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[ Kiden had never wanted to go back to school once she'd left it. Too many people getting into her business, too many professors getting on her case, too much pressure, too much work, too much noise, too much everything.

But magical high school? In another dimension? She was liking the whole 'blank slate' idea; the lack of stoning and gang violence was just an added bonus. The outside world was hostile to people with powers? Fuck, as far as Kiden was concerned, if she could get out of here without anyone ever even thinking she had powers, she'd be happy.

So she'd spent the last few days getting her stuff in order, avoiding her roommate and getting a feel for campus. She took advantage of No-Time to get to all sorts of otherwise hard-to-access places and christening them with the acrid smell of cigarette smoke.

She was going to make herself right at home, and fuck anyone who thought otherwise. ]

[[ooc. Due to the nature of her powers, Kiden can legit be anywhere you feel like finding her, though she'll usually only show up in public places to avoid akward questions. If you are one of her teachers, you can come get your preliminary insults introduced! =D ]]
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[Despite waking up in a new, bizarre place, and suddenly being dropped at what looks like a giant floating holiday ornament, Mitsuru is remarkably well collected.

The course catalog under her arm might explain some of that composure. She spent well over half the trip and the day pouring over it. The classes she's reviewed are a far cry from anything taught in Gekkoukan…But with the deluge of changes, studying and academics are what she finds herself focusing on. It keeps her grounded, if nothing else.

Which is why she's walking around the Garden NOW, instead of having to rush blindly about once she's registered and trying to find the classrooms. And she is moving about with a will; it takes a special talent to make boots click that loudly over marble, in such a wide space. She pauses after the first circle around the ground level, looking at the map and frowning as she tries to puzzle out the structure. She even murmurs a few phrases in French as she scans the board.]

"Je ne comprends pas…This place shouldn't be THAT hard to decipher and navigate."

[Giant walkways, pools, and fountains are also a far cry from the school she knows. Even when that school changes into a tower.]
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[At 0900 hours, the announcement bell chimes and once again a voice much more youthful than the Headmaster's begins to speak.]

Good morning, inhabitants of Balamb Garden! This is your pilot Nida speaking. Now that we're docked in Dollet, it's time to get our vacation on! That's right - everyone's free to leave Garden and stretch their legs. Hyne knows I will! [He sounds so eager and can't help but give a little laugh.]

Please remember to stay safe while exploring and don't go getting into too much trouble! Oh! I forgot - curfew. I know I know. Not something you want to hear, s-sorry! Anyways. About that curfew. Good news! All cadets are given an extra half-hour in which they must return to Garden for the remainder of the night. Instead of having to check in at 2300 hours, curfew for this week is 2330 hours.

Don't worry though. We'll be here all week! Plenty of time to sight see and whatever else you want to get done.

Have fun, everyone! Maybe we'll bump into each other.

[The announcement ends, and the intercom clicks off.]

[Mod note: Here's the kick off to the week of vacation for the cadets! For those who are unfamiliar with Dollet, information about the city can be found here. Students are free to roam around the city or keep within Garden if they so desire. The second term will start August 1st-- until then, it's vacation time!

Party-style tags/threads are more than welcome. Mingle, chat, action!

Also note; if there are any interested in trying their hand at getting Siren while in Dollet, more information can be found here. Feel free to PM us and we'll help you set that up. :)]


Jul. 8th, 2010 10:34 am
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[Ken's little tired from his nightmare from last night. Logically, spending a night in a strange room in a strange place would do that to him...probably. However, that's not what he's really bothered by it much, he's just dragging his feet a little more on his way to class.]

I thought I was done with school.
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[After having seen what he thought might be an airship from the Balamb Garden view looking down on Balamb Town, Vaan enters town, intent on finding the airship and examining it.]

[Unfortunately, Vaan only finds himself in front of the train station, with a man selling stupid trinkets to tourists, trying to make him buy fertility beads or a big turquoise fish head hat. A real best-seller.]

Nghh… this is going all wrong…

[Vaan sounds pitiful, his voice tinged with obvious disappointment. Sprawled out on the steps, he watches the daily happenings in front of him. He has maybe a hour or so before he needs to get back to the Garden.]


Jun. 7th, 2010 11:34 pm
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[It's quite late when Roxas steps into the training center with his company, glancing around at the darkened scenery. Something about it is distinctly different, although he doubts anything in the place has truly changed.

He turns to Axel and Celty, looking quite obviously eager to have a group to train with]

Which way should we go?

[ooc: Want to join the party/stalk someone/be a troll? By all means, hop in]
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[Souji only thinks to check his watch when it's fifteen minutes past curfew. He thinks that they ought to have made an announcement, but he vaguely remembers one, somewhere between the chapter on income distribution and the chapter on the exchange rate. Still, first impressions are important, and being caught out after curfew would be bad for his reputation, especially among the staff and older students; he quickly shut his book, frowning at the loud clap echoing in such a quiet library. Without catching the attention of the librarian, he shoves his textbooks and notebooks into his schoolbag and hurries out of the library.

The problem, now, is that he hasn't familiarized him with the layout of the Garden yet. Were the dorms towards the right or the left? He looks around for a moment before heading to the left, walking with quick steps and turning his head at the building's noises - it's more unnerving now that the building's deserted, reminding him of the places he had gone inside the TV World, and so he walks as quickly as he can without breaking out into a run. It's best to make haste anyway, right?]


May. 12th, 2010 02:55 pm
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[ Have a lost looking, short and brown-haired young woman widely staring at the Directory with a look of wonder and confusion. She looks around herself, at the people merely walking by before glancing back at the terminal. ]

What is going on here? H-How do I work this? Do I just... press this button here, or, uh...

Crap! This is all so weird...
[ Yup, italics means she's speaking Japanese. Who's gonna help a lost Chie? ]


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