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[It had all been too strange for Id ever since he came to this new world. One moment he was fighting what some might consider the most powerful being in the ancient past of what was to become the continent of Gressen, and then the next thing he knows, he's somewhere else, his sword returned back to normal, and with him being picked up by some kind people.

At least, he thought them to be kind. Oakbing always said he was a little too trusting of others.

Now, he found himself enrolled in this place that was training people to become some sort of warrior. At first, he figured he was fine as he was, knowing how to battle with a sword. That was, until he saw the class listings, which included magic. He took them only because they reminded him of the world he'd left behind. And Ilran. And the others...

He was now on the far end of the quad, just taking it all in. The sights, of course.]

I know I need to get used to all this very fast. I barely even remember half of what I was taught in class. I barely even know how to work those things that they use in there. Com... comp... something.

[It was here where his sword, now transfigured into a golden sort of combination ring/bracelet, spoke to him in his mind]

-You mean computers. I'm... I'm sorry I can't be of much use to you around here, unless it's to protect you, Id-nim-

[To the casual observer, he could quite possibly look as if he's about to speak to himself in a low whisper, however.]

It's not your fault, Lamia, it's not your fault.

[Feel free to talk to the dude that completely looks like a lady. Don't worry, he's all too used to the fact that he's been thought to be a female before. Just how far you take it might make the difference on how friendly he might be.]
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[Crona's done really well so far! She's attended classes and everything, even wearing the uniform and trying to look like part of the crowd. This is pretty good by Crona's standards - there was a point where she needed the company of Maka just to leave her dormitory back at DWMA. She's grown a lot since she first entered DWMA, and has made an effort just so she can prove it.

Couldn't last though. Right now? On her way to Basic Training? Something went ping and now she's impersonating a shadow to the side of the 2F hallway. Crouched down to the ground and hugging herself, face hidden in her arms.

She can't do this!
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As we're rolling into the fourth week of the semester, the course load within classes may be growing heavier now that the introductory period has passed. With that thought in mind, I'd like to offer my help to any cadets who may be struggling with their classes-- as a SeeD, I've taken all the required courses as well as a few extra electives. While I'm most comfortable with the Introduction to Para-Magics & Guardian Forces course as well as the Advanced Para-Magic courses, I'm sure I'd be of some assistance in other classes as well-- if not, I'll direct you towards someone who possesses the knowledge to help.

If anyone is interested in tutoring sessions, please leave a note here with the course you'd like help with. I'm willing to do both one-on-one sessions or group sessions depending on which method of learning is most efficient for you.


Quistis Trepe
SeeD Rank A
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[Returning from her admission to Garden, Crona enters the lobby via the elevator - slouched posture, head low, grasping one arm for comfort. This is awful! Horrible! She had been barely accustomed to DWMA! Why did this time compression drag her here? It was unfamiliar, it was far too bright and shiny, it was big and it was scary!

No, no, she could do this. They would try to find a way home, right? She wasn't going to be here forever - she could go and see Maka and everyone again. Right?

Hey... Ragnarok...? What should I - I mean, what should we do now? We're stuck. A little. This is... I don't know...

[A tiny, black creature seems to come from her back, and lightly bops her on the head before perching there.]

Just get over it already! Who cares about DWMA and the losers there, anyway?!

But what about Maka and Soul and everyone? After everything...

[There's another bop to the head.]

Don't think they'll miss you!


We're safe and there's food! Enjoy it while it lasts!

But, Maka...

Stop your whining and smile for the new idiots! Smile! You learned how to do that, right? Huh?

[Ragnarok rams his tiny little hands into Crona's mouth, pulling it into a forceful, disfigured grin as the girl whines, arms now flailing.]

Le' go o' eeee!! Ragaaaroooo.... le' go! Le' go!

Happy yet? Happy? Let's go get food!

Le' go!!

[And Ragnarok... is not letting go. Someone come save her =|]


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