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*Sion is currently absorbed in her reading in the library. She's completely taken up one table with a stack of books in one corner, and three open books laid down. The books that Sion has chosen to read appear to be on the monsters that can be found in the training hall. She's sitting down with two in front of her and one of the books above the other two. If you watch her closely enough, you'll notice that her focus isn't on one individual book, but at all three at the same time. She'll occasionally flip the page of one of the books, but other that that her attention is completely focused on those three books.

Yep, that's right, she's reading all three at once. And she's also taking up a whole table which, you know, if you aren't curious about the fact that she's somehow able to read three books at the same time? You might want to tell her that she needs to take up less room with her studying.*
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( There’s a young girl in a cadet uniform worriedly looking from the papers in her hands to the large map display she stands before. Back and forth, back and forth Shiemi goes from the papers to the map until the confusion is even more evident on her features than before. If this entire situation wasn’t hard enough to swallow, she feels the need to move but has no idea where to even begin.

A few moments pass before she takes in deep breath, and figures there was one obvious solution to her problems and that was just asking for help – so in a flash of color, quickly enough she almost loses her footing (why are uniforms so difficult to wear?) she turns and yells at speaks up to the person who happens to be near her.

Yes, that very well just could be you.

Ex-excuse me! ( And then, she drops her voice to something more quiet as she tries to fight the blush that begins to color her face. ) Can I… can I ask for your help with something?


Oct. 4th, 2011 09:40 am
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Has anyone else noticed that it's been getting really chilly lately? I went out for a walk last night and I think even my goosebumps were trying to get goosebumps!

That's why I'm going to run into town soon and buy some warmer clothes. I thought maybe other people might want to come to? It could be fun!

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I've been kiiiiind of thinking lately- I wanna take on another apprentice! Totori isn't here, so it hasn't been as much fun without her.

Soooo... I'm looking for another apprentice! To teach alchemy to! But I won't just teach anyone- you have to be cute... and you have to be interested in alchemy, too, but more importantly, you have to be cute!

If you're interested, just come see me in the Quad, okay ☆?

- ☆ Instructor Rorona
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[ Heading down the hall is a very confused and displeased looking teenage boy. He's dressed in normal street wear, has a cat hanging lazily on his head, and sword bag slung over his shoulder. Don't mind the fact that he seems to be talking to no one. ]

What the hell-I'm supposed to be going out to battle, not school!

[ Rin's got his letter of welcome out, and for the last few minutes he's been wandering around the grounds giving it the dead eye. Not even ten minutes before he'd found himself here he was on his way out to fight an incredibly strong demon with his classmates. He couldn't have taken a wrong turn... Did someone hit him upside the head when he wasn't looking and knock him in this dream world? That would be beyond ridiculous. He's had enough of space compression magic to fill a life time. ]

If I'm going to be stuck here [Dream world or not. ] The least they could have done was given me a map so I knew where this Fisherman place is...
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[So outside the Fisherman Horizon’s inn is a boy in bright red, squinting at a letter in his hands and generally looking confused. ]

..How is this even---this is for a school, right? And what’s a cadet? [he makes a face] I’ve had enough homework to last for a lifetime. I don’t need anymore! Ugh what if the Professor saw this letter—she’d probably make me, wait where is this--

[he seems to remember something, as he jerks upright, looking around with wide eyes]
GUYS?! Where are you---we've got  to stop Mithos! 

[he’s checking his person, noting he has the two swords made by his fathers.  ]

This makes no sense..Mithos, what did you do?! Damn it..

[and he’s staring helplessly around the area of the Inn, at the ocean and generally looking a bit upset. For a few minutes he stands like this, staring at the paper in his hands, before he turns on his heel decisively and]

Okay, I can’t get anything done standing like this I'll start looking..Dwarven Vow #16, You can do anything if you tr----

[ and bumps into a sign, headfirst]


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[Anyone noticing Japan walking around the Garden today might take note of the concerned and thoughtful expression on his face. He wasn't sure what was going on, but it certainly wasn't constant. At the same time, it seemed obvious by now that he wasn't alone in his confusion or experiences.

If the look doesn't catch your eye (and that wouldn't be surprising, Japan keeps to himself quite well), those of you experiencing strange powers (or even your normal ones) might run into another sort of incident!

ooc / explanation: I'm giving Japan Empathic Mimicry for the event, which means that he has the ability to copy the powers of others and use them "at will"... Although, since it's such a difficult power, and Japan's kind of a clumsy guy, he likely won't be able to control it at all.

Just let me know what powers your character has, and what/how much Japan can copy! Then I'll make a scene. He'll be just about anywhere in the Garden, so don't be shy to choose a location.

If you'd rather Japan's powers didn't act up with your character, that's fine as well!]


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