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Wow, I didn't think new students would show up in the middle of everything! I hope you don't have a hard time catching up! I'm Miku Hatsune, and I'm extra good at defense and aerobic fitness if you need some help!

Aah, and I was wondering. . . is there a way to make posts here more recognizable? I don't have trouble with remembering the numbers, but I think pictures would be nice too!
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[ She's not a creative type, this Oerbian. But Vanille said she needed to do a painting in her fine arts class, and had said she'd really like it if she could paint something that reminded her of home, really like it if she could paint something she already knew well, really, really like it if she could maybe just maybe pretty please with sugar on top have Fang as her subject.

So of course Fang said yes.

And now she's sitting in the fine arts room, surrounded by mostly empty easels and the smell of potted paints. She's alone for now, waiting on the artiste, and fiddling with some of the tools used to mold clay. She accidentally breaks one of the clay-cutting wire-contraptions, fumbles with it, then hurriedly puts it down before glancing around to be sure no one saw.

(ooc note: The post is tailored to Vanille, but any tag is welcome!!)
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Okay, so, we're all from different places! Which is pretty cool and all if you think about it objectively and ignore the fact we're horribly stuck on a floating island with a tendency to plummet into the ungodly seas and leave us potentially scrabbling at the shore while the icy depths pull us down aaaaaaaaaaa

where was I er

What this means is that everyone's seen and experienced different stuff! For all I know, your home world might be a technological marvel that puts even me to shame! For all you know, my home world might be covered in bees. But we don't know because we all just potter through classes. Show off a little! What's the coolest, neatest story you've got? There's bragging rights in it and a little reminder of home never hurt anyone.


Jun. 4th, 2010 12:23 pm
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[ there's music coming from one corner of the Quad; it's not so loud that it's overly intrusive, but it is noticeable, to anyone passing by. At the source of the sound sits Luka, legs crossed as she scribbles down a mixture of musical symbols and binary code. While she doesn't have any sort of music player on her person, the sound is definitely coming from her. It's not one set tune or song, and it changes entirely every few seconds, interjected with short bursts of static. All the while, Luka half-hums, half-sings under her breath ]

I wanna rip and release your throat right now, I want to make you all mine... ♪ [ she pauses, and taps her pen against her lower lip, muttering to herself ] I probably ought to stop writing songs like that. [ with a sigh, she changes her tone, continuing to make notes on the sheet of paper set out in front of her ] ♫ Japanese ninja number one, we go creeping into the girls' locker room...
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[Nothing like a nice knock oneself-out-of-the-seat jolt during the middle of a study session. To her credit, though, Mitsuru only stays on the floor in a dazed and confused heap for a max of five seconds. Her training in the Dark Hour holds, and with a murmured 'disgraceful' she's back on her feet...And pulling on her rapier as well before stepping out of her room. No sense in taking chances.

She even keeps her balance as the floor seems to rock a little under her heels as she leaves the dorm to investigate. Her boots make a steady click click through the halls as she moves, making a bee line towards wherever the other S.E.E.S. members might likely be.

And if she runs into anyone else en-route to those locations, then so be it.]


May. 29th, 2010 02:43 pm
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[anyone who's stopped by at the library right now will be greeted with the sight of a small-statured teenage boy sitting in front of the computer, with his arms folded over his chest, a grouchy expression on his face, and several cables extending from the back of his neck and reaching into the computer's USB ports. he speaks aloud, voice monotone with an underlying sense of irritation, and the computer records his words while transcribing them onto the screen.

anyone checking the BBS will see the following post:]

Okay, so let me make sure I've got this straight. Because this world is glitching up or something, we're stuck here, and instead of making it up to us, those guys are forcing us to go to school? Seriously? That's so stupid. School is for kids who don't already have a future of fame and richness ahead of them. I'm not even a kid.

Rin, Luka, Bakaito, Meiko, Miku -- come on, I know you guys are here. Don't be lazy, I could really use a better welcoming committee than that Cid guy. It took me like an hour just to find this library, I'm not even going to bother with my dorm room -- doesn't this place have a map? Just hurry up.
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Alright, since people keep looking at us funny when we use the computers, here's a handy explanation as to why some people in Garden like sticking cables in their ear. (Don't try that at home, kids! We're professionals!)

ROBOTS! This cut is OOC, to save the front page. Also, the post is unsigned. )
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The newsletter is really unprofessional - at least the 'Around Garden: What's New?' section.

I understand that it's important to let people know what's going on in Balamb Garden, and the Newsletter is a good way to do that, but I don't think something that's supposed to be an official thing - and thus affiliated with SeeD - should be in the business of rumor-mongering. Political news about things that are happening in Galbadia and Esthar are important to us as SeeDs, and it's good to hear things about the off-worlders and things like that. But the only one of those that comes off as being written with any sort of journalistic integrity or even standards is the one written by miss Helena Oster.

