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Greetings Balamb Garden!

We have missed you as much as you've missed us! Today we bring you all you'll ever need to know in this edition of your favorite gossip column!

Such beautiful entertainment! )

And here we conclude with a special gift to everyone! A poll! Let's predict the year and perhaps help keep an eye out for the special individuals!! We'll give the results in a week, so hurry and vote!

Until next time, Garden!
Miss Tattler

(ooc: the poll will be on Grell's account, as only paid accounts can make polls. :| or maintainers of a community. Unfortunately, Miss Tattler doesn't run things like that yet lol )

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[The video ticks on showing Lina in uniform, and those familiar with it will notice that she's in her classroom.]

So, I'm curious - those of you here who have magical skills that aren't Paramagic, I'd like to talk to you. I'm curious as to how they work. You can either answer here, or come see me in my classroom if you'd prefer to do so in person. Especially if you feel a demonstration is needed. This will help me work out ways to teach future Offworlder cadets some of the more complex Paramagic spells - and you'll get to show off a little, if that's your kinda thing.
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[People up early may spot a panicked looking Gaomon running from the dorms to the infirmary, and then running back with a wheelchair. He's not about to stop, so if you want to chat, better keep up...

[While he's doing this, the following post goes up:]

I realize some of us have been undergoing some odd changes lately, but stealing a disabled person's wheelchair and asking his digimon partner to play along is low.

If you return my wheelchair before first period, I won't push for a court martial.

Touma H. Norstein

[Later in the day, Touma's at work in the infirmary. Business as usual, right? Except that he's in a wheelchair and has Gaomon on a ladder getting the high stuff for him. Gaomon looks utterly bewildered at having to do this.

[Gaomon's also helping him get food come lunchtime, and he insists on carrying the tray. Touma may occasionally be spotted standing for very brief periods to get something, before all but falling back down into the chair. He looks resigned to this frustration.]
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[Gourry is smiling cheerfully as he looks into the camera, seated somewhere with his laptop level in front of him. He waves energetically; the video option has always suited him much better than writing things out, once he figured out how to work it. He doesn't have to worry about spelling things this way!

He rubs at the back of his neck as he addresses the camera, looking slightly lost despite the familiar surroundings.]

Looks like there's a lot of new cadets here since I went on my last mission! Makes you wonder where they're all comin' from! Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself, since I'm seein' a lot of new faces in the halls! The name's Gourry Gabriev, SeeD! Er, that's a title, not part of my name. I'm a sword specialist here! To any new cadets, good luck with your training, and watch out for Instructor Inverse! She's got a short temper and she's not shy about throwin' those fireballs around!

[The feed cuts out, the video being wrapped up rather unceremoniously.]

[Action, Afternoon:]

[Later that same day, Gourry can be found in uniform, seated in his own corner of the cafeteria with a table all to himself. There are about five full plates of food spread across it, which he is steadily working his way through without breaking a sweat. He's friendly enough, for anyone who wants to approach him, but keep an eye on your hands. You're likely to lose a finger if you set them down in the wrong place.]


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