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[It had taken Kurt longer than he would've liked to gather everything he'd needed for the preparation class, to be honest, but he supposed that it wasn't any harder than gathering stuff for himself at home; he'd simply had to find a lot more of it, just in case quite a few cadets showed up.

He'd stuck the sign outside the door and made sure to put a note on the BBS as to where and what time, and was currently just sifting through the things he had.

While the material, thread, scissors, and such made perfect sense, the rest of the supplies would be a bizarre mash up to anyone unfamiliar to his skills. Gems and jewels of all shapes and sizes, some glowing, some not, bowls of dust and small orbs, and even a few things floating about the table that seemed to defy explanation. By these were quite a few rods, all glowing softly and laid out in a careful row.

At the moment, Kurt is turning over one of the rods in his hand, giving it a last-minute inspection as he waits for anyone interested to show up.]
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[Hermione? Is very, very confused. She's read the letter over and over again until the paper has been nearly worn down from how hard her hold on it had been. The course catalog is clenched in the same hand, her bag held tightly in the other as her wand had been stuffed into the back pocket of her jeans as soon as she had read the warning about 'unusual powers' in the letter-- she's quite sure that being able to cast magic qualifies in that category and doesn't want to take her chances.

She's sitting on a bench in the lobby now, brows knit in concentration as she reads over the letter for the umpteenth time. Time Compression? By the work of a Sorceress? There's just no way-- while she doesn't doubt that some form of time magic is probable due to her experience with the Time Turner, she is quite sure that not one person is able to possess the power to be able to shift time and space completely.]

Impossible... [The word is muttered to herself mostly as she's still baffled by this completely improbable explanation as to how she has wound up in this place. And where is Ron and Harry? She looks up, the perplexed expression melting into one of worry as their current situation seems to settle back down on her shoulders.]
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I need to study the elemental properties of some off-world magic artes. Certain spells don't seem to have a corresponding element in this world, and it's bugging me. I need to check if those spells have any other elemental properties in this world, or if they're just rendered as non-elemental.

In this case, I want help from someone with enough para-magic to provide strong resistance against each element, and a GF with the Elem-DEF skill.

I'll stock a few cures, and won't use any advanced artes, so it'll be safe enough. Treat it as a "sparring" thing.


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I'm new. nice to meet you.

I cant read the course catalog. what's time compression?

(Rokujo Miharu)

((ooc: All grammar mistakes are ic as he wasn't the, uh...most attentive student.))
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[Luke is in the cafeteria, with the translating collar thinger stuck to his neck: it seems to do a pretty good job of telling others what he is saying, but isn't much help as far as Luke barely understanding any English so far.

Still, he is good spirits, and happy to be free of classes for a little while. He'd only arrived last night, and was late getting to all of his classes today, so he hadn't had a chance to meet anyone, really.

With a tray of food in hand, he looks for a place to sit, or people to talk to. Or maybe just people to listen to. To listen at? Ugh, stupid English.]

((OOC: Mingle intro post for Luke! Also if anyone else wants to be hanging out in the cafeteria for their own purposes, go for it! All are welcome.))
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As a computer scientist specialist in training, I'm amused that with all this technology at our disposal, we STILL have to type out our names when we make BBS posts.

Because who will really remember cadet numbers?

I can't be the only one noticing this.

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[With the Headmaster clearing up the past issues for Seifer, and providing him with the clearance to continue his attempt to regain SeeD status as a means to make up for his past mistakes, Seifer once again finds himself as a student, much to his displeasure.

He's currently enrolled in a handful of classes, and one particular one has him frustrated beyond belief, but not for any minor reason. Advanced Weapons Training. He's lacking a training partner prior to instructor assessment and he's not pleased in the slightest. The Training Center can only help so much before he wants a more difficult target.]

I need volunteers for a sparring session. Or rather, if you're remotely equipped with a weapon and capable of trying to take me on, you're required for target practice. There's no guarantees you won't get injured.

Anyone who shirks from this will have themselves added to the List.

[And here, have a PM.]

[Locked to the members of the Disciplinary Committee. If you even exist.]
The Headmaster's informed me of some mutiny and the lack of members. Those of you who still remain should report to me immediately. Let's give the Garden a reminder of what the committee stands for.

