Jul. 10th, 2010 06:46 pm
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[Wow, the food doesn't look appetising today. Well, of course, it depends on how much you like mushy peas, since there seems to be a lot of that today. And meat loaf too. Who knows?

Then again, after you've been awake for the past....few....many....hours (in which one drifts off and wakes up and drifts off and-- you get the point), a lot of food starts looking unappetising. That may be why one boy is currently nodding off. If you don't wake him up, he might just faceplant into his tray.]

((OOC: ANOTHER CAFETERIA POST GET? Mingle around, you don't need to respond to Leo specifically. Threadjack! Throw food-- at your own risk, of course!))
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[What a time to be intro'd. During a nightmare event. Sweet.]

New guy here. Just got a quick question. Are you guys always this much fun? Some of you seem like a bunch of zombies or something. What gives?

Oh right. Names Duo. Nice to meet you and all that shit.

☄ two

Jul. 2nd, 2010 08:31 pm
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[ One bad dream isn't enough to get her down. Leanne's not a little girl anymore, hasn't been for a long time, so while she trudged through the classes looking less than her usual upbeat self she's looking forward to the weekend. TGIF, right? But first she's going to work herself to exhaustion so that she can pass out blissfully tonight. ]

[ So after her last class and into the evening Leanne is going to be in the Training Center. She doesn't quite understand all the magic and other battle aspects in this new place but she's confident she can handle a the few monsters she's glimpsed about here on her own. Besides, she wouldn't want to get rusty. Sitting around in classes is a lot less active than she's used to being. ]

[ Leanne almost looks excited when she encounters her first monster, it's been a while ♥ ]

[ ooc; she'll just be flipping about, guns blazing. Feel free to join her or just, stare at the crazy blond girl throwing explosives and shooting things. ]
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[ Deciding whether to explore the training area first, the library or settle himself into the cafeteria was surprisingly turning out to be a difficult task. Of course, discovering a method home was probably the most important issue but he's learned that everything would sort itself in due time. Besides, he's been told enough times to just observe.

...not that being surrounded by so many female cadets didn't give him enough visual distractions already. Perhaps spending the hour socializing would be best. Besides, that question about cabbages is still fresh on his mind. ]
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[Deciding to switch up her morning workout routine a bit, Quistis chose to start the day off with a swim in the pool. Adhering to the school dress code for female bathing attire, Quistis enters the pool area donned in a simple one-piece suit, her blond hair braided into a french plait with a towel slung over her shoulder. Her blue eyes scan the waters, and though she notices a figure gliding beneath the water, she pays no attention otherwise.

Tossing her towel aside on an empty bench, Quistis slowly eases herself into the shallow end of the pool, a small shiver running through her spine upon the contact with the cool liquid. Once her feet touch the bottom of the pool, she blond takes a deep breath before submerging herself, arms slowly moving into the familiar strokes of the free-style.]


Jun. 27th, 2010 12:41 am
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[Luki's moving around the Garden quickly, with an uncharacteristically serious and urgent look on her face. Based on the way she's meticulously checking under tables, around corners, behind shrubbery and so on, it's evident that she's looking for someone or something. The worried expression on her face is a good sign that whoever or whatever she's looking for is very important to her.]

Noki? I wanna stop playing hide and seek now, okay? Let's go play something else. It's not fun anymore.

[She looks around]

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[Up very early on the weekend morning there is a strange tall man sitting in the very tops of the trees, apparently cooing and whistling to the birds. He gets quieter when people approach, but if you're extremely stealthy you might catch him singing this song. And if you catch him really off guard, you'll see a freakishly big bluebird sitting in the tree branches, whistling away and gabbing with the girls. Everyone has their own stress relief, his just happens to be sharing gossip with birds who tweet on and on about food and babies. Bother at will, he could use a reprieve and some sanity.]
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[Remy was lucky enough to actually get a hotdog today. He'd pulled it off before and they weren't half bad, but Abel has one of those very tasty T-Rexar steaks he'd cooked after their little...er...destructive foray in the Training Center.  It's making Remy's mouth water, which would explain why he pulls out a deck of cards from the pocket of his trench coat (he always seems to have one on him, but this is Gambit we're talking about) and slaps the as yet unopened pack down on the table in front of him.]

D'accord, mon frere.  That sho' looks mighty tasty.  Three hands. Best two outta three. De game's Blackjack. House wins, we trade lunches. If de table goes to de player, we keep how we are and we like it.  Those sound like fair odd to you?

