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[ And in the library today, there is a boy in red, his head in a very large textbook, eyes shut, mouth partially open a bit of drool, yes drool, cheek against his communicator as he begins to snore. there are papers sprawled everywhere on the table, various notes in class, that break off in to strange little drawings. Drawlings like..]
[this. Yes this.

Do you even..? ]

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[ if there's some people in the Training Center, there is a very high chance that running into ( 1 ) John Egbert will occur. however, this also means that there is also a chance of running into one of these giant lizards as well. yes, John has been told about the usage of his windy powers. but this is John. he's a derp and will end up using them anyway.

using them to ride one of those T-Rexaurs. or just fly around it to agitate it even more. the kid is the MASTER PRANKSTER. what better prank is there at the moment than being faster than the monster trying to chomp him into bits? besides! it's a freaking dinosaur! how impossibly cool is that!? ]

so this place has got to be one of the coolest places ever!!!!!!!!
bet you can't guess what i spent my day doing.
hehehe. :)
the hardest part, though, is trying to figure out what to name him.
er, well, i think he's a him, but i'm not sure that it's okay to just check a dinosaur out like that.
talk about rude!!
i happen to be a very culturally sensitive young man and lifting the skirts on poor dinosaurs just seems very wrong.
poor guy. i think i wore him out. :(

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[She'd read the letter over a few times by now, but MOMO couldn't find anything related to Time Compression within her data banks. Maybe she should ask a SeeD, like the letter had suggested doing if she had questions, but in the meantime, the little Realian can be found in the library, in her cadet uniform, as she looks over the course catalog that the letter also been attached to. A lot of these classes looked pretty interesting, that was for sure, but she was confident she'd be able to pick out the ones she wanted to take.

While she was in the library, maybe she could find something on Time Compression, as well?]
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[If you were to enter the lunchroom , you would see the regular crowds and such. People eating. People talking. Yadda Yadda. However , you may notice that the social butterfly named Selphie Tilmitt is at a table...alone. Not that she seems to mind. On the contrary , Selphie is grinning like there is no tomorrow while she chews on the end of a blue glitter glue pen. There are stacks and piles of paper and blank posters covering that table. It is very obvious that Miss Tilmitt is up to something.

If you happen to approach her, she will nearly climb on the table , hiding her papers. She isn't ready for anyone to know.

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Sep. 15th, 2011 05:11 pm
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Okay, think the embarrassment from this weekend's died down enough for me to say sorry to anyone I kinda fell on. That happens even when I'm not drunk (someone spiked the punch. Who spiked the punch?) so...yeah.

Anyway, since the next quarter's starting soon, I was wondering who's specializing in Computer Science or Piloting? Or both.

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hey everyone!!

i know you guys heard about the beach right?? :O so whos going? it'll be a great chance for everyone to relax after finals and everything. it should be fun!

oh but i was wondering what kind of things do you need to bring to the beach? is there anything i need to get? we didnt really have a beach back home and the only time i went to one i was only taking a walk!! so if anyone could help that would be great ok? :D

everyone is coming right??? please please please come!! or else! >:)

- vanille

Action for the Library, after making the post. )
( ooc: Dated before the beach party..! )
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Choice A - Fisherman's Horizon
[For someone who isn't exactly used to setting foot in a town and having people actually stroll by - sometimes waving or offering a smile, other times a crotchety old glare and a mutter about "kids these days" - this place is rather unsettling for a kid who'd almost, bitter as it was, gotten accustomed to pretty much the whole of humanity running screaming in terror. Whether it be away or toward, with crudely brandished makeshift weapons.

Hope clasps a hand over his tummy, exhaling slowly before continuing his trek toward the Inn as he'd been directed. Now that it's finally sinking in that this is a safe place, at least in comparison to what he's endured over the past few days, most of the unconscious fight-or-flight reactions are kept at bay.

And thus he's busy craning his neck this way and that, trying to take everything in. One thing that catches his eye in particular is the huge circular panel and everything that surrounds it. So much, in fact, that he's too busy twisting his head around to try and get a better look at it as he walks. Most likely bumping into other fellow students on their stay here or the town's citizens as he does so.

He can be caught on his way to the inn or heading toward the Garden a bit later, changed into his student uniform and looking every bit confused and bewildered as before.

Choice B - Balamb Garden
[The next term won't be starting for a little while, Hope was told, so he's entirely free until then. After making it to the F.H. Inn, he'd spent some time sitting on his bed staring at the class roster—only to discover some very familiar names, one more bemusing than the others.

Therefore! First order of business? Finding the others. It's just a matter of finding the right classrooms.

Willing his heart to stay where it belongs (that's in his chest and not leaping out of his palate the way it's been threatening), hesitant footsteps carry him away from the large directory panel he'd been staring at and toward where he might find one of those very places. He only gets halfway up the stairs before pausing again, lifting up the wrinkled sheet in his hands and staring down at all the names, course numbers, and corresponding rooms. It's starting to all blur together, making his head spin. Hope squeezes his eyes shut with a frustrated sigh, then practically leaps up the rest of the stairs leading to the elevator.

It's entirely hit-or-miss for him, but he'll be hitting up the Farron, Villiers and Katzroy courses first thing - and in that order. Other cadets might see him weaving his way through random little crowds of fellow students, probably getting smacked into due to his tiny (therefore near-invisible) height and knocked around a few times; or he'll be nervously waiting outside one of the classrooms, attempting to find a way to peer inside. He can't summon up the courage to just barge on in there, as much as he'd like to.
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[So outside the Fisherman Horizon’s inn is a boy in bright red, squinting at a letter in his hands and generally looking confused. ]

..How is this even---this is for a school, right? And what’s a cadet? [he makes a face] I’ve had enough homework to last for a lifetime. I don’t need anymore! Ugh what if the Professor saw this letter—she’d probably make me, wait where is this--

[he seems to remember something, as he jerks upright, looking around with wide eyes]
GUYS?! Where are you---we've got  to stop Mithos! 

[he’s checking his person, noting he has the two swords made by his fathers.  ]

This makes no sense..Mithos, what did you do?! Damn it..

[and he’s staring helplessly around the area of the Inn, at the ocean and generally looking a bit upset. For a few minutes he stands like this, staring at the paper in his hands, before he turns on his heel decisively and]

Okay, I can’t get anything done standing like this I'll start looking..Dwarven Vow #16, You can do anything if you tr----

[ and bumps into a sign, headfirst]



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