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[Wherever this place was (Fisherman something or other), Marvelous wasn't exactly thrilled by it. All he knew was he woke up, there were papers with him that he glanced over before throwing them in a trash bin and walking out on his own into the town itself.

He will be wandering around, generally lost and the confusion is pretty much clear on his face.]
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This is probably a weird question, but...

Have you ever met someone who knows a different you? If so... what do you do if they don't... get along with the other you, in a way of speaking?

[Because she is completely confused about Mami's words, especially the part about never speaking to each other again.]
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[Tucked away in the back of the library is a table loaded up with books. On top of the books are boxes of multi-colored pencils, a good fraction of them snapped into unusable pieces. And seated at the table, obscured by all the books and boxes, is a troll, bent over a notebook, maroon colored pencil in hand, coloring away. He has homework he should be doing, but he doesn't really care. In that moment, all that mattered to him was the drawing of a robotic girl with large red eyes and graceful curves.]

Ah... Aradia... How I long to gaze once more into your soulless eyes... to read your words of patience and obedience... to hold your cold metal chasis in my arms...

[He sighs longingly, putting aside his pencil to trace blue bow lips, then glances around conspiratorially. There was no one around, was there? No one was watching? No, the coast was clear.]

[Biting his lip, he picked up the notebook, holding it aloft in front of him. With one last glance, he leaned forward, and pressed his lips to the drawing.]

[Moments later, he leaned to the side, cradling the notebook in his arms as if he was sweeping it off its feet, passionately kissing the drawing.]
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OPTION 1: training centre

[ Elika is having fun keeping juuuust out of reach of a t-rexaur's massive teeth, dodging, rolling and flipping out of range, making it turn around and around in an effort to keep up with her. She dashes forward beneath its belly and whirls, vaulting over the sweep of its tail and onto its back. It tries to thrash her off, but she climbs, using its crest as handholds until she stands, balancing on the monster's head. Her fist glows briefly, before she brings it down with a swift crack--right between the exhausted creature's eyes.

Stunned, the beast goes down. Elika easily leaps off and tumbles into a crouch, watching the animal go crashing onto its side. No, it isn't dead, and she isn't going to kill it. Others are welcome to 'finish it off for her', if they so wish. ]

OPTION 2: quad

[ Sunday afternoon and Elika is enjoying the sunshine. Sitting on the steps, she has an acoustic guitar on her lap and is practising, a sheaf of scores lying next to her. She's not the most advanced, but she's far from terrible. She's at that particularly awkward intermediate level where she's good enough that people want to request things, but she isn't confident enough in her technique to try. Come bother her anyway? ]

[[ooc. just put your desired scenario in your subject line and we're good to go!]]
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Hello everyone!

It certainly is quite nice to be back.

For those who are new here, my name is Belle and I will be the new instructor for (CLI 101) Composition and Literature on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; (ENG 099) Understanding, Speaking and Writing English on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As of the moment, I am going through all the lesson plans and grade books to see where everyone is at, but rest assured things will be fine to progress come classes. If any questions are needed to be asked, please do not hesitate to seek me out or respond to this post with them.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you all in time.

- Instructor Belle
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Quad: [Today, Gakupo is dressed outside of his usual attire. Very modern clothing this time around! In front of Gakupo are his notes and textbook for Speech Conduct. In his hand is a nail polish brush with a nail polish bottle next to him. Yes, he's painting his nails the very color of the vegetable he dislikes: eggplant purple. He just wished he realized it was sparkly before purchasing it.

This is normal.]

Music Room: [Gakupo got a hold of a cello and is plucking the strings expertly and moving his fingers over the bridge. He likes the sound it produces, since the low, vibrating notes and the song he chose go quite well together. This type of genre is something he doesn't usually dip into often, but Gakupo doesn't dislike it.]

(ooc: On the Choose Your Own Adventure Bandwagon because I couldn't choose only one of these awesome ideas to do!)
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[ Regardless of what some off-world cadets may claim, it turns out that they actually don't brainwash those who become SeeDs. Therefore, even if one goes and gets hired on as part as the staff? There's definitely nothing that says they just magically forget about things that were known as a cadet.

