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[It was weird having a dorm to herself now. Nepeta couldn't say she particularly like it--she missed Ronnae a lot. While she had lived a pretty hermetic life out in the wild she had always at least had Pounce. Then there were the other trolls, and when she came here Ronnae had always been around. It surprised her how attached she had become to the other girl. So many of her friends seem to have disappeared lately. With Eridan's return, a pat of her hoped that the others would reappear soon as well, but for now she was finding an outlet in baking. Lots and lots of baking.

That's why she had set up a table right outside her dorm door to put treats out. There was no way she'd be able to eat all this by herself, so anyone who comes by is more than welcome to take some. The door to her dorm is open and she can be seen inside. The sleeves to her black shirt are rolled up---a shirt that does not bear her sign--and her hair, now reaching a little past her shoulders it messily piled atop her head with a clip.

The scent of all the various baked goods she is making spill out into the hallway. Come by to have a bite?]
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[Last she checked, she stalked on the roof with her best friend. Next thing she knew it, there she is sitting at one of the tables with a gigantic catalog open and some welcoming letter to the side. Don't mind the teen still dressed in gym clothes; shirt with her last name on it and gym underwear. If she stares at this catalog too long she might burn through it. Just what is she looking in here for, she doesn't even know.

Anyone care to tap the shoulder?]
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Why do I keep being stuck with these things too, like the dreams and now this? I'm from here. Nobody else who's from here has these things to deal with.

- Rion Lyon
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[ Today, October 4th, finds Minako being more cheerful and lively than usual, if just the slightest bit forgetful -- appearing distracted and absorbed in her thoughts when not in conversation with anyone.

From evening to midnight, to finish off the day, she's tucked herself away in a corner of the Training Center, music blasting in her ears as she evades, spins and slashes down a Grat before finishing it off with a Fire magic.

Without breaking sweat and seemingly on auto-pilot, she immediately moves away from the defeated creature to seek another one.

Bother her now? During the day, during classes? Both? Go for it o/ ]
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Does anyone here know how to sew or design clothing or anything like that? I have an idea for something, but I don't ... really know how to do it myself. I could pay you or help you with homework or something in exchange, and I'd pay for all the materials myself.

- Rion Lyon
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Figured I might as well ask this since I haven't seen it yet. For everyone, even if you're from this world, how many languages are you fluent in? And could you name those languages, especially if it's more than one?

Personally, I'm fluent in three languages: English, Arabic, and Farsi. (I know French too, but it's really bad French). ... Though I guess you could soon add Japanese, since Ryoji's gonna teach me some too.

Oh, right: before anyone tries to pull that crap on me, binary is not a language. I don't care what you think.

~ Damian Razem
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[Most of Rinoa's classes weren't so bad. Most of them her time traveling with SeeD had prepared her for and the others seem to just need  a bunch of studying. Thankfully she didn't mind pouring over books so that wasn't too big of a hardship. There was though one class that continued to be a struggle to adjust to, but it was the one she was currently the most determined to pass.]

Alright. Just like in class. I can do this.

[Eying the sword she holds in her hands with an exasperated look, Rinoa straightens her shoulders before looking around the training center rather reluctantly. It was probably pretty telling just how her skill level was if the teacher had agreed that getting some practice outside of class was probably for the best.

Still, she was more determined than ever to figure out just how to properly use a sword and then a gunblade. Little details like the fact that she just didn't seem to have the ability naturally wasn't 't going to stand in her way.

Spying a Grat some distance away, she lets out the breath she was holding before charging in blade flashing as she goes on the offensive.

Rinoa may or may not have some trouble, so anyone nearby should feel more than welcome to help, watch, or even offer her advice on just what she's doing wrong.]
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[It's a nice day outside-- and Quistis is a bit tired of being cooped up in her room all day, dealing with paperwork. She's also been holed up to avoid both Squall and Xu, but that's an entirely different matter.

So now, she's sitting outside in the Quad on a bench, in her hand a large stack of her precious Triple Triad cards. She's simply sifting through them, looking at all the cards she'd acquired from her many victorious tournaments and matches; she was the Master King, after all. And she fully intends to gain the title back, sooner or later.

Feel free to poke the ex-instructor; she doesn't bite!]
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[It's not mealtime, but Ryoji has pretty much taken over an entire table in the cafeteria for himself. The reason for this is evident if a person takes a look at the table he's sitting at. Across the surface of the table there isn't a space available in-between all the books, papers, pens, drinks, and food-stuffs.

Ryoji is muttering to himself as he makes notes. What he doesn't realize is that he's switching between muttering in Japanese and muttering in English. He's a little more focused on the information in front of him.]

Math doesn't seem to be too hard...Though I really wish the text was written simpler for COD...Economics and rock climbing doesn't need a lot of studying for...But psychology makes up for that.

[Ryoji lets out a sigh and then a groan as he slumps forward onto the table, letting his head hit the surface with a 'thunk'.] a pain...

