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[Behold: the reason justice-obsessive Espio has not tried joining the Disciplinary Committee. He may be bored, he may have time to spare... but he's hung up on one little detail.]

NEWSFLASH: The Disciplinary Committee is a club.

And at that, it's a club perfect for attention seekers and bullies, desperately scrabbling for some superficial way to say they're better than everyone else. Not saying that's what the club's full of, but that's what it's bound to attract! And unless my impression of the last leader is completely off, any arrogant, smug, selfish jerk can join.

I fail to see why anyone should care about them, what they think, or their detentions and punishment tours. They're only on the same level as every other cadet in the Garden - as far as I can see, there's no way they should hold more authority than the Card Club.

What's the point of it?

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Not very certain about most students, but I'm certainly looking forward to this! These kinds of events are great ways to unwind from being holed up behind towers of books! Already there are mid terms floating around...Good luck to those who have to take them!

Now for a shameless advertisement:

The Garden Festival Committee is always looking for more members! We hold meetings from time to time, but hopefully we can establish a time and day each week for them. The GFC (for short) helps bring fun activities to the Garden that bring out teamwork while bringing a smile to any face we can reach! Past events included a Welcoming Ball and Field Day, just to name a few!

Now, with the Masquerade Ball coming up, we're in need of helping hands to make this event the best yet! We always strive to create events better than the year before. (Okay, so I've been here only half a year or so, but my heart is in the right place!)

Have an idea you want to bring up? A question that needs an answer? Need help to create that perfect costume (and win that prize)? Want to show off your artistic skills at the ball? Or just want to join and have some fun? Then don't hesitate! Come talk to any GFC member and we'll be happy to help!

Come be a part of something wonderful today!

As Selphie would say: Booyaka.
Garden Festival Committee Co-Leader
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Figured I might as well ask this since I haven't seen it yet. For everyone, even if you're from this world, how many languages are you fluent in? And could you name those languages, especially if it's more than one?

Personally, I'm fluent in three languages: English, Arabic, and Farsi. (I know French too, but it's really bad French). ... Though I guess you could soon add Japanese, since Ryoji's gonna teach me some too.

Oh, right: before anyone tries to pull that crap on me, binary is not a language. I don't care what you think.

~ Damian Razem

oo5 ✫

Sep. 21st, 2010 10:34 pm
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[ It was quiet. The weather was nice. Azula curled up beneath a tree with her books in the Quad, taking advantage of the lack of others to catch up with schoolwork. She felt like she lacked excitement-- she didn't yet have cause to ruin the Avatar and his friends lives and she didn't feel like killing Zuko just yet.


She sighed as she flipped a page in her textbook. She didn't like that they had managed to get to Zuko. He liked to pretend that he was still on her side but she knew better, of course. She had lost her brother. And while trying to convince Sokka she wasn't all that bad either was a nice plan, she doubted she could ever truly play her part correctly and murder Aang. Though she couldn't exactly say she didn't enjoy the company of the boomerang boy-- something that made her cringe and miss home even more.

Lack of excitement.

She glanced up from her book out at the silent courtyard and flopped back in the grass, holding her book up, lazily reading the text. ]
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[Lost Junpei is lost. The school deal he can handle. The dorms deal he can handle. Even the giant inexplicably floating island-sorta-thing he can handle. But he's not all that great with directions, and he's pretty sure he's been past this corridor about six times already. He doesn't want to ask the creepy guys in robes with turkey platters over their faces--they don't look very hospitable--but he's starting to wonder if he's ever going to find his dorm room. A217... A217...


These books are getting heavy. He really wishes he had his stupid purple backpack right about now.

Hefting the books, Junpei turns down yet ANOTHER corridor, hoping perhaps to find a big helpful YOU ARE HERE sign.]

[Perhaps he'll find [Bad username or site: witchesreign title=you @ livejournal.com] instead? 8D]
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[It's not mealtime, but Ryoji has pretty much taken over an entire table in the cafeteria for himself. The reason for this is evident if a person takes a look at the table he's sitting at. Across the surface of the table there isn't a space available in-between all the books, papers, pens, drinks, and food-stuffs.

Ryoji is muttering to himself as he makes notes. What he doesn't realize is that he's switching between muttering in Japanese and muttering in English. He's a little more focused on the information in front of him.]

Math doesn't seem to be too hard...Though I really wish the text was written simpler for COD...Economics and rock climbing doesn't need a lot of studying for...But psychology makes up for that.

[Ryoji lets out a sigh and then a groan as he slumps forward onto the table, letting his head hit the surface with a 'thunk'.]

Studying...is a pain...

[ooc: Italics are Japanese and plain font is English]
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So I don't know how many other worlds have this; if any, but back home it's Talk Like a Pirate Day. While it's mostly used as an excuse to sound like a moron who never brushes his teeth, or had them all knocked out in a bar-fight, it usually works to pick up chicks and get completely drunk. Not that any of you should do that since none of you can hold your liquor like an actual pirate. You're all welcome, however, to try to mimic the pirates you're familiar with and wander around trying to con parrots into hanging out with you.

I even have free eye-patches for everyone who wants one. If you're fast, you can even get a colored one!

You can also use this as an "Ask a Pirate" post for any of your piratical questions.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day everyone!
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I'm sorry, I know the computer isn't as good as asking in person, but it's the best way I have to talk to everyone! I hope nobody minds.