Case in point: the 'secret area' of the training center, which may just become the location of a rather unpleasant surprise for anyone who dares to make a late-night trip up to the secluded balcony there- Instructor Claire Farron, leaning against the rail and looking generally... well, miserable, though as always she's bound to be trying to hide it.

Of course, how she ever found the place to begin with when she has no real friends is up for debate.

In any case, obviously she's not exactly in a good mood, and obviously, she's probably not doing much of this 'sleeping' thing recently. This extends to the day time as well, as anyone who's in her classes or currently being tutored may notice she's suddenly grown even more tense and prone to distancing herself... and if not that, then they should still be pretty hard-pressed to miss that several days ago she cut off most of her hair. The reason for that should be clear; she is not a fan of particular recent arrivals.

Good luck figuring out when she actually does stuff like shower or eat anything besides the occasional in-hand fruit now, although people are still welcome to try.... ]
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[Something is wrong. It has been days since she has last seen Harry, and that definitely is not a good sign. Where can he be? Could he have been swept back home and remained there instead of brought back here like everyone else? It has been a hectic and confusing several past weeks with the sudden setting changes that have taken place, but things have died down somewhat now that it was June. She has been hoping that Harry would show up in Garden eventually, but days soon turned into a week and naturally Hermione is beside herself with worry.

It isn't until she checked the boys' dormitory a second time that she gets the dreaded confirmation as to where Harry is-- or, in this case isn't. His name is absent on the name placard of his dormitory door. And surely it wouldn't be removed if he is still a student here…

Not sure what else to do, Hermione wanders into the courtyard where she sits herself down on a bench. Her face is a little red as she tries her best not to cry… but how can she not? One of her best friends has disappeared, possibly dead for all she knows if he has been taken back to England. Without herself and Ron there to help him, what would happen?

A sniffle escapes her, her eyes stinging with unshed tears.]

[OOC: Backdated a whole month because I fail :(]

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Jul. 3rd, 2011 06:39 pm
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[Those of you who know Japan or have seen him around Garden might have noticed how seriously he takes... everything. Class, training, cleaning, people running in the halls... So it's only natural to see him busy throughout the day!

A) You might spot him training with his katana. He seems quite skilled, even if he stops every so often to huff dramatically and mumble to himself about his 'old age.' How weird when he looks around 18...

B) Alternatively, he likes to spend whatever free time he has in the Quad. You can probably spot him with a notebook, watching some others occasionally and then writing-- no, sketching? Something. Wait, that looks inappropriate, doesn't it?! But if you walk close, he'll flip to the next page immediately and start drawing a rabbit. ...Yes, this happens no matter how many times you pass by. How suspicious.

C) Lastly, that same Japan from your classes that does all of his homework, answers questions correctly, stays quiet in class... Is on the disciplinary committee and will stop you in the hallway if you're running or anything... Well it sure sounds like his bag is meowing. Loudly. As he nervously looks around. INVESTIGATE?]
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[In an effort to do some training on her own, and outside of any combat classes, Homura today is in the Training Center, battling against some of the weaker monsters there. While there were no witches here in this world, Homura still wants to become a better fighter, so fighting monsters it is.

If you happen to come across her today, you might notice that her fighting style seems to involve using explosives.

... If you're particularly keen enough, you might notice she's stopping and starting time.

Either way, Homura's not exactly a graceful fighter, and it kind of... shows. There's times where you have to wonder how she doesn't accidentally get caught in her own explosions.]
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[Cheese? Check.

Alcohol? Check.

Thick frying pan that isn't saganaki but seems up to the challenge? Check.

It's a bit of a godsend, really, that Greece has been able to find not only cheese suitable for saganaki, but alcohol that doesn't seem like it would taste half bad to sear it in. Of course, they're not ingredients from home, but they're close enough and they'll have to do.

Besides, he's been itching to try out that new Fire spell he's picked up from MAG 101. And what better way to do it than to try it out in his cooking? Sure, setting cheese on fire may not be the most logical of plans to some people, but that's... a little lost on Greece. The recipe does call for setting the cheese on fire.

...he may have overdone it, though. Maybe.]


[The fire alarm... wow, maybe it's a good thing he doesn't have one at home at all.]

