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[Those present in the quad today will be treated to an odd sight -- an enraged monk. Aang is pacing angrily in circles around the space, looking downright frustrated. After a while of this, he stops, and makes to pull at his nonexistent hair, directing the coming outburst at no one in particular.]

Why the heck am I so angry?!
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[Assuming that he and Courtney haven't met up yet :p]

[There's an oversized grass-lizard thing harmlessly hopping around the front gate, wondering two things:

1: What the hell is this structure supposed to be?

2: How the hell did he even get here in the first place?

So yes, truth be told, it's a bit of an annoyed grass-lizard who is completely mystified by this place, with its numerous humans and no Pokémon to be seen. He had, at least, tried talking to a bite bug, but quickly reached the conclusion that they were feral beasts.

The only thing he could think of, now, was to investigate this human structure, which was so huge as to almost be intimidating.

Sigh. What a time for time to start messing up again...
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[ Today, October 4th, finds Minako being more cheerful and lively than usual, if just the slightest bit forgetful -- appearing distracted and absorbed in her thoughts when not in conversation with anyone.

From evening to midnight, to finish off the day, she's tucked herself away in a corner of the Training Center, music blasting in her ears as she evades, spins and slashes down a Grat before finishing it off with a Fire magic.

Without breaking sweat and seemingly on auto-pilot, she immediately moves away from the defeated creature to seek another one.

Bother her now? During the day, during classes? Both? Go for it o/ ]


Sep. 27th, 2010 02:20 am
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There have been a lot of questions asked about our home worlds, like about energy sources, or what others can do to make this world more like home. But there hasn't been a question about loved ones.

So, fellow off-worlders (perhaps natives as well?), who do you miss most at home? Be it family or close friends, or someone you admire.

For myself, it's definitely my mother and father. My mother for her kindness, and snacks (I'm a bit biased when it comes to a mother's cooking), and my father, whom I aspire to be. He was quite the decorated hero of my country.

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[Most of Rinoa's classes weren't so bad. Most of them her time traveling with SeeD had prepared her for and the others seem to just need  a bunch of studying. Thankfully she didn't mind pouring over books so that wasn't too big of a hardship. There was though one class that continued to be a struggle to adjust to, but it was the one she was currently the most determined to pass.]

Alright. Just like in class. I can do this.

[Eying the sword she holds in her hands with an exasperated look, Rinoa straightens her shoulders before looking around the training center rather reluctantly. It was probably pretty telling just how her skill level was if the teacher had agreed that getting some practice outside of class was probably for the best.

Still, she was more determined than ever to figure out just how to properly use a sword and then a gunblade. Little details like the fact that she just didn't seem to have the ability naturally wasn't 't going to stand in her way.

Spying a Grat some distance away, she lets out the breath she was holding before charging in blade flashing as she goes on the offensive.

Rinoa may or may not have some trouble, so anyone nearby should feel more than welcome to help, watch, or even offer her advice on just what she's doing wrong.]
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[ Garden was huge. That was the first thing he noticed. Big, but easy to navigate, something that could be appreciated. But it wasn't the size that really interested him, but what they did with all that space. The second he heard about the "Training Center" Akihiko knew where he had to go, even if it was only his second night.

The halls were growing quieter as the more studious when to study and the tired went to sleep. But Akihiko? He felt like he was ten years old again. Cracking his knuckles, he walked the route he had memorized earlier; green signs, he noted that. A few people were leaving, but he paid them no mind.

Needless to say, he was expecting something more like a gym, something he was used to, but...the scene looked more like it came straight out of an action movie. Tall, metal gates were only hinting at what it had to keep behind them. He could faintly hear the scuffle of wildlife off in the distance, something that definitely wasn't human.

Was this even a good idea...?

He pushed the button that unlocked the door. A gust of air met him in the face. Akihiko blinked, brows furrowing slightly as he stepped through the gateway.

And was met with a weird...plant-like creature, waving its arms in the air wildly.

He cracked his knuckles again.

Oh hell yeah, this was a good idea. ]

(( OOC; So, open to anyone! He...will want to be running around punching things, so any enemies are open game. ))
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So I don't know how many other worlds have this; if any, but back home it's Talk Like a Pirate Day. While it's mostly used as an excuse to sound like a moron who never brushes his teeth, or had them all knocked out in a bar-fight, it usually works to pick up chicks and get completely drunk. Not that any of you should do that since none of you can hold your liquor like an actual pirate. You're all welcome, however, to try to mimic the pirates you're familiar with and wander around trying to con parrots into hanging out with you.

