments, in a flurry of action, a hatch deploys on the side of the floating citadel and a transport boat steams out to position itself at the ladder just next to the Garden's dock. The Ragnarok swoops gracefully through the air to land in the center of the city, while down in the train station, traffic has come to a brief halt while an engine waits at full steam, quivering with anxiety.]

[No sooner do the teams touch ground than each receives a small package, easily tucking into a medium belt pouch or pocket. No words are wasted; the SeeDs receive only a cursory nod from the waiting townsfolk before they hurry back into work. The hatch shuts, the latches disengage, and Balamb drifts away, picking up speed as it does.]


Oct. 15th, 2012 08:29 pm
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Hello Garden,

Do any of you have interest or experience in weapons development? There's something I'd like to discuss with you if you do. I'm particularly looking for SeeDs, but I might need a cadet as well.

-Instructor Cranston

...and unrelated to that announcement, is everyone feeling all right? Something seems to be off in class lately. I'll brew a pot of coffee if our problems with staying awake persist.
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[Under the radar just a tiny bit this time had been the announcement of who the SeeDs to assist in the exam were to be. After the announcement SeeDs Lina Inverse and Espio had been given their mission briefing. The candidates for the exam, on the other hand, would only be briefed on the day, and had two days to prepare.

[Finally, the day to prove that they too could be the pride of Balamb Garden was here.]

((OOC: A bit late and I apologize. This post will have several subthreads; the first three are open right now. If your character is involved, please make sure to track this post so that you will be alerted to responses and any new threads.))
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[The weather is wonderful, the people are relaxing, and best of all? NO CLASSES! Spending a whole three weeks at Obel Lake is different than all the other trips, but that doesn't mean the fun will be any different!

Well, with the addition of ponies, this break will only be a little different. Any good horseshoe jokes about?]

(ooc:This is just a mingle post for the Obel Lake trip. Feel free to hop in and stir up some CR!)


Sep. 4th, 2012 08:54 pm
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[It had taken some time, but after enough tinkering and watching others, Rin has finally figured out how this technology works. Which is a step in the right direction, right?]

Ugh. How do you people stand this place? It is just absolutely disgusting inside out, no one seems to take any kind of manners about this place and no one seems to believe you if you tell them you deserve some form of respect. I was AM still a princess, the next in line to become ruler of the Yellow Country and yet no one around here believes a word of it! I do not appreciate being talked down to as if I am some kind of child who has not a clue as to how the world works, I have studied and I have seen things that many have not seem. I am a capable ruler and am a capable member of the royal family, I do not appreciate being treated in any different manner!

And this... this gallivanting about the place is absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for, if one is here to learn, then they should do everything in their ability to get out of here as soon as possible with all the information necessary. Instead people are leeching off the system like common beggars and making the rest of us seem just as bad. Disgusting. Absolutely and undeniably disgusting.
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Good morning,

I'd like to take the opportunity to remind my Engineering 101 students that the deadlines on our syllabus are final. Please don't allow yourselves to be swept away in festivities to the point that you forget about our essay due Tuesday morning. I've looked over some drafts already and you're doing very well, so it would be a shame not to follow through.

Don't forget that finals are approaching as well. I'll be having emergency office hours all day on Friday if you want to take a break from the festival to discuss your assignments. As always, preparation should improve your fortune---but good luck, regardless.

-Instructor Cranston
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[Balamb Garden has taken off around the Balamb coastline! The seaside and clear night sky can be seen through the windows and from the balconies. The halls are mostly deserted besides the stray student walking about, and even the usual faculty members are missing from their posts around the school. There's a certain festive energy through the air, the source coming from the happily decorated ballroom located on the second floor.

[At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. The Headmaster speaks to the Garden.]

The Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Homecoming Dance is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Garden Festival Committee.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.

[Within the ballroom, there is a stationary stand for punch and food, as well as roaming caterers offering drinks (grape juice) and canapes.]

Voting is now closed. There is a thread here for announcing and crowning the winners; on-lookers are free to react in the thread.

Attendance is entirely optional, so with most of the faculty at the dance, characters are free to roam the rest of the school! However, as Balamb Garden is flying around the Balamb coastline, they will not be able to leave (unless you can fly or really like heights and don't mind injuries...), and any characters left behind will be stranded for a few hours.
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[The quad's all set up for the date auction! A handsome-looking blonde guy - one of the native cadets on the GFC - is center stage with the list and a mic, auctionees (and Headmaster Cid, sipping on a drink supervising) ready behind him. (Alas, Pinkie is out campaigning or something, and Mikuru is doing some last minute work elsewhere and doesn't like the stage anyway.)

[He flashes a smile.]
Gooooood afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else! I'm Russell Drake from the Garden Festival Committee, and I'd like to welcome you all to the GFC's second charity date auction! Once again all proceeds will be going towards the Centra orphanage, so please be generous with your bids! Bids start at 1 gil and we do not take rain checks or IOUs!