...Iaponía, how do you shut that off?

(OOC: Greece's sort of scorched the living fuck out of that frying pan and some of the ceiling [don't... ask after the cheese, IT'S NOT CHEESE ANYMORE]. He's also set off the fire alarm in and around the Home Ec rooms. Feel free to notice the horrible wailing/smoke everywhere/burning smell/Greece and Japan's Total Lack Of Responsibility.

By the way, this is what should have happened, and this is what the end result could have been. Ah, possibilities...)
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[She needs to talk an administrator. Or...someone in charge of the school. Being blind makes it hard to do combat practice, and she really needs to figure out how she is going to adapt to classes when most are visually done.

So she's rolling her wheelchair about the quad, trying to figure out where she should go.]
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A lot of us here identify ourselves in a variety of fashions when it comes to romance, or simply self-awareness. Some of us do not need such an explanation. Some do, but are afraid of asking the right questions. Others may be in denial. Hopefully not violently so.

This is just a simple presentation of sorts to open up that can of worms. Take the bait if you wish, and lure in a breakthrough.

Please excuse the terrible drawings! This is not my forte. I do better with blood than colored pencils.

You Were Born This Way )

I'll be available to answer questions, here or in private. It will be easy to spot me. And remember, there is no such thing as stupid questions. Just stupid people who do not bother.


[In the quad, actually studying physics. She refuses to take this class again!]

(ooc: I apologize for my fail drawings. ;; )
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[Things never seemed to go right for Cocona, did they? Getting herself involved with helping others somehow always led to getting herself into more trouble than she wanted, and let's not even go into the recent situation she had just recently helped with, the whole helping to restore the world deal. So it shouldn't have come as a surprise to her that she somehow managed to find herself in some sort of school that was called a "Garden", due to "Time Compression" or whatever that letter had been talking about, and... she was enrolled now? And going to take classes?

Something felt missing from this equation, such as the part where she voluntarily agreed to coming here. Last she checked, Cocona had been heading home, to Metafalica.

Standing in front of the directory, Cocona can be found looking it over, looking none too thrilled about her current predicament.]

So this is the thanks I get, huh? Pretty boo, if you ask me. But I guess I should make the best of it, huh. Alright, then, Cocona, let's get to work!
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Once there was a man who claimed that all hearts began in darkness, and all ended there as well. When one considers the nature of birth, this is perhaps true. Physically, we all begin and end in darkness. But that tells me little about what the heart is. In all of my sweeps over the data, I have been unable to discern this. Sources conflict, contradict and often don't agree on what a heart is. While it is obviously physical, is there, indeed, more to the heart than what is seen when the chest is cracked open for surgery? The information is incomplete. The data is easily corruptable.

So, then, is there more to it than a simple organ beating in the chest? This is the answer I seek in all my sweeps. It seems the opinions are varied. It is relatively hard for my kind to understand humans, to that I admit. However, it is not impossible. We see little importance to the "heart" beyond a source of food. I would like to understand why humans hold it in such high regard. So, to digress.

1. What is the heart? A simple organ? The soul? Emotion?

2. Why is the heart so important?

3. If you were told that it's possible to somehow lose your heart but still "live," what would your reaction be?


[And with that, "Sora" will sit back and await the answers. Maybe he can finally understand this "heart" business and move on from that.]
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[Here's Ron with a sandwich in his mouth (when isn't he without one?), his brows set in a deep scowl as he reads over his new schedule for the upcoming term. He's seated on a bench near the cafeteria, his rucksack on the ground next to his legs.

Part of him wonders if Harry and even Hermione got the same classes as him, while the other part KNOWS they didn't and that he'll be alone. Sigh.

But ... Ballroom Dancing? Defensive Driving? Merlin is somehow out to make his life miserable here.
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[For once, Alistair had it together. He'd dropped his bags off in his room, and had decided to people watch. Hands resting over his stomach--those hot dogs had been even better with cheese--one can find him waving as students pass, as if he were a king making a public appearance to his beloved subjects.

In some realities, it might even be true. But today, he's only a SeeD back from assignment.]

Hey! How have you been? Lovely day we're having, isn't it?


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