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The lounge is now open. There are some rules that need to be followed, and only those age twenty-one and older will be allowed inside. No weapons or para-magic. No combat-based abilities will be permitted. These fall in line with normal Garden rules, so all of those will definitely apply. Also, I will not tolerate foul language when I am there, but that is more personal. It will get you warned, but not thrown out right away. If there are any questions, just ask.

-Raine Loire
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[There are 3 options and places you might find Marco today.

First, there just happens to be a certain vibrant blue phoenix hanging out in the quad "meditating" and trying to keep calm for the past month. Seems the Commander of Cool for once is having troubles staying composed. It's hard to study for a field test and as excited as he is, he has a lot more laying on the line than he has had for nearly a year and a half. There's a deck of Triple Triad next to him, and far more books than belong anywhere outside of the library, but he seems to be going through them.

Secondly, on the 26th, he's raiding the nurses' office and infirmary to steal needles and tools of sterilization.

Later on, it looks like he's setting up orange ink into very very clean needle tubes... for those who'd know; it looks like he's setting up a miniature tattoo parlor. Now what could that possibly be about?

And then there's this BBS message. Oh. So that that's what it's about.]


When done right, they are a mark of pride, much like a pirate flag. [Oh dear, someone's criminal roots are showing.] They symbolize something important to you, something that even if you magically live another thousand years, you will still want to show off for what it meant to you when you got it, and what it means to you even now. Something you want people to know how strongly the thing it represents affects you.

Something to think about. I've got the ink if you've got the guts.

[Quick... get in on that before the man shuts him down. And on the last day before his exam too, tsk tsk.]
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belated build up; feel free to have witnessed some of this over the last few weeks )

[Yes, that is a T-Rexaur just inside the training center. Yes, it's hanging its head. Yes, that is Sharpay, standing before it with her hands on her hips.]

Don't give me that! You can't even fit through the door.

[If you listen carefully to the T-Rexaur's growl, you might be able to make out a questioning tone.]

No, I'm not going to help you bust out of here!


[You know how the course catalogue says there's a play at the end of the quarter? It's crunch time; the play's coming up soon and Sharpay likes to put more of the grade on the play than on the exam! First tag to this scene gets to pick the show. We're doing Cats!

[And it doesn't even matter that folks in the class have disappeared, because Sharpay is shoving some of the stage hands into missing onstage roles. So who's moving props and scenery now?

[Rats, pigeons, hordes of insects working together, a stray dog, and a single Grat. Yeah, have fun with that, class. Sharpay, for her part, started out pretty weirded out when the critters started following her to class, but has now gotten more or less used to it, though she does use disinfectant every time one of them passes her something.]

[Sharpay's menagerie of pests and strays stand at a distance as she sits to one side of the bridge with Boi in her lap, watching the sunset with an unusually pensive look on her face. It reminds her of the sunset at home: The recent weirdness around Garden has her suddenly homesick.]
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Garden's stayed the same and become completely different in the time that I was gone. People have come and gone, or I've forgotten. Let's hope it's not the latter.

Anyway, I'm Aya Brea. Instructor Brea to any students, as I'm teaching Limit Break Theory now. Let's see whether we can get some of that energy out of you and doing useful things. I'm sure we can.

Anybody taking my classes should meet me just outside Garden at your scheduled time. We'll be practising outside. No finals since I'm... late but that doesn't mean you can slack off.


[There will be a woman with short blonde hair standing near the entrance to Garden. She's got her gun out and beside her is a training dummy with a LED damage counter attached to it.

While she's just waiting for people to hopefully turn up to her class, there's nothing to say that people can't go bother her regardless, right? After all, people are streaming in walking past her and she's half looking for anybody she vaguely recognises.]

(( ooc: backdating is fine, and I hope I've done this right, haha. ))


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