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[Goose was wondering where in hell they'd end up next from this crazy time compression issue. He couldn't fathom that it'd get much worse than a sewer, let alone much better than a carnival.

What was unfortunate was that it would get much worse.

He didn't remember when and how, but he soon found himself falling face-first into Grand Canyon dirt and sand. Disgusting. He shivered for a moment, his face and neck paining him as he rose.

He was in Little States. Normally, he would call that a blessing if it weren't for the time he got thrown into. He didn't ever want to see it happen again, but the course of life was a cruel mistress. He recognized quickly enough the gyrocopters that graced the air, the missiles that spiraled for a target, and... well, the target.

He never wanted to see it again, let alone on the ground. Meca Hawk easily towered over Chicago itself, so the destruction and death it caused was massive. He remembered so many casualties, so much screaming, so much crying... and it was all in front of him again.

He snarled, fell to his knees, and pounded the granules of sand with a tight fist.

Fuck time compression.
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[It's only a short while after Zelos's jump, yet Tobias is still a bit shakey. Understandably, that means he's completely caught off guard when the world lurches and shifts again, and he finds himself somewhere familiar.

No, familiar is too weak a word. The sudden blaring of cheerful, bright music, the delicious smell of foods, the happy yelling of stall and game owners alike is almost painful deja vu, and for a moment, all the boy can do is stand there.

And then a brown-haired girl hits him from the side, nearly sending them both sprawling as she giggles in delight.]

Tobbbbyyy! Look at all this! It's so cool! The food smells so good!

I know it does!

This was sooooo worth saving up!

Yeah, but, I can't breathe. Come on, Fiona, let go!

[And she giggles again, releasing him and rushing off. Tobias adjusts his sweater, beaming and looking more content than ever.]

((FOR THOSE INVOLVED: There's pretty much everything you can imagine here. There's stalls with every kind of carnival/stall game you can think of just appropriate for the Pokemon universe (Bobbing for berries instead of bobbing for apples, any targets in a shooting gallery are Pokemon, fishing out rubber ducks is fishing out rubber psyducks, etc.), any type of food you can think of, and stalls "selling" all kind of sourviners from Pokemon-themed to non-Pokemon-themed. The best part? All of it is FREE! Most importantly, however, is what's above your heads.))
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[And to think, Zelos had just been preparing his class plans (pff, yeah right) when all of a sudden, he found himself instead in a dark and rather smelly place. Above, the sounds of a large battle could be heard.

Seriously, guys, what the hell?

Zelos steps forward, letting out an exaggerated whimper as he unintentionally plunged his leg into gross wet stuff.

Whoa whoa whoa! Man, this is not cool. Who the hell just tossed the amazing Zelos into a sewer?!

[As his eyes adjust to the dark, he recognises this place and is instantly confused. This is Meltokio's sewer. Then the battle above... a Desian attack. Hm. He'd better get out of here.

He doesn't bother to look if anyone else is here.
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[Seeing Mia in the library isn't unusual. After all, she adores reading and catching up on information - especially through the newsletter (which she also finds hilarious in some aspects) - but that isn't the unusual part. What's unusual, then?

Well. Said law professor is currently buried to her neck - literally! - in books as she carefully maneuvers her way from the library back to her classroom and everywhere in-between. The newsletter, of course, is placed on top of this mountain-high stack.

She also currently can't see in front of her, so that walking stack of books? Is a little wobblier than normal. God help the poor soul who walks into her (or the books) anytime soon.]
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[Standing by the directory is a redheaded man in a SeeD uniform, watching as all the people go past and maintaining a silly, amused grin on his face. He seems to be paying particular attention to the girls, especially the older ones, but everyone gets at least a little bit of attention - just memorising faces, people! It helps an instructor to know who he's instructing.]

Aww, look at all the "cute" new cadets! So this is what they meant by an influx...


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