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hey a lot of you have already taken the higher magic courses right? what do you think is cooler? attack or restoration magic?

i'm probably not gonna do a lot of the summoning stuff

i don't want to forget anybody important.

- lea

[Anyone who stops by the Quad this afternoon will find Lea there, trying to perfect the art of getting his Frisbees to curve midflight and come back around to be caught. He's convinced he can do it if he gets just the right spin on them! In the meantime, though? Today's forecast is sunny with a chance of unexpected flying pointy object.

It's not against the rules, right? He definitely doesn't remember anything about Frisbee in the quad. So it's got to be okay.


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I would like to some volunteers in the lounge. While it's not an official job yet that I can pay you for, I'll try and compensate in some way. Rules still apply, and I would ask that only those over the age of twenty-one see me for it.

-Raine Loire

[Anyone looking for her can find her in the lounge, polishing glasses and tables, generally just keeping it tidy, and chatting with any guests. She's dressed as usual, wearing that smile as she works.]
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[TODAY IS THE DAY! Pinkie Pie finally celebrates HERSELF! On her trusty pogo stick, she bounces around Garden with Gummy in her hair (hanging on for dear life), throwing confetti in her wake and shouting:]


[She hands a cupcake to each person she sees. It's a bribe! Pinkie doesn't care how shameless it is, only if people will eat it happily and come to her party!]

(ooc: Please turn down her invite, folks! Nicely or however your character wishes! There is a good reason! (totally playing off this episode in the link, thanks to a helpful friend!)
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[Bulla is looking over a course catelogue and contemplating taking a few classes to give herself a secondary specialty, and possibly even a tertiary one. She's making a few notes on each class, as well as notes on instructors' contact information so she can discuss what arrangements they can make in case she's called away on a mission. She's not certain what the procedure is for a SeeD who wants to take more classes, so she's making sure to take plenty of notes.

Unfortunately, she's taking those notes outside, and a gust of wind sends some of them flying.]

Oh no!

[Do you: A. Help her?
B. Ignore her?
C. Point and laugh?]
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[Sup, Garden?]

[There's been a silver-haired guy in a silly bodysuit wandering around the place for... weeks now, at least, maybe going on a month. He's been giving people lip, getting in brawls with NPCs, and generally being a giant prick. But today he looks like he's got a mission, so he's walking through the hallways with his eyes narrowed like he's going to strangle someone, once he finds them. We wouldn't approach him if we were you, but hey, who knows?]

[...Oh god, he's coming closer.]

Hey, you.

[He looks pissed. Also, he's talking in italics. Run.]

...Did a glow-eyed guy covered in Darkness come through here?
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Is there any way to find extra help for the classes here? I think I could really use it, especially with the math and information technology classes. I don't know much about those at all.

My name is Emil Castagnier, by the way. Thank you.
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how can you tell if somebody from your world is gonna show up? is it just if you've got a serious enemy?

and if there're gonna be this many bad guys showing up just to mess with us why couldn't they drag in more of our friends or something. cmon, seriously!! why not somebody we'd like to see for once?

[Monsters and villains everywhere... and Lea just doesn't know what to do about most of this. It's making it pretty tough to concentrate on his classwork, that's for sure.

And there's nothing he can do about it. He's barely up to occasionally summoning something. From what he's heard about the things that can do to your memory, fighting with nothing but that under his belt is going to end badly for everybody.

Well, maybe the people who can really fight will handle it. He's got to get stronger first. He's also very bad at patience. So he's just going to skip out on all that studying for the moment and head right for the Training Center to see just how much he can take on. The littler monsters are about the right size...

Looks like there are some bigger ones showing interest in the scuffle, though. He's holding his own for the moment, but somebody might want to give him a hand pretty soon.]
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[Option A, BBS - fed up with this whole "extra quarter to qualify as a pilot" business and the way he pretty much only has one worthwhile class, Espio has decided that "boring errand-running" is better than "boring boredom." Anyone need a favour? A favour that, depending on what it is, may end up questioned to the point he refuses to do it and makes you feel bad for even asking?]

Okay. I'm bored.

If anyone needs any errands running in the mornings, let me know. Here or just grab me in the hallway, I don't care. I don't have classes or missions to do, and I'd rather be useful.

[Option B, Action - yes, he says grab him in the halls, but right now he's more interested in the car park. Although he never got the machine's most useful feature working again, he's been working on his little hovercar during his spare time so that it doesn't look like such an embarassment.

Okay, so it still looks like an overgrown bumper car but at least it's less eye-searing than it was - Espio is working on painting it a glossy black, getting paint all over himself in the process. It's advisable not to get too close - you will either a) get paint on you, or b) get pestered to go get him a drink.
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[With the help of a generous passerby, Emil's figured out the computers here enough to type out a message! Let's see how this goes.]

Hi, everyone. My name is Emil Castagnier. I guess I'm new here. I just arrived today. And, um, I have a question. Can somebody help me with the classes I'm supposed to be taking? It's been a long time since I've had to go to school.

Maybe some more help on using these computers would be nice, too. Are they really going to be important?

[He considers writing more, but leaves it at that. Better to get a feel of the place first, and besides it's taken him long enough trying to get a few sentences out on this thing as it is.]
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[See Haruhi?

This is Haruhi memorising the Garden. Memorising the Garden and everyone in it. By walking around like she owns the place. Because she totally does, now.

She has also taken the liberty of sticking A4 printouts to pretty much every available surface. Walls, windows, boards, benches, even the directory. All of them contain the exact same image:

There's not even anything to explain what this image even means.
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[There's really only one thing to do when you've been interdimensionally kidnapped and find yourself in a strange new world full of strange new people, strange new abilities and strange new... other things.

No, you don't run in circles and flail your arms around. That would be silly. Fun, but silly. You go to the library. No, you don't flail there, either.

This is why you might spot an annoyed, somewhat frazzled-looking (but still HANDSOME) blond guy in the library, browsing the shelves for basic info on this Strange New World, capitals intended.

Be careful. His assholery is currently set to MAX.]

What the- Why is there a cookery book in the geography section?


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