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[The stopover at Fishermans Horizon takes maybe two minutes, total.]

[One moment, the Garden is slowing to a halt -- the next moment, the dock latches hiss into their closed position, the ramp into town is secured against the second-floor exit, and the SeeDs are being gestured out the door and into action. In the same moments, in a flurry of action, a hatch deploys on the side of the floating citadel and a transport boat steams out to position itself at the ladder just next to the Garden's dock. The Ragnarok swoops gracefully through the air to land in the center of the city, while down in the train station, traffic has come to a brief halt while an engine waits at full steam, quivering with anxiety.]

[No sooner do the teams touch ground than each receives a small package, easily tucking into a medium belt pouch or pocket. No words are wasted; the SeeDs receive only a cursory nod from the waiting townsfolk before they hurry back into work. The hatch shuts, the latches disengage, and Balamb drifts away, picking up speed as it does.]


Oct. 2nd, 2012 01:31 pm
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[Tobias has been feeling a little creative lately. How? Well... he filled his side of his dorm with pictures of his family -- Grell, Espio, Marco, and even some of Whitebeard, after getting the description from Marco again -- and now he's working on the people around Garden.

If you walk through the Quad, you might feel the teen's eyes on you as you walk past. Anyone who comes into view is being drawn in the sketchbook he has, a quick little pencil drawing that none the less is enough for him to remember them by. Of course, he only knows a few people around here, so most of the drawings go unlabeled.

He's immensely absorbed in this, paying attention to little else but the paper and his current subject.]
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Has this poly-whatever-it's-called potion been tested on humans (or beings biologically close to human)? Has anyone of this category tried it?

I do wonder what would happen if one were to swallow some of that concoction for the sake of curiosity.

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[The weather is wonderful, the people are relaxing, and best of all? NO CLASSES! Spending a whole three weeks at Obel Lake is different than all the other trips, but that doesn't mean the fun will be any different!

Well, with the addition of ponies, this break will only be a little different. Any good horseshoe jokes about?]

(ooc:This is just a mingle post for the Obel Lake trip. Feel free to hop in and stir up some CR!)


Sep. 11th, 2012 03:06 pm
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[Today, the quad has a new resident.]

[This is not necessarily a good thing.]

[You can ask all sorts of questions: like how did it get here!? Or what does it want?! Or even why is it here in the first place?! And these are all perfectly good questions (with perfectly good answers, mind), but not ones you're going to get an answer just by asking.]

[Because whatever the answers might be, the fact remains that there is a very, very large red chocobo sitting contentedly in front of the quad's stage -- right in the middle of everything, in other words. At the moment, it has its head tucked back and its eyes shut -- it's napping.]

[Then again, who knows how sensitive its hearing is? (There's another good question, and this one might be answered quickly and directly if you care to ask...)]
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Okay I know I haven't been back for that long, but I'm still vaguely insulted Miss Tattler couldn't actually insult me this go-round. This means I have to try harder, I guess. So anyway, anyone want to do something gossip-worthy? Come on, I'm sure we can come up with something better than Miss Tattler. [He's not seriously suggesting they go out and do anything for gossip, rather come up with "gossip" more outrageous that things Miss Tattler can come up with. Whether or not he actually conveyed that properly is up for debate.]

SeeD ID#73197 Para-Magic Weapon Specialist Operative, Firearms Platoon and Magic Operative, Attack Platoon, Level 3


[As he stripped the color from his hair for the homecoming dance, Chase has opted to give his hair a break from the constant dying so it doesn't fall out or something by the time he's 30. As a result, he's his natural blonde... though he's making up for the natural hair by wearing red contacts. In honor of those red contacts he's also rocking (that's a subjective term) an all-red outfit as he wanders the Garden.

If you catch him in the cafeteria, he's got his triple triad cards strewn about pretty much an entire table as he tries to put together a new deck.

If you catch him in the library, he's in the cheesy romance novel section, trying to find something to read. Careful, if you come close enough he'll ask you for suggestions.

If you catch him hanging around the quad he's laying in the grass, unabashedly reading the cheesy romance novel he got from the library. Yes, it has the most ridiculous cover you've ever seen (why else do you think he picked it?).

If you catch him in the training area, he's without the red contacts, using the innocent Grats for target practice. As he shoots, he has a serious expression that he rarely displays anywhere else.]
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[The two missions were launched at the same time and set to more or less coincide -- the theory being that Galbadia forces, should they elect to respond, would be slightly delayed and less effective if they had two concurrent events to respond to.]

[The SeeDs assembled at the Garage at 0700 hours on Saturday for transport to Balamb by van. There, they split into two groups -- one taking the train, one taking a transport ship.]
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Hey, what's this?

[Just as the elevator doors open on the first floor of Garden to admit the two awaiting it, the cadet inside holds up a box that looks, for all the world, like a cigar box. No sooner do his fingers touch the lid, though, then a noxious black smoke begins to creep out of the cracks...]


[You might have thought today would be peaceful, but no such luck. From behind the counters, a pair of massive bats crash upwards and into the air, their shrieks just on the upper edge of human hearing and like nails on a chalkboard. Even as the air shimmers around then, they dive to the attack...]


[Wait, isn't that dorm room uninhabited? Then what's banging at the door?]

[Answer: a pair of massive, red-and-black wolves that a second later smash through that door, saliva and froth dripping from their fangs and flames curling around their claws as smoke spills out around them to engulf their intended prey...]