[OOC: If your characters are interested in cards (not just poker. Remy hasn't heard Triple Triad yet), feel free to poke them!  Remy makes a lot of his money hustling cards.  Also, my dear, sweet Disciplinary Committee, if you want to punish him, GO AHEAD! (Not sure if gambling is against Garden Policy or not, but leBeau doesn't care.]

xx1 ♠

Jun. 22nd, 2010 09:15 pm
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[ Right. Zephyr and Leanne were supposed to be on their first mission today and then he... got sucked into another world. There was an ancient proverb about getting yourself kicked in the face by a horse if you meddle in matters of love, but Vashyron didn't think that could actually happen. Or well, for the horse-kicking (those things were extinct) to be replaced by some mumbo-jumbo, hocus pocus. Geez, he was only supposed to crash some wedding and kidnap a bride for an obsessive-compuslive freak of an ex-lover. These kind of things happen all the time in Basel. Why'd it have to be him that ends up with the short end of the stick?

Anyway, this is Vashyron stepping out of the Dorms looking a bit... bored. For some reason, he's a student in some... class thing. Vashyron wasn't really listening, to be honest. And then he lied about his age. They were talking about some age cut-off and it just felt like the right thing to do then. ]

I could use something to drink.

[ Maybe, after a nice hangover, he'll wake up on his couch back home. Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. Now, wonder if that cafeteria serves alcoholic beverages... ]
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[ Enter Guy in his first day at Balamb Garden, admiring the amazing architecture in the middle of the hallway with some measure of... oh, he looked like a country bum. Let's put it that way. He didn't mind though; the whole of Balamb Garden's structure reminded him of Yulia City and it was just exciting to think about what kind of machinery powered or helped in the creation of such a thing. It made being misplaced in a whole new world a bit tolerable... Alright, better. He'd heard from the people who guided him through the whole thing too that Balamb Garden could fly. Fly.

A Tartarus- no, it was something almost as big as a huge town and it could fly-

Okay, enough wandering in thoughts. Guy looks down at the piece of paper in his hand to check where he was supposed to go. Room A104... then he'll have to prepare for school tomorrow. ]

Guess, I'll go there first...

[ He looks around and to look for where the dorms are located.... ]
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[There was much studying that needed to be done, and while Kamui wasn't behind in classes, he didn't want to do poorly on these tests that were coming up. He was currently holed up in the library at an empty table with books scattered a bit in front of him.

He was currently humming a light tune while studying, as his music player was still uncharged. The most difficult subject for him would be Garden Code 101, but it wasn't going to prove to be much of a problem overall. There were a lot of regulations to remember and adhere to, so his time on the Disciplinary Committee was helpful in helping him remember them.

Leaning back in his chair, Kamui sighed and decided to take a break by resting his eyes from the walls of black text on white paper. He had a feeling he would be in the library most of the evening. Blue eyes were closed as he crossed his arms and relaxed, not at all worried about people who may try to surprise him. He would hear them even before they were close enough anyway.]

☄ one

Jun. 20th, 2010 03:39 pm
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[ So there's another new face in Balamb garden, Leanne had found herself here in this world way early in the morning. She's had some time to let the information settle in her brain but she's still not sure what to make of it, or even what to make of this place. It's big, the single building probably as big as Ebel City. So she's wandering around, a little bit lost. She looks down at the paper she's holding once in a while, mumbling to herself. ]

...guess it's a good thing I got here on the weekend.

[ She stops by the directory eventually trying to figure out where everything is, where she'll have to go for classes, lunch, her room, all of it. Just focusing on what she can do right now. ]

This is all so strange.
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[Sup Balamb Garden. It's lunchtime, and Nanjou's chillin' in the cafeteria. He's sitting at a table currently by himself. Infront of him is a tray with one of the prized hot dogs on it, but Nanjou seems rather uninterested in it, and eating in general.

Instead, he's more focused on what he's holding in his hands. Those of you who look closely can see that it's a glasses case, and he has it open. Those of you who look very closely can see that inside the case is, surprise, a pair of glasses. But it's not the pair he's wearing. Since he's really focused on staring at these glasses, your character could probably get away with getting close enough without him noticing to see that the glasses are the style that an old man would wear, and that one of the lenses is cracked.

Talk to him?]

(OOC: kwajlkdjslfkjds I hope I did this right. As I mentioned before: SHIVERING WOODLAND CREATURE.
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Wow, I didn't think new students would show up in the middle of everything! I hope you don't have a hard time catching up! I'm Miku Hatsune, and I'm extra good at defense and aerobic fitness if you need some help!

Aah, and I was wondering. . . is there a way to make posts here more recognizable? I don't have trouble with remembering the numbers, but I think pictures would be nice too!


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