We have a fantastic bunch of volunteers for your dating pleasure today, so without further ado, let's get started!

  • Each person has their own thread. Please put your bids in the subject lines so people can see them! Threads collapse after fifty comments, so using the subject lines will make the bids easier to see.
  • Bids close and winners will be posted on Friday before the carnival post goes up. IC-ly, the winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon.
  • If you missed signups, PM [personal profile] wrmods and we'll squeeze them in as an IC "saw the auction on the day, hopped onstage and harassed the GFC to auction them off" auction. Just characters who would willingly sign up at this point, please!
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    Aug. 24th, 2012 11:19 pm
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    [Snake had just arrived and was left staring at the papers in his hands and the strange device. He blinked in confusion, and then in panic as he realizes that the snake that had been hiding behind his ear, Dan, was missing. He was glad to find Emily and Oscar still with him, however. He takes a breath, looking around in silence at the strange surroundings.

    He started wandering around, not really sure what he was doing. He goes through the lobby and then the quad, looking a little out of place with his butler outfit. Oscar wrapped himself around Snake's upper arm and over his shoulder, while Emily draped over his other shoulder. He kept the letter in his hand as he walked around, hoping to overhear something that might shed some light on what was going on.]
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    Hello Balamb Garden!
    I don't know if there're any other archers in Garden, but my roommate (Artemis Crock) went back home while I was on my field trip and left behind some of her stuff, like her archery equipment and so forth. If anyone's interested in learning archery, I'd be more than happy to teach them next Quarter.

    They'd have to wait a little bit longer, since I'm studying for my field exam, but I'd be more than happy to show you what I know when I can. ♥

    - Cissie
    Vote for Rapunzel for Homecoming Princess!

    [Campaign month is in full swing! Cissie's painted a pink & purple banner that's currently hanging in the cafeteria with the words "VOTE FOR RAPUNZEL FOR HOMECOMING PRINCESS!" and the sun motif that had also been on Rapunzel's birthday lanterns.

    She's also set up a booth underneath the sign, decorated in the same pink & purple colors, with a host of sweets & lemonade for people to taste. Get a cookie and get a flyer reminding you to vote when the time comes closer!

    For someone who's not super into campaigning, she seems to be enjoying herself. Those cookies and brownies won't eat themselves, you know!]
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    [Guess who is jumping the bandwagon to try out that potion? Nepeta certainly is. She had been certain that her skills in Covert Ops were all for naught because of her appearance, but then this was presented to them.

    A potion, in of itself a perfectly fine and even useful thing, but for Nepeta it was perhaps now the best time to bestow her with such a thing. not when she was questioning so much of her species, and not when she had been harboring so many unspoken desires--desires to be human. Or at the very least anything but a troll.

    It really did work. Amazingly so. Her usually gray skin was instead a dark brown. Her yellow sclera had become white, gone were her fangs, horns and tail. Looking into a mirror gave her the most surreal feeling in the world...and another she couldn't quite discern. One that made her both happy and sad. She didn't allow herself to think too much on it, and decided to give it a whirl--see how many people would recognize her.

    So she sat in the cafeteria with a large glass of milk and her laptop propped open as she browsed the network. Whenever someone passed by that she knew she would smile and wave at them]

    Picture under cut )
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    Well, wasn't that assembly a waste of everyone's time? I suppose not for any of you that got demoted, but for the rest of us. Regardless, the Commander's announcement does come at a perfect time.

    If you want to work for someone who can actually manage their finances, I have started up my own company, Wayne Enterprises, which is modeled after my family's multi-billion dollar corporation back home.

    IC cut for length )

    Specifically, I need engineers, accountants, business-oriented individuals, and anyone that may have prior pharmaceutical or medical experience, but I suppose I can find jobs for anyone interested. However, if anyone shows even the slightest hint of slacking I will not hesitate to fire them. Hours can be flexible so as to not interfere with schooling or SEED missions.
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    [You know you missed those three girls. At various points throughout the school (eg. the cafeteria, the quad, hallways) they can be seen putting up posters and banners, as usual not even trying to be discreet with their commentary.]

    Homecoming is a travesty. I can't believe we didn't get nominated!

    You would have made a great Homecoming Queen - and I would have been a better Princess than any of those off-worlders!

    I know! Oh, honey, [she directs this at the last girl, who's been hiding a bit of a smile] I feel so sorry for you, having to work with one of them as the GFC leader.

    [Looks like someone wasn't expecting that, but she recovers quickly.] What? Oh, yeah. It's awful! And now she's nominated for Princess...

    At least she's human! Two of those King and Queen nominations - ugh!

    I really can't believe there's only two of our people nominated for the entire Court.