However, my biggest problem comes from miss Chessy Delacreaux's article - if you can call it that. All it is is gossip and tidbits that makes SeeD look more like ... some sort of club rather than a mercenary organization. We're all training to be professionals here; why does it need to be written in an OFFICIAL PUBLICATION that Souji was out with some guy? Who cares? Why does it matter? Why is there news in the newsletter about a post on the BBS? That's not news.

And I really don't care what miss Chessy Delacreux's favorite sponsorship is. That, too, isn't news. If we want some sort of paper to spread all sorts of rumors around Balamb Garden, fine. I'll think it's dumb, but that's the place of whoever wants it. But an official newsletter isn't the place to talk about things that may or may not have happened that aren't even newsworthy anyway.

And stop using so many exclamation points. It's tacky, especially in an official Balamb Garden publication.
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[ Miku's had no problem integrating with the BBS system. It's so fortunate that there's a port in these computers that's just her size!

Anyone around in the library may or may not be weirded out by the cable protruding from her ear. ]

Balamb Garden is the best school I've ever been to!

Even if I'd gone to other schools, this one would still be the best.

Do you like it here too?
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[So what, exactly, is the internet? --For that matter, what exactly is a computer? Raidou has to ask for the librarian's help about five times, but he gets the browser up and running and figures out where to click in order to enter text into the BBS' update form. The keyboard is hard to navigate in a foreign language, and he has to peck at each key individually, but slow progress is progress nonetheless, and soon he has four sentences all typed out and posted.

The next step he has to take is to wrap his mind around the idea that multiple people can communicate with him at once; he's under the impression now that there's only one person on the "other side of the internet," and he should communicate with them much like you would if you were exchanging letters with a stranger.]

good morning。 are you well? my name is raidou kuzunoha the fourteenth。 it’s a pleasure to meet you。

[He'll figure out the text input settings eventually.]
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[After taking Luka's advice, Rin has written a short essay and then... posted it. With the translators help, of course. Forgive how it's badly written, for the English class is clearly not finished and she doesn't understand run on sentences and the like. At 16:30 anyone is free to see Rin hovering over her translator's shoulder in the Library, half-whispering the words so that it'll be written just right.]

TITLE: Discrimination of the Junior Cadets in this Garden.

I do believe, fellow Cadets, that there is a serious problem at hand! Those of us considered under age are also seen as unable to complete duties that the older Cadets are handed so easily. This, I believe, is unfair! So I have written an essay. An essay about equality between all students, young or old! About giving us the chances that the others are given and we are not. Like flying the Garden! And other things. Don't let us forget the Disciplinary Committee and its leader. That guy. You know the one I'm talking about. Tall, blond, rude, smells bad.

So we'll start easy. Clubs and Committees. Older students have not been given a second look when joining any of these, and are handed the responsibilities without question. If a younger student were to ask for the same privileges, would they be given the chance? I think not! They would be judged, and all immediately assume that because we're young and/or small, we can't do the job! But this is absolutely incorrect! I know I could do just what the older students do, and I bet twice as better because I'm smaller and lighter. The more difficult things like going in high places or small spaces, could the older students do this? No, but I could! Ask the younger students to help! You don't know what we're capable of without letting us try!

Imagine trying to hang up special lights for the Garden Festival, but you choose an older student to climb up the ladder. Then they fall! They fall, they break a leg, and they blame you. This would be terrible. But what if you chose me, or another young student? Why, we would have it done as quick as butter, and if we got hurt we would heal quickly because we're kids, and that's just what we do. That Disciplinary Committee can't be taken seriously with all sour faced adults! Nobody will trust them without a cute face around to look at. Take this into consideration!

So rethink your choice when choosing one of the other simply because of age.

However, when it comes to piloting the Garden, I understand that you need someone with experience. What if I told you I have spent a lot of time playing video games in which I pilot a plane? That's experience! And who ever learns it right off the bat? I think, if you start a piloting class, you could have plenty of pilots available in order to give the others rest. One person doing the flying all the time has to be tiring, and without anybody to take up the slack it's just troublesome and it'll definitely get old. Not to mention, I personally would love to be given at least one day to fly the Garden. And it's for a good cause, I promise! It may fly, but I've driven the Road Roller for years and years, and I know how to flatten people just right! I could do it with this Garden, and it would be twice as effective.

Haven't you ever thought, "gosh, that person is so annoying, I wish I could just flatten them without getting in trouble"? Well you can! I'll do the damage, and you won't get your hands dirty. The other Gardens will be jealous that you have the gusto to use this Garden in such a way. If this idea is not approved of, than I only ask that I get one day to command the controls. You see, when the day comes, there is one particular person that must be punished. Punished because I know, we all know, that he will arrive in greed, alone and without the rest of our family! So, this must be done.

Don't you see? The young have amazing ideas! Don't just leave us on the side until we get old and boring like everybody else! Let us do our best!


