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[Standing by the directory is a redheaded man in a SeeD uniform, watching as all the people go past and maintaining a silly, amused grin on his face. He seems to be paying particular attention to the girls, especially the older ones, but everyone gets at least a little bit of attention - just memorising faces, people! It helps an instructor to know who he's instructing.]

Aww, look at all the "cute" new cadets! So this is what they meant by an influx...
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I thought I wouldn't have to ask this, but my Japanese tutor left Garden months ago so I kinda have no choice. Who here knows Japanese (or another foreign language)? It won't take much time at all--and it's really not that big.

In exchange, I'll teach you zifts some Arabic or Farsi. Whichever appeals to you more.

- Damian

[Later this evening, Damian's headed to the boys' dorms--specifically, to Aang and Ron's room--with a purpose. He's certainly got his hands full with a large box, so he'll be slow in actually reaching the room in the first place.

Passersby, feel free to notice that the box's rather suspicious. Why would the kid (the kid flunking all his weapons classes) be able to lift something so big so easily? And also, kids with boxes just don't end well. Period.

He'll reach Aang's room, all right, but he'll take him forever and a day to get there.]
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Congratulations to Cadet Kamui and the Garden Festival Committee for a job well done on the Sponsorship Games and the Valentine's Dance and deliveries. I, for one, had high expectations for them and I was not let down. ♥

I'd also like to wish a warm welcome back to all our recently returned instructors, as well as a welcome to Garden to our new cadets. I'm sure we can all learn a lot from each other.

For my drama classes, we're now in the second half of the quarter, so I urge you to start thinking about what kind of show you'd like to put on at the end of the quarter. Whether you have a specific play in mind or just a genre, plotline, or even costume you'd like to work with - or wouldn't like to work with, for that matter - please bring up your ideas in class and/or drop me a note here.

- Instructor Sharpay Evans

Hello Zuko,

I hope you enjoyed the cupcakes. I understand your world doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day and you've been told it's about love or girls giving boys chocolate. Romance was not my intention and I certainly don't expect anything back in a month (that's not how my culture handles Valentine's Day anyway); I simply thought you might like them.

While I'm not interested in romance, I am interested in getting to know you. Sapphire was my old sponsor and I like to uphold our sponsorship loyalty.

I teach afternoons and tutor on Saturdays before lunch. Let me know when you're available for a meeting.

- Instructor Sharpay Evans

[Exihibit A: One tiny blonde, in civilian gear before her afternoon teaching, grading music papers on the quad stage. She looks bored, though; she'd definitely welcome a distraction.]
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[ Today, Colette stands to the side of the 2F corridor, barely even moving and not appearing to acknowledge anyone who might pass. She just stares into space. For some reason, though, she's got those pink sparkly wings of hers out on display, and her eyes - rather than their usual bright blue - are instead a deep red.

She's not doing anything, guys. Someone should poke her. ]


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