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[So. This red-head that strangely looks like Asch the Bloody is wandering around the Garden like an idiot and taking in his sights to see what this place has to offer. ... To be quite honest, he's not sure what he's doing here, what time compression is, what he's suppose to do here, and well. Where he is! He wants to ask around -- You know. To see if someone can direct him to the dorms and all. It's just the fact that everyone looks rather busy. He doesn't want to bother them.

He'll just. Wander around some more. He's bound to run into the dorms or an elevator somewhere, right? This place... doesn't... seem to big...

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Jan. 24th, 2011 04:32 pm
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Maybe this helps. Sorry my bad English. The Teacher say it help reading better and writing too. How is everyone?

((Terrible grammar, weird syntax, and periodic typoes all totally IC. Luke's vocab and listening comprehension is actually pretty good, but his reading is bad and is writing is terribad))
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[ There were things Mukuro hadn't done in a long while. One, go to classes. Two, be enrolled in school. Three, be somewhere completely new where no one had any idea who he was. One of these three was definitely more thrilling than the other two.

While he had read the letter (hilarious), he hadn't even opened the course catalog. Instead he'd just tossed it behind him as he made his way through the lobby. Oops, he had dropped it and so forth. They were all very concerned about playing nice here, it seemed.

And that was definitely amusing. He really couldn't help laughing a little. What a stupid situation to find himself in again. ]

<(( ooc: awwww yeah slow at intro-ing. Botherrrr meee ))
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[Luke is in the cafeteria, with the translating collar thinger stuck to his neck: it seems to do a pretty good job of telling others what he is saying, but isn't much help as far as Luke barely understanding any English so far.

Still, he is good spirits, and happy to be free of classes for a little while. He'd only arrived last night, and was late getting to all of his classes today, so he hadn't had a chance to meet anyone, really.

With a tray of food in hand, he looks for a place to sit, or people to talk to. Or maybe just people to listen to. To listen at? Ugh, stupid English.]

((OOC: Mingle intro post for Luke! Also if anyone else wants to be hanging out in the cafeteria for their own purposes, go for it! All are welcome.))


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