    And they're off-worlder lovers at that - but they're the best we've got!

    [Yeah, that campaign material they're putting up? RINOA HEARTILLY FOR HOMECOMING QUEEN and ZAKARI AETHERUN FOR HOMECOMING PRINCE.]
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    [About two weeks before, most people who've talked to Damian received this note in their dorms:]

    It's Damian W. & Damian R.'s birthday!
    Come celebrate with us on the Quad at 8:00 PM sharp on August 6th
    Presents not necessary but schway
    we'll provide our own entertainment

    [So today's the big day. Damian feels so weird thinking about it, especially since it's not just his birthday anymore - it's his twin's too - and he feels like he's got some kind of responsibility to make it special. He's kept the details on the DL, mainly since it's supposed to be small and kind of not made into a big fuss...

    But after sunset today on the Quad, he's arranged for some tables and catered food from Balamb proper for a proper birthday! He carefully sets his present for Ahki down on the table of presents before he steps back and admires his handiwork. It's nothing fancy - just a few decorated tables and a birthday banner he got from god-knows-where - but it's better than nothing. Plus, he even got them a huge sheet cake with their names on it!

    Carefully, he pulls out a date and breaks his fast - it's still Ramadan, after all. It's weird, seeing the place so quiet, but it's a small dinner with friends (and party crashers) so it shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully.]

    [ooc: It's the Damians' birthday!! ♥ This is a party post, so mingle, talk, threadjack, threadhop, go wild.

    While Damian DID say he kept it small, if you've even talked to him once, you were probably invited. Or you can party crash, there's enough food for everyone. :D]
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    [action// locked to Asuka]

    [Lunch hour, and the cafeteria's full! Well, mostly-- there's a spot at the table Asuka's at that's still empty.]

    Is this seat taken?

    [Look how hopeful she looks, dude. Tiny girl with a heavy tray in a big cafeteria.]


    Hi. :)

    Which classes do you wish you'd taken when you'd first started off here? Any things you wish you'd known from the start? Help a newbie out!
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    In my country, Japan, we used to have a star festival called Tanabata, celebrating the meeting of two stars (Vega and Altair) which represented the two lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi meeting for the one time they could every year. People write down wishes on pieces of paper and hang them on bamboo trees. It's said that if you burn them by a river after the night of Tanabata (July 7th), the wishes would come true.

    Last year some other people and I helped Japan-sama write down people's wishes on paper and hang them on small trees. I'd like to do that again this year. If anyone would like to join me, I'll be in the quad with some pens and paper for you to write your wishes on, or if you're busy, you can post your wishes here and we can write them down for you.

    - Mikuru

    [As promised (or perhaps you saw her before the BBS post), Mikuru is in the quad with pens, paper, and string for tying the wishes up. As most of her resources at the moment are going into homecoming, she doesn't have little trees this year and has strung up her wish on one of the quad's trees nearby instead.

    [Her wish on the tree, written in Japanese, is to
    Stay safe, Itsuki-kun.]
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    [No BBS messages for this wizard, no, no. Instead, every student in Garden finds an envelope stuck to their door one morning, as if by magic. A simple tug is enough to free it, after which it immediately unfolds to become a message, written in golden ink.]

    You Are Cordially Invited

    to the office of Professor Slughorn

    This Evening at 5:30

    For those who choose to go... )
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    [Mikuru sits in her dorm common area, holding up a small notepad as cue cards. She squints at the camera to check it's on, then takes a deep breath, smiles, and starts.]

    Hello, Garden! I'm Mikuru Asahina, leader of the the Garden Festival Committee, and we're recruiting new members and people to help run this year's Homecoming carnival and dance! If you're not so sure about it, you're welcome to work with us as a trial member just for Homecoming [though she would love you forever if you stayed], and you'll definitely still have time to participate in the activities and not just run them.

    [She falters for a second, then puts her smile back on. It's smaller this time, though.] And this isn't related to the GFC, but if anyone has errands that need doing, I'm only taking classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons this quarter. So I would be happy to help anyone out in the mornings or on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

    [And she reaches forward to turn the camera off.]
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    :33 < wow
    :33 < its b33n a while since ive used the board to make my own post
    :33 < eheh
    :33 < how has everyone b33n doing?
    :33 < i just got on to s33 if anyone would be interested in studying together
    :33 < in prepurration fur finals
    :33 < and also so wish any who are graduating this quarter
    :33 < good luck!
    :33 < if all goes well ill be joining the ranks of SeeDs next quarter
    :33 < kinda hard to believe
    :33 < now that i think about it...
    :33 < ive b33n here fur over half a sw33p
    :33 < or over a human year
    :33 < hard to believe time has flown by so quickly
    :33 < i arrived in this world...somewhere early april
    :33 < and in the gardens may 13th only four days ago
    :33 < its strange to think about


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