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[There was an open bag of sugar, about six lemons that were squeezed and juiced, a pitcher filled with ice and lemonade on a table (who knows where he got it from), and a stunning red head humming while stirring the lemonade drink with a long spoon and reading his text book for his Information Technology class. Hurray for multitasking!

He was...actually doing well in that class! If only his other classes got the same attention.

There were some pre-filled cups on the table as well, and a sign that said 'FREE LEMONADE'. He may not be good at making tea, but he will make some excellent lemonade!]

(ooc: Grell's in the quad, giving out lemonade. Better than coffee.)


Jul. 10th, 2010 06:46 pm
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[Wow, the food doesn't look appetising today. Well, of course, it depends on how much you like mushy peas, since there seems to be a lot of that today. And meat loaf too. Who knows?

Then again, after you've been awake for the past....few....many....hours (in which one drifts off and wakes up and drifts off and-- you get the point), a lot of food starts looking unappetising. That may be why one boy is currently nodding off. If you don't wake him up, he might just faceplant into his tray.]

((OOC: ANOTHER CAFETERIA POST GET? Mingle around, you don't need to respond to Leo specifically. Threadjack! Throw food-- at your own risk, of course!))


Jul. 1st, 2010 11:54 pm
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[It's around 2:30pm on Friday. Most people would be heading to one of their last few classes around this time, but not Elliot. Nope. He's taking a little detour today. Instead, he'll be heading toward the pool. It's not that he plans to go swimming, of course - that would be silly. He's just looking for someone, and obviously, this is a very good reason to ditch or at least possibly be late for class.

Elliot isn't aware of how very questionable this behavior likely is, but he doesn't care. He's on a mission, after all. And, as usual, that means he's probably asking for trouble. Oh dear.]

☄ one

Jun. 20th, 2010 03:39 pm
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[ So there's another new face in Balamb garden, Leanne had found herself here in this world way early in the morning. She's had some time to let the information settle in her brain but she's still not sure what to make of it, or even what to make of this place. It's big, the single building probably as big as Ebel City. So she's wandering around, a little bit lost. She looks down at the paper she's holding once in a while, mumbling to herself. ]

...guess it's a good thing I got here on the weekend.

[ She stops by the directory eventually trying to figure out where everything is, where she'll have to go for classes, lunch, her room, all of it. Just focusing on what she can do right now. ]

This is all so strange.
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[And on the stairs leading to the quad sits one (1) boy with really messy hair,hunched over and reading a book. He seems pretty oblivious to the world in general, but occasionally shows some signs of...consciousness by shifting to the side when he hears footsteps.

...try not to trip over him. ♥]

Ah, so they call those "com-pew-ters"...


Jun. 9th, 2010 03:20 am
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[There is a boy wandering the first floor hallways of the Garden, and he doesn't look pleased. Well, he's not just "wandering", exactly. More like stomping angrily. It could just be restlessness - he's new, and he certainly doesn't like the situation he's in, and he's ready to take it out on anyone or anything he comes across.

But stomping down the halls like this means Elliot isn't really paying too much attention to where he's going. He might bump into you (yes, you) on your way somewhere if you're not careful. Or maybe you can catch him before he collides with someone? Either way, this can't be healthy, and he must be stopped.]


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