[Classroom Hallway]

[A crash, a clatter, a thud, and a curious crunch presage the door to the magic classrooms buckling, then shooting inwards as if it has been sucked off its hinges by a massive vacuum cleaner. A moment later the source emerges -- a black sphere with no features, no reflectivity, no nothing but smooth perfection and a seeming absence of light. The closer it gets, the more dramatic the pull towards it, but that doesn't seem to affect the smoke that's boiling out the door to surround it...]


Who disturbs my sleep?!

[No sign of Garden, no sign of the elevator, and the hapless cadet is clutched in the massive claws of the demonic red-black figure that has appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Contemptuously, Diablos discards his first heedless victim, then turns his attention to the other two with him...]

[OOC: Welcome to the secret event! Each location has been sealed off by the power of the GF Diablos, and its inhabitants have been cast into a black rocky plain in darkness... so, not your best day, then. Don't worry, when the monsters you face have been defeated, you'll be freed from your imprisonment, and might even have the chance to help others if need be! Your randomly-determined location assignments are in the comments, so go wild!]


Aug. 17th, 2012 06:54 pm
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Good grief, that bitchin' I've been hearing lately about this new commander shit is just astounding. The lot of you sound like a bunch of children who just got told they gotta take a nap before they can go outside and play. Thus, pathetic. Really, really pathetic.

Guess what, shit's a business and businesses run shit however the fuck they want. Don't believe me? For most of my goddamned life I worked for one of the biggest pieces of shit companies that was the only damn company to exist and ran every little thing in the world for the most part. Know what happens if you're in said business? Your ass gets paid if you deserve it, your ass gets promoted or demoted depending on how you act. Sound familiar? It fuckin' should.

Now, when they stop payin' your bills is when you're allowed to start your bitchin' and your rebellions and whatever bullshit you come up with. If you're one of those types who's all "DOWN WITH THE MAAAAN", then kindly shut the fuck up and leave. Your stupid ass doesn't need to be here and I'm sure someone outside of this fuckin' place would be glad to hire an ex-SeeD. Or, you know, not. Since you're a fuckin' off-worlderer and this place is racist as fuck towards all of us.

So once again. Sit down, shut up, and go do some goddamned business. Or get the fuck out.
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Hey, any of you folks from other world bring your own GFs with you? Or things that shouldn't be GFs but are? I want to hear how they work for you.

-The Great Jecht

[Jecht sent this message from, of all places, the library. Now, seeing this bronzed athlete in there instead of swimming or just hanging out is as unlikely a sight as Garden has ever seen, but weirder still, he's got a few books stacked up and is clearly attempting to puzzle his way through one. Jecht isn't stupid, mind, but no one can accuse him of being book-smart, and the dissertation on the effects of GFs he's attempting to read is just not his style.]
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So what's a "homecoming" and why should I care? 2 sentences or less. Knock yourselves out.


[One of these days, this guy might get bored of setting up weird, ultimately pointless science experiments in the Quad. Today is not that day. He's laid claim to a large patch of dirt not too far away from the stage (nobody seemed to be using it, all right?), and... planted a large purple gemstone right in the middle of it, apparently. Odd. Where'd he get that from?

Right now he's busy scratching arcane-looking geometrical patterns in the dirt with a small stick, only periodically glancing over to make sure the jewel is still there. He looks downright cheerful, which might be more novel than the shapes he's drawing. No telling how long that'll last if anyone disturbs his circles, though.]
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[Some time after a certain thread, pictures of a certain purple haired SeeD start showing up all over Garden. They're in a myriad of different poses, but the style is all the same and it's obvious someone's put far, far too much time into this little prank.]

[Feel free to catch her in the act of hanging one of these glorious pieces of art?]


[Later, on the message board, there's this simple message.]

Who's taking it too seriously now, hmm?

[Rinoa, you are beyond ridiculous sometimes.]
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[As is usual with Luna and this technology, she's opting for video feed. This time she's parked herself on the top of her chair, one wing outstretched and preening it. Though she pauses, one of the feathers in her mouth, oops.]

Aaah. [Which she promptly spits out.]

We were wondering if any of the students who have yet to take our classes would be interested in learning anything in particular. Do remember that We teach one of the drama courses along with speech and etiquette. For drama We are taking suggestions as to what those of you not even in the class would be interested in participating in, since one cannot have a cast with just current students.

As for etiquette... We figure that after the ball that some more knowledge in courtly manners may be necessary for all students. Honestly, it is rather ridiculous how uncouth some of you have become.
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[For a few days, Espio has been all over the place, and always doing something or other. He hasn't been doing his usual thing when he's not busy, which is sitting around somewhere high up with a book - nope.

For example, the fake blood in the training centre corridor the other day? That was him.

Today has involved challenging random people to Triple Triad (a game at which he's pretty much awful), playing guitar (somewhat decently) in the Quad, arguing with more random people on subjects he has no clue about (like chocobos), standing outside the home ec room in tears and cursing the very existence of onions, sneaking turnips with smiley-faces drawn on them into odd places, and casting silence on unsuspecting passers-by when certain nobody can see him.


He is really, really bored, and has no idea what to do about it.


Okay, two things:

First, "superhero" count. How many of you idiots are there now?

Second, I need swimming lessons. Not from the swimming instructor, either - ignoring the fact he's insane, I'm not a cadet, so I can't take that class.


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