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Ya Allah, I'd never thought those monsters'd get back where they belonged. You guys weren't actually half-bad in defeating them, but I guess that's also to be expected. We are a military school.

I never thought I'd be bored enough to ask, but what are you guys doing during the break? I wanna go into town and grab some hot chocolate, but it's too zidgit to go by myself.
[AKA please go with me, I'm too socially awkward to say this outright.] That, or I guess I could practice with those knives Luki gave me.
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So um...

I'm Chris Ramirez and I guess I'm new here. I've got the letter but I still have a few questions about how I got here. And has anyone by the names of Kit Taylor, Maya Young, or Len, shown up on the Garden grounds? It seems I arrived a little late in the quarter, so I won't be in classes until after the finals. And here I thought I was done with school.
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[Once glance at the latest arrival, and someone might strongly suspect that he was drunk. Trudging slowly through the halls, he sways and staggers, rubbing at bleary eyes and tripping over his own heavy feet. He doesn't look ill, not at all, simply exhausted.

Which, actually, is the truth. He's been wandering everywhere in search of the land he left, baffled by the technology surrounding him and quite lost in the layout. The letter explaining the situation had been ignored.

Feel free to run into him anywhere. It's going to be a long journey.]


Nov. 3rd, 2010 03:13 pm
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So this thing works like the internet, right? Hello everyone then!! I'm Takeshi Momoshiro (I hope I got the English on that right -- reverse order? Dang, Echizen could tell me) but you can just call me Momo! I'm new here, from Japan if anyone else is, and with all these classes... I have no idea what to take. So if there are any senpai, I mean, upperclassmen who could point out the good ones, it'd be a huge help!

Oh, and I keep hearing a lot about the hot dogs here, but are the burgers any good?


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