Sep. 19th, 2011 11:30 pm
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[Greece's paycheck may have been replaced by his sponsor's allowance, but that doesn't mean he's gotten any better at managing his money -- just because he's now serious about not accepting loans doesn't mean that he's going to stop buying whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Of course, this usually consists of knick-knacks, puzzles, and food. Not only for him but for all the cats he keeps attracting, no matter how unintentionally, and there are a lot of cats.

But seeing as Garden is currently docked at Fisherman's Horizon... well, that means Greece is saving quite a bit by catching some cat-food rather than buying it.

Follow the cats and you can find Greece perched around town in the morning and evenings, invariably next to the water's edge with a tackle-box and a cooler -- and, naturally, a fishing rod.

He's not paying too much attention to it, though: some of the cats that surround him keep trying to crawl into his lap, no matter how often Greece pushes them back out in case he gets a bite and knocks them into the sea when he tries to reel it in.]


Hey, shoo... how will you eat what I catch if you go swimming instead?

[Anyone want to hang onto a cat for him?]
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has anyone seen Luxray? I can't find him anywhere. I'm really worried. If you don't know what Luxray looks like, he's bigger than a dog, blue and black with a yellow tip on his tail, and he has electric powers. He looks kinda mean too. Please tell me if you see him anywhere.



[Dawn is on the quad, sitting on a bench. It's starting to get late, so there really aren't too many people out besides herself. She's curled up in a ball, crying into her thighs. But you may find something a bit more out of the ordinary. Looming around her are strange.. things. A few dead looking flowers are floating over head, and a very ratty looking cat is sitting next to her, looking up at her expectantly with glowing yellow eyes. Behind her, various bugs are floating in the air. Cicadas, flies, bees, etcetera.

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[Dawn's glad she has the opportunity to explore a whole new town! There's not too much to it, but it's still interesting. She'd pretty much expected every nook and cranny - even exploring a few shops here and there. She bought a pair of binoculars, too! It had started to get late when Dawn decided to rest on the Horizon Bridge, looking off into the distance with her binoculars, lying flat on her stomach with her legs twirling around. The sunset was especially beautiful when it set over the ocean, Dawn thought.

Meanwhile, her Luxray is a bit bored. He's busy trying to zap fish in the water with a thunderbolt. Dawn doesn't notice.]


Jul. 23rd, 2011 12:08 pm
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[It's morning, and Rolo is seated in the corner of the cafeteria. A half-eaten porridge, a cellphone with a locket, a ring signifying Emerald sponsorship, an issue of the Balamb Newsletter, a course catalog and a small notebook lay on the table. Presently, Rolo is focused on the last two and scrawling away on the notebook over what courses to take as he refers back to the catalog every so often. His free hand rests on the cellphone, away from the reach of others.

He isn't all too keen about officially enrolling, but there's little else he can do and it may be better to take this approach until he learns more.

Magic and monsters, huh?

after lunch;
[Once course enrollment business is taken care of, Rolo heads to the dormitory he's been assigned for the first time. He stops in front of the door to A205. He isn't hesitating; it's only a place, he has nothing to pause about. Rather, the thought that someone else could be in there crosses his mind. A dormitory generally houses more than one person, doesn't it?]

(ooc: Feel free to hit him up in either location or in-between!)
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I guess this is a little random to ask, but this is probably the best place to ask random questions, right? Anyways, moving on to my point. I'm more than a little bored lately. As in, mind numbingly bored. So can anyone suggest something to do? Any clubs, activities, hobbies, something? Going to classes and training get dull after a while.

Thank you in advance.
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[Dawn curled herself up into her Luxray, sighing heavily. She was lying on the grass on the quad. She'd thought the idea of attending a military academy sounded appealing. Surely, it would be exciting, fun filled, and dangerous..

Unfortunately, it was pretty boring and slow. She didn't like school much. Sure, it was interesting to learn about all of these things.. but she'd rather pick it up as she went. You know, learn from experience? She had always thought that was the best way to learn. It'd worked for her in the past, after all.

Nothing she could do now, unfortunately, but wait. Do good in her classes and then she'd become a SeeD, and after she became a SeeD, she'd have a whole world to explore.. A completely different world from Sinnoh. Yeah, that sounded pretty amazing.

Slowly, her eyes shut. She'd take a nap.. Maybe her dreams would be filled with adventure.]
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[For the first time since arriving in this strange, foreign world, Hermione is actually glad to be there. After the strange and frightful experiences of being transported to two other completely different worlds, she can appreciate the (somewhat) normality of being back in Garden. She's sitting in her dormitory now, the door to her private quarters leading into the common area open as she goes through the process of sorting through her bag once again, making sure everything is in its rightful place.]
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[Dawn had lost count of how many times she'd read the acceptance letter. Skimming through it once again, she made a neat crease and placed the letter in her bag, then sighed. Today was an odd day. Exciting, yes. It would have been nice if she was at least told she'd be transported to a different world and enrolled in a military academy, though.]

... Hm. Time compression. I have to wonder if this has anything to do with Dialga. But.. how could it? I thought I calmed it? I wouldn't think it would be angered again so soon.

[Dawn looks down at the lone pokeball in her hand. She hadn't opened it yet. She was scared of what might be in it... or what might not. She decided she'd do that later. Besides, if it was her drapion or another one of her large pokemon, it might destroy something. It'd be better to look later. For now, it'd be a good idea to find out what was going. That was always the best gambit when thrust into a new place.. right?]


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