I even have free eye-patches for everyone who wants one. If you're fast, you can even get a colored one!

You can also use this as an "Ask a Pirate" post for any of your piratical questions.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day everyone!
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[ While today is a free period and there were possible better things to do with her time, Minako's in class anyway, soft music playing in the room through her headphones and MP3 set in a empty spot on the table.

The table she's at is filled with all kinds of ingredients, from raisins to chocolate to peanuts -- it's probably obvious from the cutters and the dough she's working on that she's planning to make cookies, the same as Monday's class, only far more adventurous now. ]
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Kaito has levelled up! At punching things. In the face.
   Gained +52 Suave!
   Gained +38 Mental Resilience!
   Gained +24 Defence!
   Gained +35 Attack!
   Learned Ice!
   Learned Using Yourself As A Freezer!
   Gained +2 Skills He Wasn't Designed For!
   Gained +14 Asimov-like Questions About The Nature Of Robot Morality As Regards Physical Trauma In Facial Regions!
   Lost -3 -4 Members of Family! :(

That last one is totally the most important part, by the way. Feel pity for me.
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[Being seventeen really, really didn't feel all that much different from sixteen (especially when he hadn't really felt like he was sixteen in the first place). As birthdays went, it'd been better than others; at least here school had already started, and some people had ... wished him a happy birthday (a thing that didn't happen so much when you weren't in school). He was a little unhappy about Home Ec. not meeting today (for reasons that were probably obvious to everyone not him), but other than that, things were going well!

He figures he'll probably go get himself something sweet to celebrate later - maybe some ice cream or something. But for now, classes were over, the weekend was coming up, the gift Mom had said she was sending had arrived (and was safely stored in his room), and she'd added something else, too!

... unfortunately, one of the things Rion had not picked up on prior to coming to school was Triple Triad. Sure, his mom had sent him cards, but ... er, he had no idea what exactly to do with them. So if you don't mind he'll just be looking at these cards like they're written in Coptic or something.

(ooc: we will pretend I did NOT post that into my journal at first. ¬_¬ AND THAT I KNOW HOW LOCATIONS WORK, GOD i am not good at writing posts on 20 hours of no sleep)
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[And lo and behold, the recluse has finally stopped hiding in his room every spare moment.

Tobias has settled himself in the Quad, now wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, with his knees somewhat up and a drawing pad balanced on his lap. Next to him is a loaf of bread, pieces of which he keeps picking off and lightly tossing to the birds to get them to settle and eat. Once they start doing so, he immediately goes to work on the pad, blowing off spare lead and eraser shavings every so often.]
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This here is a Ballroom Dancing class. Presumably things involved in this class involve the silly things that happen in every first day of class, like "hey let's have everyone kind of know each other!", and more dance-specific things. Things like finding partners. And beginning to learn all about the traditional waltz that was mentioned in the syllabus!

Things should happen here.
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[It has been a promising start to the new term. Driving, History, and even the basic theory she's learning about GFs has all been manageable, and easy to comprehend. The feeling of three classes worth of new notes in her book bag is also deeply encouraging, and carries her easily down the halls-

...And straight into her next challenge. The strange, daunting location known as the cafeteria. Up until now, she'd been subsiding well enough on getting something like soup or a rice meal, and retiring to a quiet place to eat.

She had promised that today, however, would be a different matter. To honor a new term beginning, she would also step up to try something new. Something famous to the Garden, but strange to her. Something-

Something that, as she looked at the line leading up to the order counter, Mitsuru realized she had no idea of how to approach or create a strategy for. Which left her standing and staring, suddenly feeling rather lost.]

"...Ordering a 'hot dog' should not take this much stress."

[She murmured that, crossing her arms as she kept watching.]

((OOC: Mainly a thread for Minako, but still semi-open for others! Although contacting before hand would be good.))


Aug. 10th, 2010 01:26 am
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This isn't working.

Escalating tension between Esthar and Galbadia; between the natives of this world and us "off-worlders"; even some of the off-worlders are starting conflict amongst themselves. It's like we're all in some sort of panic. Speaking of which, the unexplained disappearances of some of the cadets - Where did they go? Are we returning or not? [ Yes, she's referring to the disappearance of her sister. ]

Furthermore, what was with that whole month when all of us were experiencing those nightmares? That can't have been some random occurrence.

Some of this is just ridiculous.

