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[Luki's looking rather green, and there's bags under her eyes. Even when there were nightmares going around, it didn't disturb her sleep. In this state, however, she's physically unable to. She hasn't been able to eat, either. Not being able to sleep bothered her enough, but not being able to console herself with cookies was just absolutely miserable. She leans against a hallway wall, sliding down until she's sitting on the floor]

Waaaaah, this sucks! Stupid status-y...stuff.

[There's little energy, even to her exclamation. Instead, it comes out as a cross between a frustrated snarl and whining. Given how awful the ten year old girl's feeling, it's not very surprising]
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[Last she checked, she stalked on the roof with her best friend. Next thing she knew it, there she is sitting at one of the tables with a gigantic catalog open and some welcoming letter to the side. Don't mind the teen still dressed in gym clothes; shirt with her last name on it and gym underwear. If she stares at this catalog too long she might burn through it. Just what is she looking in here for, she doesn't even know.

Anyone care to tap the shoulder?]
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It's all under the cut! Click, you know you want to. )

(( ooc; Joint intro for Kyon and Haruhi! Blue is Haruhi, black is Kyon, and 'these are Kyon's internal monologues'.

Also, Akihiko and Azula, say hello to your new roomies! /o/ ))
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[ Ending up in a school in a foreign world was not exactly how Usagi pictured she'd be waking up. She had been locked up in a super epic batoru battle -- doing the crazy last second idea that would undoubtedly save the universe from whatever peril and now..

.. now she's roaming around the Garden lobby clutching her letter to her chest and looking perfectly confused.

Someone wants to be a good samaritan and help the poor girl before she trips over herself and gets lost. ... RIGHT?


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