[[OOC: A more IC continuation of the failure that went down here.]]
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[Zim is new here, so when all hell breaks loose on his first day at this place, he's confused. (And annoyed that he doesn't have the technology to join in on the fun.) But after this long, he's growing bored of slashing at puny monsters with his PAK legs, so he grabs the person nearest him to interrogate.]

You! Stinkbeast! Tell me: is this school usually so...screamy? [He looks at his surroundings in disgust. These humans are so incompetent.]
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Bring it on!

[So echoes the challenge issued by the cocky Instructor standing outside the dormitory, fists balled and a grin on his face as he stands guard over the door. Come close enough or catch his attention and he has this to say:]

I'll hold down the fort here. Anyone who needs shelter or safety can camp out in the rooms. Anyone who's hurt, get them back here till we can make sure the infirmary's clear.

And if you need help out there, yell. [Because heroes never back down -- and Instructors don't do their students work for them out there!]

Let's do this!
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Characters: Silver & Anyone/everyone!
Location: The School's entrance
Rating: E10+ :D
Open/Closed/Finished: Open~
Summary: Arriving and all that jazz.

Feeling Displaced. )
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Alright, I'm bored. After this, it's only one more week of classes before exams, right? And it's all too easy. So, tell you what: I'll help out. If you need a hand and my valuable brain, just ask.

I'm up for helping with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Intro to Para-Magic and GFs, and Intro to Magic. Just shove a message into the computer and we'll arrange something for study week. Just don't expect me to go easy on you.

R. Mordio.


Nov. 3rd, 2010 03:13 pm
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So this thing works like the internet, right? Hello everyone then!! I'm Takeshi Momoshiro (I hope I got the English on that right -- reverse order? Dang, Echizen could tell me) but you can just call me Momo! I'm new here, from Japan if anyone else is, and with all these classes... I have no idea what to take. So if there are any senpai, I mean, upperclassmen who could point out the good ones, it'd be a huge help!

Oh, and I keep hearing a lot about the hot dogs here, but are the burgers any good?
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[Under ordinary circumstances, Rita is temperamental and aggressive, and quick to hurl fireballs at those who annoy her enough. Today, Rita is under the effects of berserk, and is worryingly likely to hurl fireballs at anyone, just because they exist.

Perhaps the cafeteria isn't the best place to be, then. She's already yelled at the staff and kicked a table over. But she's hungry, dammit! Hungry, and whoever wrote this stupid physics book is an idiot who has no idea what he's talking about!

And now there's oatmeal on it, earning the offending foodstuff a glare from Rita.

I hate oatmeal...
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[ Everyone within a hundred mile radius probably heard the blood curdling scream erupt from Azula's mouth as she quickly realized her eyesight was gone.

She fumbled about in her room, not bothering trying to put on proper clothes and fix her messy hair as she stumbled out and down the hallway in her robe. Surely she would find somebody who would come to her aid-- the Headmaster's little comment wasn't enough to reassure her everything would be alright. Zuko would have to come and check up on her, make sure she was alright-- would he? Would she even cross his mind? She didn't think she could even make it up the stairs and to his room like this. She was useless. Katara certainly wouldn't care, she'd probably think it was funny... maybe Sokka... no, she shut the thought out of her mind.

Azula collapsed on the floor and firepunched the wall in front of her, leaning her forehead against it while she calmed herself down. Going into a rage would not get her anywhere. ]
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[Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Why the hell did it have to be a school of all things? She could handle kidnapping by a drug lord. OK. She could best a child kidnapping attempt. Easy. But of all things...she's taken to this school? That she now has to attend? Oh yea. This is just going to go by wonderfully.

Right now, she's unhappily sulking in the Quad, the Course Catalog beside her, untouched.
]  Why of all things...it had to be a school?
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[It's just a short way into to the training centre, and Rita is taking out some stress on some Grats...]

O disturbing power now unleashed, mete thy judgement upon the evil before me! Violent Pain!

[OVERKILL, OVERKILL!! This dark element single-target spell is huge, extending dark beams from the ground and plunging them back down into the Grat.]

O mother praised for her indigo light, break apart and raise thy clear new voice! Aqua Laser!

[This time, a line of water-element magic shoots across the ground. Those poor Grats surely don't deserve these advanced artes...? What, is Fireball not enough?]
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[In an effort to stop worrying about her home, Rita is allowing curiosity to take over for the time being. This, right here, is her first exposure to other worlds - a not to be missed opportunity! Brief Rita, however, is brief.]

Okay, so, off-worlders. Energy sources: your world.




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