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[No no no. Absolutely not! Mia has absolutely no idea how she ended up this young - for crying out loud, she looks 15! - and she kinda. Wants her body back, if only because she's too used to be taken seriously. To make matters even worse, she even found herself in her old Fey clothes too. (What was this, a weird blast from the past?)

As she stares at her reflection, Mia can't help pressing her lips and moving her arms in circles. If she's really a child again... then this is Time Compression's fault, isn't it? And she thought she'd been so good at avoiding weird events until now too.]

... You've got to be kidding me. How long's this going to last this time?
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[The de-aging event had kicked in and needless to say, Seifer had emerged from it hardly.... the same. It didn't help that this was when he finally decided to take on the Disciplinary Committee and whip them back into shape as one of the more respected groups at the Garden, especially when everyone else was trying to have fun at Trabia.

He scowled at the mirror, not impressed with himself in the slightest.]

If anyone tries to use this as an excuse to step over my orders, you've got another thing coming for you.
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Characters: Silver & Anyone/everyone!
Location: The School's entrance
Rating: E10+ :D
Open/Closed/Finished: Open~
Summary: Arriving and all that jazz.

Feeling Displaced. )


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