I just want to know, is everyone okay? So many people just collapsed, even in the middle of the corridors! The faculty said they were sleeping, but I was so worried! Now everyone's awake again, right? What happened?
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This is my first day in your world, and that's why it's my birthday.

And like any birthday, we have to do it right! I don't know where everything is, so just decorate the lobby with banners and stuff, bring in some party hats and snacks, and make sure there's enough cake for everyone in the Garden by 7pm tonight.

Get to work! Slackers will be punished!

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[Slagging new world with its slagging new rules and its slagging assumption that he'd actually attend all of these fragging classes. Damian scowled as he kicked up random flowers in the Quad. He didn't mind the "attending school" part - he was in the sixth grade back home - but really? Just snatching him from Gotham and expecting him to comply with the rules here? Blasphemy!

The Course Catalog's still at his side, but he hasn't bothered to read it. Still, with the dirt and flowers all over him, Damian's making himself - and the Quad - ridiculously messy. Still upset, he growls:]
The dregs could've at least warned us beforehand! [... yeah, someone had definitely tuned out a good deal of the explanation. Considering the rage this kid's in, this may or may not be a good thing.]


Sep. 6th, 2010 04:51 pm
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What makes someone a good leader? Is it caring about the people they're in charge of? Or is it more making sure they can all get out of an impossible situation alive? During those times do numbers count, or is any single loss an unacceptable failure?

And when it comes down to it, how do you know if you're a good leader until something directly happens?

I've always considered my Pops the best leader there ever was, but he was the strongest man in the world on top of caring about all of us. So I guess he had both qualifications covered.

Just curious as to thoughts on it, if you will.

- Marco.
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[So, after the... very much odd dreams and classes are all done, Tobias is settled in his favorite after-school spot -- the Quad. He's managed to dig the oddly meshed Pokeball (Greatball? Ultraball? Masterball? It's impossible to tell) out of his backpack, still puzzled over the fact that it's still completely empty.

Not that he couldn't say he was unhappy at the crazy Pokemon being gone. And since nobody had reported an orange lizard evaporating into data and burning everything that moved, he let himself hope that the damn thing was gone for good.

So he's simply outside, throwing the ball up and around like some kind of baseball. Does he look silly chasing it around like some kind of infant puppy? Of course. But hell, he was having fun with it, even if he occasionally pauses to reach up and run a hand around one of his eyes, as if checking to see if something's there.]
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[In an effort to stop worrying about her home, Rita is allowing curiosity to take over for the time being. This, right here, is her first exposure to other worlds - a not to be missed opportunity! Brief Rita, however, is brief.]

Okay, so, off-worlders. Energy sources: your world.


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So what does one do on the Disciplinary Committee?

I was given a brief summary of what's involved and then there was some paperwork, but I'm still a little confused. Do I need to introduce myself or is there someone I report to?

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Kaito has levelled up! At punching things. In the face.
   Gained +52 Suave!
   Gained +38 Mental Resilience!
   Gained +24 Defence!
   Gained +35 Attack!
   Learned Ice!
   Learned Using Yourself As A Freezer!
   Gained +2 Skills He Wasn't Designed For!
   Gained +14 Asimov-like Questions About The Nature Of Robot Morality As Regards Physical Trauma In Facial Regions!
   Lost -3 -4 Members of Family! :(

That last one is totally the most important part, by the way. Feel pity for me.


Aug. 23rd, 2010 09:27 pm
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[Marco is wandering around campus about to do Disciplinary Committee Rounds and whistling to himself. As he whistles, occasionally a few birds come and land on his head or shoulders or arms and whistle and tweet back to them. In fact, by all appearances he appears to be talking directly to them. Still he continues walking around, deadpan as can be, as though there was perfectly nothing strange about being surrounded by a bunch of birds asking why he has to be out so late and are phoenixes related to owls, and hey where's that loaf of bread he promised? They've got babies to feed you know!]

So long as you hush when I'm sneaking up on someone you can have a hotdog too, okay?

[One bird keeps tweeting an objection to this. She doesn't like hotdogs.]

Fine, you can have fruit.

[This seems to quiet her down.]
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[And lo and behold, the recluse has finally stopped hiding in his room every spare moment.

Tobias has settled himself in the Quad, now wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, with his knees somewhat up and a drawing pad balanced on his lap. Next to him is a loaf of bread, pieces of which he keeps picking off and lightly tossing to the birds to get them to settle and eat. Once they start doing so, he immediately goes to work on the pad, blowing off spare lead and eraser shavings every so often.]
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[It's lunch time in the cafeteria and Akiela is currently sitting by her lonesome at a table with several books sprawled across the surface.  Clearly, classes have hit her hard.

Very hard.  She's practically slumped over the table in a dead faint.  You might even think she's sleeping... if it weren't for the tiny fact that she seems to be talking to herself.]

... inally I need you morons and you're not around.  You know what this reminds me of?  That one time we were in Ballista and Refie and Drazen decided it'd be hilarious not to pull through with the pincer attack.  That was a saaaad day for San d'Oria.  [A sigh.]  I still think Meryl should have made you guys pay for our infirmary fees...

[Come talk to the possibly snapped Elvaan?]
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This here is a Ballroom Dancing class. Presumably things involved in this class involve the silly things that happen in every first day of class, like "hey let's have everyone kind of know each other!", and more dance-specific things. Things like finding partners. And beginning to learn all about the traditional waltz that was mentioned in the syllabus!

Things should happen here.


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