Jun. 22nd, 2010 07:10 pm
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[When Xiaoyu saw the sign for the Training Center, she expected it be something like a gym-- maybe a bit swankier due to all the fancy shmancy technology of this world. So imagine her surprise when she enters and is greeted by a strange jungle-like setting. Curious, she ventures deeper into the foliage, dark eyes wide and searching as she glances around.

The sound of something thumping against the ground behind her catches her attention, and upon turning around Xiaoyu lets out a surprised noise. Is that... a plant with a face? Beating it's vines? Rather than taking up her fighting stance, she merely stands in place and gawks at it for a moment or two.]

No way. So this stuff is real?! [Of course they had talked about monsters in class, but Xiaoyu had labeled it all to be nonsense-- after all, monsters didn't exist! And if they did, surely a school wouldn't house any-- that had to be a safety violation, or something. Her doubt is immediately swiped away as the Grat lashes one of its vines out towards her, and the martial artist jumps back just in time to avoid getting smacked. The monster advances, and Xiaoyu hesitates-- while she would have had no problems immediately launching an attack were it a person, how exactly were you supposed to beat up a creeping plant-monster? She takes to running a bit further away, before finally turning around and shifting into her fighting stance when she feels that there is enough distance between herself and the Grat.]

I'm not scared of you! [Which might be a small, white lie.]

☄ one

Jun. 20th, 2010 03:39 pm
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[ So there's another new face in Balamb garden, Leanne had found herself here in this world way early in the morning. She's had some time to let the information settle in her brain but she's still not sure what to make of it, or even what to make of this place. It's big, the single building probably as big as Ebel City. So she's wandering around, a little bit lost. She looks down at the paper she's holding once in a while, mumbling to herself. ]

...guess it's a good thing I got here on the weekend.

[ She stops by the directory eventually trying to figure out where everything is, where she'll have to go for classes, lunch, her room, all of it. Just focusing on what she can do right now. ]

This is all so strange.
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[Sup Balamb Garden. It's lunchtime, and Nanjou's chillin' in the cafeteria. He's sitting at a table currently by himself. Infront of him is a tray with one of the prized hot dogs on it, but Nanjou seems rather uninterested in it, and eating in general.

Instead, he's more focused on what he's holding in his hands. Those of you who look closely can see that it's a glasses case, and he has it open. Those of you who look very closely can see that inside the case is, surprise, a pair of glasses. But it's not the pair he's wearing. Since he's really focused on staring at these glasses, your character could probably get away with getting close enough without him noticing to see that the glasses are the style that an old man would wear, and that one of the lenses is cracked.

Talk to him?]

(OOC: kwajlkdjslfkjds I hope I did this right. As I mentioned before: SHIVERING WOODLAND CREATURE.


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