[And she's fairly proud of herself, even though she probably should have just written it down and sent it to the Headmaster rather than publicly posting it. Really, she doesn't mean any harm.]

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[It's really late at night, and Colette's in the training centre. She's not really there to train, so it's breaking the rules a little bit, buuut... what is an insomniac to do with her nights?

Well, aside from avoiding becoming a T-Rexaur's midnight snack. Colette stares up at the dinosaur hanging over her, blue eyes wide. Wow.
So big! And now it's going to try to eat her! Colette breaks out the pink shiny wings, and floats out of the gigantic dinosaur's reach.

Angel Feathers!

Glowing pink feathers assault the T-Rexaur, but... well, that doesn't seem to do much good. Oh dear. She would probably need to get closer.
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[ All of a sudden there's a loud moron, barging into your dorm room at something like the worst possible time. I hope you weren't doing anything too private. ]

Aaah, I'm totally lost! Can't anyone tell me where 201 is?
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[This message is posted first in Japanese and then with an English copy below it, all thanks to the translator.]

I looked at those clubs and committees, but isn't there something more fun? There's got to be more I can do around here. Something with lots of action! Or at least a little.

Oh, also! Can I get some oranges? They sound really good, and it's almost snack time.
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[Mjrn, yet another new cadet, wanders the halls in a daze. After a while of peering around and attempting to absorb every detail, the reality of her situation sinks in. She's stranded in this strange world indefinitely, possibly forever. There is no Mist, no wide assortment of races, as in Ivalice...only Humes, that she has seen, and a world with many wonders, but so alien to her own experience.

For the first time since Mjrn departed the Wood, she is afraid. She had prepared for a new existence but not this, not anything close. And was she to do it alone? That had been her original plan, to strike out alone and prove herself...but right now, she would give anything for a familiar -or at least friendly- face.

Overwhelmed, Mjrn slumps down against a wall once she reaches the Lobby again. She drapes her arms around her knees, knowing she ought to stand and perhaps head to the cafeteria or meet her roommate or review her schedule...but it's all too much at the moment. Instead, she stares downward, trying to ignore the lump in her throat.]


May. 12th, 2010 09:32 pm
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How fascinating...

[This place, this place was not home, Leonardo was certain of that. Nothing here was like Venezia, where he was quite sure he had fallen asleep, everything here was...so advanced? The walls seemed not to be made out of plaster or stone but of some sort of smooth...something that shone. He wanted to know what it was, but it could wait. He was sure there would be more interesting things for him to find if he just explored. So he did, all around the school. Somehow, of all places, he ended up in the cafeteria.]

The food here is...fascinating.

[He felt as if he was using that word for the thousandth time today, simply glancing down at the plate of food that some poor student had been trying to eat, and he had just bent down and started inspecting it. It was some sort of meat, he supposed, with bread wrapped around it.]

It is meat of some sort, si?

[Many of the other people in this place (he supposed it was so some school, everyone here was quite young) also had the same thing. So, it must be some sort of local delicacy! He should try some for himself, yes? Leaving the terrified boy alone, he walked over to the lineup and stood at the end, waiting his turn with a smile on his lips, barely able to contain himself over the discovery of so many new things in such a short time.]
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[It's quiet as night falls on Balamb Garden, quiet enough to hear the crickets chirping on the ground below and the sea waves lapping the shore in the distance. The sky is clear and full of stars. The halls of Garden are empty except for a couple cadets here and there -- indeed, even the faculty seems to be missing from their usual posts.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. Once again, the Headmaster speaks to the Garden.

The Welcoming Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Welcoming Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The ball will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

The ball and its festivities tonight are being sponsored very generously by the Ruby group.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building.]

A mod note )

01 | bbs

May. 9th, 2010 12:25 pm
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[ the following message is posted twice: once in English, and again in Japanese. There aren't any major differences between the two. Anyone in the library is free to notice Luka having plugged herself into the computer, where the keyboard should be, via a lead in the back of her neck ]

Good day, fellow cadets.

My name is Megurine Luka – or Luka Megurine, if you'd rather – and like most of you, I've recently found myself residing in this altogether different world. I thought this the best way to introduce myself to a large number of people at once, and so: it's a pleasure to meet you all. I suppose I ought extend an extra hello to any of those being sponsored by Emerald, and while I don't yet have a roommate, I'm certain that will come to pass in due time. I look forward to studying with you all, and to make communication easier, I've attached a copy of my time table to the end of this post.

I thought, as an introductory exercise, you could all tell me something about the world you come from and your place in it, should you feel like it. I, for example, was rather famous in my own world, though I doubt that translates over here. Still, no matter, no matter; I believe this journey is about experiencing new things.

Additionally, I see that there is a Welcome Ball tonight. While I don't object to such a social event, even at late notice, it does leave me wondering whether or not everyone's had adequate time to find themselves dates and appropriate attire. After all, it doesn't seem as if people have been here for much longer than a week.

[ attachment: timetable.pdf | ]


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