Sep. 13th, 2011 04:35 pm
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[Alice with in the training area, practicing with her magic on some of the monsters that are around the area. With her weapon of choice, a book, firmly in her arms, she focuses, casting a small light attack type spell upon the monster in front of her, knocking it out afterb she hadd been fighting it for the past 5 minutes. As a SeeD she felt like it was needed to not only make sure everyone is obeying the laws, but also to be in top phyical shape and magical shape just in case anything was there to threaten the peace.

Holding the book once again in her arms, she felt like she had practiced enough, turning around she started to walk, hoping that she had been practicing enough to feel confident to fight without having to only be the back up.]


Sep. 1st, 2011 02:27 am
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[She'd read the note a few times by now, but it still didn't make an entire lot of sense. Ultimecia was supposed to be gone, right? So why did the note mention Time Compression, among other things? It was a little odd to be hearing about all of this happening again, really, but, well...

Well, the letter had also said to talk to Cid or a SeeD if she had any questions, so she'd do that later. For now, though, Ellone is content with walking around Fisherman's Horizon, to see what's changed.]
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[Selphie is looking into the feed with a strangely strained smile.]

Booyaka everyone! The life of a hermit suuuucks. I've been sooo out of it lately. It's so lame of me, I know. [She reaches up to turn of the video] Oh and thanks to all those super duper nice people that helped me!


[There has been a few sightings of the flippy haired girl around the school for the past week. Her demeanor seems to have changed in these days of mild isolation. Living like this seems to not have agree with her. Selphie walks like she was in a daze. Every few steps or so she bumps into someone, wincing as she mumble an apology]


[[OOC: She is absorbing negative feelings of the ones she touches. Need a pick up? Selphie is your gal.]]

003 *BBS*

Aug. 16th, 2011 11:46 am
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Can any of you awesome people cover for me? I got nearly killed in the Training Center this morning and I don't feel like going to the infirmary. I'm gonna be stuck in my room for a while. I ain't feeling so hot after that that big whack I got.



Aug. 10th, 2011 10:51 am
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[Alice can be found wondering around Fisherman's Horizon, glancing around at the many different places it had to offer. She glanced into windows of stores for a moment, checking to see what they had within. It was all so interesting to her, but for now she was walking around, making sure that people weren't doing anything they shouldn't be, while at the same time taking in the area that she had never seen before.]
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Option A:

[Selphie is standing outside of the training center. The hallway is silent except for the occasional footsteps echoing from the surrounding halls. She is clutching an over-sized pair of nunchaku. The usual cheery grin is absent from her face. She looks...off. Tense. Worried.  A worried hand is twirling in her hair, displaying her agitation. She turns to face the door leading into the training center. her expression shifts into one of passionate determination. Her nunchaku clatter together as she takes a step forward.]

Option B:

[It is late in the evening and the school library is silent.Well, silent save for the rather loud snoring coming from a corner of the room. Snoozing lightly, Selphie is sitting at a table with her head on a open book. She had been  reading excitedly about a few of her favorite things when all those sleepless nights helping the GFC caught up with her. She just sort of collapsed mid-sentence on top of her book. Feel free to disturb her.]

Option C:

[A light clicking of a keyboard echos through an empty classroom somewhere in the school. Selphie sit is the classroom, her eyes attached to the screen of a Study Panel. For once, the hyperactive girl is still and focused. It is almost a shock to see her like this , in contrast to he usual demeanor. Every so often she will stop and leans back to gaze at her handiwork. If you happen to look over Selphie's shoulder you'll see a brightly colored website in the making.]
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Has anyone else noticed people acting... strange, lately? A lot of people seem tired and kind of out of it. Is there some sort of disease going around or something?

It's really weird...

[Rion doesn't mention that he's been feeling it too, or the nightmares he's been having - maybe that's just him and other people have been sick or something. He doesn't... really feel comfortable talking about it, to be honest.]
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Some teachers asked me to remove my glasses in class, but then asked me to put them back.

Strange, isn't it?

