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[Bulla's been spared some of the worst status effects, though she wasn't fortunate enough to be left alone entirely. Everything she's been doing lately has been at high speeds. A simple walk for her has been at a sprinting pace for everyone else, and the one time she actually ran in the past week had been somewhat disastrous, ending with her running headlong into a wall. This is getting old, but at least Bulla's been able to sleep.

Currently, her main problem is slowing herself down proportionately so that she doesn't crash into anyone. She has to keep reminding herself that she's faster, rather than everyone else being slower. Bulla's attempting to walk down the halls right now. Attempting, being the operative word. Her body language shows that she's walking, but her pace is that of a sprinter. Rounding a corner, she crashes right into some poor unsuspecting soul]

I'm so sorry!
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[Last she checked, she stalked on the roof with her best friend. Next thing she knew it, there she is sitting at one of the tables with a gigantic catalog open and some welcoming letter to the side. Don't mind the teen still dressed in gym clothes; shirt with her last name on it and gym underwear. If she stares at this catalog too long she might burn through it. Just what is she looking in here for, she doesn't even know.

Anyone care to tap the shoulder?]


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