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[The yellow fox seems to have gotten his bearings since his random visits to the Garden, and has taken to reading stuff in the Library in his spare time after having become a resident. When he's not in the library, he's figuring out where all the classrooms are since he's starting to take classes soon. It's easier to try and map things out in your head when you're there for more than a couple hours every day.

No matter where he is, he's easy to spot due to his rather bright yellowish-orange color. And very easy to get the attention of.]
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[Those passing by the Quad today will find an abandoned laptop sitting on its lonesome near a tree. The laptop looks surprisingly scuffed, though not too badly damaged, and the general position of it suggests that it was tossed out of the tree -- with great force, if said denting of the normally durable computer is any indication.

For those who think to look up, there's a red-furred echidna lounging on a branch, back against it as he flips through the course schedule. It's a little hard to read his expression, but he seems fairly absorbed in it, muttering something under his breath occasionally.]
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[Oh boy oh boy, trouble with Time Compression. Knuckles is clearly one of the ones affected, but... quite a bit too far. He's aged backwards almost all the way, meaning that there's a baby trying to climb onto a gem almost too big for him, even in its shrunk state. This, of course, means that he's falling all over himself, since it's not exactly balanced to hold itself up, especially with an infant trying to ride it.

Of course, leaving him alone in the hall like this probably isn't the best of ideas right now, so feel free to haul him up, jack the gem and run, punt him across the hall, whatever!]

((Kiddie journal replying is [ profile] chibiguardian))
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[There was something bitingly familiar about this, Knuckles had to admit. How many times had he been on something that had plunged into the ground now?

Thankfully, he hadn't lost the Master Emerald in the crash, which meant now that he was working on the second most important thing -- clearing out these monsters and seeing who exactly he could find in this chaos. If the cold is bothering him, it's impossible to tell; he's powering through anything and everything in his way, and he's already pried open a few doors to make pathways.

At the moment, he's currently checking through the classrooms, though it isn't too hard to find him, what with the monster-shaped dents and holes scattered around the hallways.]

Anyone here?
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["Time Compression." Feh.

Knuckles hadn't been very happy about the letter at all, or the fact that he was here. Forget how he got here -- they didn't even know how to get him back, or where the Master Emerald was, and that had -- well, let's just say a few people were going to need replacement chairs or desks, and one unlucky person was going to need to have their wall repaired.

Thankfully, it hadn't taken him long to actually find the Master Emerald -- completely intact and, well, on his person. THAT had been fun.

He had retired to the Quad, placing the gem on the ground and allowing it to return to its natural size, closing his eyes as he put his hands against the side.

He was relieved -- oh so relieved -- that it seemed completely untouched by the ride here, and sighed softly.]


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