-Lightning Farron
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Attention Gentlemen of the Garden,

Just to be fair for all, I've arrived with yet another handy list, this time for the gentlemen. I may be a bit off on this one compared to the other, and a bit biased. The list doesn't always apply for dating. It can help for making friendships, too. I don't always have a one track mind, you know! Just ninety percent of the time.

1. Keep your eyes above her chin. Obviously.

2. Listen with your ears, not your eyes. She's going to quiz you on whether or not you were indeed listening. If you fail, you might as well give up.

3. Give her compliments, but be suave about it. A man who comes on too strong is a complete turnoff and shows that you're probably a virgin inexperienced.

4. Stalking her is a 'no'. Casually encountering her is far more effective.It will make her think of you a bit more instead of wanting to gauge out your eyes with her stilettos.

5. Dress to impress, and shower. A good smelling man is a plus

6. Redheads are your best choice. This is just a personal opinion.

7. Join that DAN 101 class. You won't regret it!

8. Don't know what to talk about? Something mundane works most times. The weather, classes...but keep an eye out for her interests, just in case. It may be right in front of you!

As usual, any comments you may have can be addressed here. Happy trails, gentlemen!

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[Sometime the next day, while the sun is up.

So Ryoji's been at Garden for some time now. Certainly enough time for him to have explored most of the areas and familiarize himself with getting around. However, there's still one area that he's yet to check out. But not for long.

As Ryoji steps through the doors leading into the Training Center, he can't help but look around, letting everything imprint itself before he makes an opinion. So far though, he can't help but think it's a pretty nice place.

So now he's wandering around the Training Center, acting like he's on a casual stroll.

On, and it might be worth it to note that Ryoji is walking around the Training Center without a weapon.]

I gotta say, I'm impressed with everything I've seen of Garden.
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I asked some people in the administration if I could make this post, and they agreed, so here goes --

There've been a lot of new classes added for this coming semester, and they've pushed back the start date to give us time to register. One of the new classes they've added is Independent Study: Languages, which is a smaller class about languages we're less likely to see around here. I know one of the classes is teaching Braille, for example.

I do know that one of them, though, is teaching sign language - the one on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1600 to 1700. I'm taking it, not really because I need to learn sign language, but because I'm fluent in it and can help anyone who needs help with learning it, since I am a native speaker of it. :)

So if you're at all interested in learning sign language, you should take that class! I'd love to help people learn how to speak it.

~ Rion Lyon
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[ Back in Garden, while listening to music from her MP3, Minako is semi-lost but enjoying the experience as she takes a stroll around the first level.

In fact, it's the second time she's circling the ring of the the first level, peering curiously at but not entering any of the sections just yet.

And if nobody stops her, it seems like she's starting to circle around a third time.

> Watch her
> Help her out
> Ignore ]
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[Here's a Gakupo, scouting out the garden for his prey. This rare purple haired species didn't bother to hide himself while wearing such colorful garments. How bold!

...okay, so he was just looking about for Selphie. Being outside seemed like a good place, and who could miss that purple head?]
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[At 0900 hours, the announcement bell chimes and once again a voice much more youthful than the Headmaster's begins to speak.]

Good morning, inhabitants of Balamb Garden! This is your pilot Nida speaking. Now that we're docked in Dollet, it's time to get our vacation on! That's right - everyone's free to leave Garden and stretch their legs. Hyne knows I will! [He sounds so eager and can't help but give a little laugh.]

Please remember to stay safe while exploring and don't go getting into too much trouble! Oh! I forgot - curfew. I know I know. Not something you want to hear, s-sorry! Anyways. About that curfew. Good news! All cadets are given an extra half-hour in which they must return to Garden for the remainder of the night. Instead of having to check in at 2300 hours, curfew for this week is 2330 hours.

Don't worry though. We'll be here all week! Plenty of time to sight see and whatever else you want to get done.

Have fun, everyone! Maybe we'll bump into each other.

[The announcement ends, and the intercom clicks off.]

[Mod note: Here's the kick off to the week of vacation for the cadets! For those who are unfamiliar with Dollet, information about the city can be found here. Students are free to roam around the city or keep within Garden if they so desire. The second term will start August 1st-- until then, it's vacation time!

Party-style tags/threads are more than welcome. Mingle, chat, action!

Also note; if there are any interested in trying their hand at getting Siren while in Dollet, more information can be found here. Feel free to PM us and we'll help you set that up. :)]


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