[Hint: it's because he has golden eyes.]
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[The Training Center hadn't held much appeal for Yuna at first. To her, it had also seemed a little frightening, especially since she was used to travelling with a large group of people whenever fiends were around. But today she had decided to test out what the Garden had called "GFs". By the description, she assumed they were similar to aeons in some aspects, but that they were able to be summoned by any who "junctioned" them. They also enabled anyone to use what was called "paramagic", although she could still use her own magic with ease. She wasn't sure she understood exactly what all that entailed, but nonetheless! Here she was.

Luckily, she hadn't run into any T-Rexaurs around the place yet. It granted her enough of a break in battle-- against some of those strange plant-like monsters-- to summon Valefor. Yuna feared that she just wouldn't be able to summon the aeon at all, even though she had "junctioned" it and come to know it as a GF. But sure enough, the flying beast soon appeared in the Center, swooping the enemies with ease. She hadn't even needed to perform her usual movements with her sceptre-- even though she still had, out of a sense of obligation.

It didn't feel like it usually did. Yuna realised that pretty quickly. But it was better than nothing. It was her only tenuous connection to Spira, above everything else, and that meant it was something to be treasured. Even as Valefor disappeared immediately after executing the attack, she felt somewhat relieved.]

At least it's something! [Her voice is a lot more obviously cheerful than it has been in the past few weeks.] Right. Now, let's go...   


Jun. 9th, 2010 03:20 am
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[There is a boy wandering the first floor hallways of the Garden, and he doesn't look pleased. Well, he's not just "wandering", exactly. More like stomping angrily. It could just be restlessness - he's new, and he certainly doesn't like the situation he's in, and he's ready to take it out on anyone or anything he comes across.

But stomping down the halls like this means Elliot isn't really paying too much attention to where he's going. He might bump into you (yes, you) on your way somewhere if you're not careful. Or maybe you can catch him before he collides with someone? Either way, this can't be healthy, and he must be stopped.]
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[Celty stalks into the quad, pacing around the fountain angrily, small wisps of smoke leaking from the neck area of her helmet. She didn't know what to do-- usually when she was annoyed it was a certain doctors fault, or she could complain to the same fore mentioned doctor-- not that she wanted to complain. Really, it wasn't a big deal, nor any ones business. Shinra was rather busy recently, and she didn't want to trouble him.

So, instead, she sits on a cement bench in the quad and curls one leg into her chest, tapping her fingers on the bench, impatiently. She really didn't even notice it was almost time for all cadets to be in their rooms.]

((OOC: Feel free to cheer her up. 8D))
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Retarded sensationalist crap.

[ The tall blond throws the issue over the cafeteria table, after having yanked it from a Cadet's hand. He shoved some people out of the way, making a mental note to add Delacreaux to the List - a growing one. He hoped the new Disciplinary Committee members were taking himself as an example. No more smiley, good doers. The Disciplinary Committee had a reputation to maintain. ]
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[Lingering about within the library for about a few hours now, Artemis settled down upon a table near the window in a vain attempt to study. While it would be much easier for him to write his notes while in human form, Artemis happens to be quite stubborn at times. So, if you come across a white cat trying to write with a pen, feel free to greet him. Despite the studious expression upon his feline features, Artemis isn't having a very productive day so far.]

Man, none of this stuff makes any sense! [Ripping out a page of his notebook, Artemis balls it up and tosses it towards the nearest trash bin.]

How the heck do they expect me to get this magick stuff if the whole Junction crap is so hard to learn? This frickin' school sucks!

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May. 20th, 2010 05:10 pm
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[Alice hadn't been in Balamb for too long, only long enough to gather her bearings and learn exactly what had occurred. She was given a dorm room, and a class list, and even a uniform--one, mind you, that she didn't much care for--then was sent on her way. She eventually found herself in the cafeteria, it was early morning so there weren't too many students, and it wasn't too hard for her to find a place to sit.

She didn't bother getting in line for food, her appetite had been extinguished, so instead she opens a leather bound book and begins to read, though occasionally she'll lift her head up and glance around the room, almost as if looking for someone.]


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