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[If anyone comes into the infirmary today, they'll find Touma refamiliarizing himself with where everything is (some of it has changed since he was out on a mission), and organizing medical files (there's a growing pile of files for people who are no longer here, according to the latest list from admin).]

[At lunchtime, he hits the cafeteria, surveying the food with some slight distaste. Ah, cafeteria food, he has not missed you. As he loads up his tray with more food than it looks like he'd really eat, he has a device in his hand, which he occasionally talks to:]

What do you want in your wrap?

Do they still have that dressing I like?

[... Yeah, that thing just talked back.]

[Later on, when he gets some downtime from the infirmary that coincides with classes being out, Touma heads for the boxing and martial arts classrooms. He puts on a pair of boxing gloves and starts punching a heavy bag, a little rusty to start with but soon with the fluidity of several years' practice.]

(OOC: Despite the fourteen-year-old icons, Touma is twenty in this game!)
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A: The Library

[There is a certain corner of the library where books are piled high on a table. Reminiscent of a childlike fort, dark colored hair can be seen just over the top of them. Jackson is sitting at the table with his nose in a book.The title "A Guide of Galbaldian Monsters" is engraved in gold on the front. Eagerly he scans the pages , making notes every few lines or so.  This is something familiar to him. More than anything else , Jackson needed familiar after being swept for home.]

Gosh they treat monsters lousy here...

B: The Quad

[The throbbing sound of an electric guitar can be heard throughout Balamb Garden. It could be described as well played. The musician diffidently knows his notes, but the sheer volume of the racket is enough to make one's ears bleed. If the ear-splitting sound is followed you will find Holt Hyde on the other end.  He is rocking out the quad , much to the displeasure of many of the cadets. To go along with his odd appearance and bright orange guitar , Hyde is jumping around like his life depends on it. If its bothering you you'll have to take it up with the blue guy playing it.]

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okay i know i talked to people about this before but this time FOR REAL.

who's up for a trip to the beach in balamb town this weekend? sunday afternoon so people don't have classes and stuff?

we can go fishing, swim, all that stuff. it'll be awesome. plus my brain is gonna ooze out my ears if i spend another weekend on homework, and i can't be the only one, right? right?

just reply here or catch me in class or something!

- lea

[Despite the cheery tone of his bbs message, anybody who's out by the front gates this afternoon might spot Lea sitting on a bench near the fountains, hugging his knees and staring at the water. He almost looks lonely.]


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