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[For the first time since the incident will Grell, Kurt actually seems something other than quietly moody and is out and about -- specifically, in the Quad.

The elf is dressed lightly in a simple pair of pants and shirt -- no armor today, folks! -- and has a large bag set to his side. It's very obvious why, as the male is currently working on what seems to be a rather nice dress, currently plain. A few markings here and there, however, suggest that once it's finished it will end up rather beautiful.

Occasionally, a small kitten will poke its head out of the bag, only to be gently pushed back in to go back to sleep.]

((Feel free to ask for things! Kurt's pretty accommodating, he'll probably make it for you, bahahaa))
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[The solid walls and thick ceilings are a bit much for someone unused to them; even windows aren't much help, especially when they're glazed.

So Vol'jin's in the quad, sitting with his back to the wall of the building, a couple official-looking papers strewn around him, weighed down with a few small rocks. He's poking at a course catalog with a pen and noting things down on yet another scrap - really the sort of thing that looks like it'd be better done inside at a desk.

The blue skin, tusks, and strange hands and feet make it pretty clear he's not human from a good ways away... and the way he keeps taking surreptitious looks around his papers at people going by in the distance suggests he's not used to humans any more than they might be to him.

Sighing, he drops his pen and scratches his head, then pushes his hair back into its rough spikes.]

Dey got classes for everyting... and rules for everyting, too.
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[In the quad, Grell has just returned from town, sporting a new hairstyle due to unfortunate events that singed her hair.

She's SULKING because this is the first time since entering the Shinigami Dispatch Society has she cut her hair. Trim, sure, but cut?! NEVER.]

Takes out a pocket mirror, turning her head about to and fro to access it. Sighs.]

It will require some getting used to. [SHUTS THE MIRROR] Oh, cruel Fates! I've sinned while observing the flesh of another man in HEAT, and my flames engulfed us both!

I'd only do it again! [Giggles softly.]
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[There is something very, very wrong. Or not maybe wrong, but definitely something weird.

Upon arriving to whatever place this was, Xiaoyu had immediately sought to find her companion, Panda. With her letter and course catalog clutched in hand, even the misery of having to attend a strange school was pushed aside in favor of searching for her best friend. She had searched the entire first floor, calling out for Panda over and over again-- and while she always received a faint yet familiar growl in response, after a half hour of looking the black and white bear was still nowhere to be found. A little strange, considering how Panda wasn't exactly the easiest pet to hide...

She is now sitting on the edge of the fountain in the lobby area, brows furrowed in concentration when she hears Panda's growl again, this time sounding a bit annoyed. That in itself was irritated Xiaoyu as well, and if Panda could somehow hear her, she would let it be known!]

It's not like I'm not trying to look for you, Panda! Don't get annoyed at me!

[OOC: So basically Xiaoyu is talking to herself because she has no idea that her panda had been transformed into a GF by Time Compression. This post is based on the assumption that people can communicate with their GFs mentally, which doesn't seem that far fetched, but if that's not allowed then let me know!]
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[Those out in the training center are in for a surprise today. Instructor Dragonsblood, who's been strangely reclusive for the past while, is absolutely tearing through anything and everything that gets in his way. However, while this itself may be perfectly normal, the instructor himself certainly isn't.

There's a half-crazed look on Kurt's face, his hands constantly clenching and unclenching around the hilts of his weapons. He's grinding his teeth as well, and his breath is coming in heavy, struggled gasps.]

Damn it all...
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[ If you'd chanced upon the corridor heading to the dormitories today, you'd spot a seemingly lost looking... kid. Gender will be questionable. It's either a girl... or a pretty looking boy.

Either way, it has an ermine curled around her shoulders and at times, they seem to be talking... more of arguing.

Finally, the kid huffs and leans against the railing and turns her attention back to the paper she held. ]

Time compression, huh?

Doesn't really make a lick of sense to me, Ras but... whatever.

[ She folds her arms across her chest, pausing to pat the ermine's head as a sudden grin comes to her face. ]

We'll be fine!

[ Which fades as she sighs. ]

...I hope. Maybe.
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[Those of you walking around the Quad today get to see a.... rather interesting sight.

Namely, a large dragon is currently curled up, either relaxing or dozing -- it's pretty hard to tell.

Kurt had admittedly missed this form quite a bit. It felt as natural and normal now as his original elven form, and even if the unfortunate "death" part carried over, it was still a relief to feel the sensation of having wings again, even if he wasn't doing much more than twitch or flick them.

He makes a content noise, shifting his position and stretching his wings a moment before settling back down.]
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I need help [ backspace ] Do you need someone to study wi [ Suck it up, Egypt. You're an adult. ]

I need help; only got here recently. I have a lot to learn, but not a lot of time.

My classes: CBT 101, CFT 101, COD 101, CUL 101, GEO 101, HEC 101, HIS 101, INT 101, and WTR 101.

It doesn't feel like MKP 099 will be enough.

- Hassan
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[It had taken Kurt longer than he would've liked to gather everything he'd needed for the preparation class, to be honest, but he supposed that it wasn't any harder than gathering stuff for himself at home; he'd simply had to find a lot more of it, just in case quite a few cadets showed up.

He'd stuck the sign outside the door and made sure to put a note on the BBS as to where and what time, and was currently just sifting through the things he had.

While the material, thread, scissors, and such made perfect sense, the rest of the supplies would be a bizarre mash up to anyone unfamiliar to his skills. Gems and jewels of all shapes and sizes, some glowing, some not, bowls of dust and small orbs, and even a few things floating about the table that seemed to defy explanation. By these were quite a few rods, all glowing softly and laid out in a careful row.

At the moment, Kurt is turning over one of the rods in his hand, giving it a last-minute inspection as he waits for anyone interested to show up.]
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[Percy is an intelligent person. Really. Given his family's antics, he should not be surprised by any sort of unexpected situation. Armed with a letter that clearly does not represent Hogwarts and a school seemingly not for magic, he's out of his comfort zone.

Again. There's a sense and requirement of composure really, but he's missing it entirely and in the back of his mind there's that sense of rationalizing the situation.

So unlucky passerby if you're in the lobby, you're his next victim.]

Excuse me? I seem to have misplaced my Portkey. This is the wrong school - [and he's just shy of hysterical at this point] - and definitely not my letter! My Head Boy duties, someone needs to inform the Headmaster I can't fulfill them.

[And you're the brilliant target. Percy shakes the letter in his hand, desperately losing his composure.]
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For those who haven't heard, Instructor Sunarrow and I have finally returned. For all those new Cadets, I am Instructor Dragonsblood, and it's a pleasure to meet you.

Every weekday for the rest of the Quarter, I will be conducting a sort of "preparation" class before light's out on Enchanting and Tailoring. It isn't worth a credit at the moment, but it will give you a chance to see if you might be interested in taking either of them next Quarter when they're added to the list. If you'd like to sign up for them, come ask me or simply show up, and we'll get you settled.

Both of us will be in the Quad for the next little while if anyone needs us.

Welcome to Garden.


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