[ooc: Italics are Japanese and plain font is English]
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[In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to begin with for Selphie to work on notes for the Garden Festival Committee on the computer. Even if it was old fashioned, pen and paper wasn't so bad to scrawl notes on. At least, this is the internal monologue that is currently playing across the brunette SeeD's mind as she stares at the computer in front of her.

The computer that is currently displaying an error message. About lost and corrupt data.

A fleeting thought of smashing the computer to bits flickers across her mind as her fingers curl up into little fists, her green eyes narrowing angrily at the message, and the machine that has totally betrayed her.  Slowly, she relaxes a hand to let her fingers travel over the keys again, an attempt to get the message to go away, and recover her data. Hey, it worked before.]

C'monnnnnnnnn This is super mega ultra laaaaaaame [She's whining, mostly under her breath. She's not alone in the room of course, and as frustrated as she is it would be a bad idea to lash out. A moment after speaking, and a keystroke later, the machine makes a funny, loud series of sounds before the screen blips out.]

ARE YOU KIDDING!? [Selphie stands up, the chair behind her scooting out dramatically.] Hey! Give me back my work, you stupid thing! [She swings her fist down, hitting the center of the keys in front of her with a loud crash.] Noooooooooo! I've got to do this all over now! Stupid computer! I ought to toss you out through the emergency exit and see if you bounce!
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Offworlders; what's your home like, and is there anything we can do to make this place feel more like home while you're here?

- Rion Lyon
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Just like always. [It's a phrase that has been getting her through the entire week. And it's close to the truth. The jell-o (or she thinks it's jell-o) quivers and slips off her fork just the same. The same weird be-speckled tile lines the floor of the cafeteria. The same hard, vaguely uncomfortable chairs. Even the textbooks piled on the table look about what she'd expect from the schools she'd been looking at prior to... ending up here. Expect for the parts where there's Para-Magic involved.

That was different.]

Jell-O's still watered down, though.

[Slouching back in her chair, Willow picks at the corner of one of the books before turning her attention back to the wriggling, vibrant green cube accompanying a largely average dinner. Sh kicks the empty chair across from her.]
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I'm sorry, I know the computer isn't as good as asking in person, but it's the best way I have to talk to everyone! I hope nobody minds.

I just want to know, is everyone okay? So many people just collapsed, even in the middle of the corridors! The faculty said they were sleeping, but I was so worried! Now everyone's awake again, right? What happened?
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[Even when the world feels determined to make things chaotic, it is comforting to know that academics are still a constant.

It's with that mindset that Mitsuru heads to her languages class as quickly as possible, and doesn't waste any time with pulling up her notes and syllabus on the computer as soon as she sits down.

With what...Whatever it was that she experienced, Mitsuru lost valuable time being comatose. Time that could, and should have been spent for studying or attending classes. It's only a small consolation that this has apparently affected a large base of the student body, which instructors might consider.

Even so, she finds herself focusing less on what might have caused the problem, and more on what can be done to minimize the damage. That bizarre dream she experienced seemed to have been suggesting that she needed to place a greater focus on her sign language class, too.

After several keystrokes and one review, she stretches her hands out. Both to loosen her fingers, and do a bit of practicing as well.]



[Pause for a moment to make sure her hands aren't drifting, and then,]


[So she hasn't fallen too far out of practice, at least with the manual alphabet. Good.]
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[Have a perplexed, out of place Ryu.  His attention is on a piece of paper in his hands, trying to make heads or tails of the situation at hand.  The whole school thing was new to him, as, hey, farming communities don't really need education, they just need able bodies and sharp tools.  Granted, he was deeper in the woods away from them, but it all fit together either way.  He hadn't even begun exploring the school, let alone his own room.  Any passerbys might notice a fishing pole leaning against the railing of the main walkway.  It looked just like his clothing, in that it had seen a lot of time on the road.]

...Out of the frying pan, and into the fire, I guess.

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Kaito has levelled up! At punching things. In the face.
   Gained +52 Suave!
   Gained +38 Mental Resilience!
   Gained +24 Defence!
   Gained +35 Attack!
   Learned Ice!
   Learned Using Yourself As A Freezer!
   Gained +2 Skills He Wasn't Designed For!
   Gained +14 Asimov-like Questions About The Nature Of Robot Morality As Regards Physical Trauma In Facial Regions!
   Lost -3 -4 Members of Family! :(

That last one is totally the most important part, by the way. Feel pity for me.
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[Being seventeen really, really didn't feel all that much different from sixteen (especially when he hadn't really felt like he was sixteen in the first place). As birthdays went, it'd been better than others; at least here school had already started, and some people had ... wished him a happy birthday (a thing that didn't happen so much when you weren't in school). He was a little unhappy about Home Ec. not meeting today (for reasons that were probably obvious to everyone not him), but other than that, things were going well!

He figures he'll probably go get himself something sweet to celebrate later - maybe some ice cream or something. But for now, classes were over, the weekend was coming up, the gift Mom had said she was sending had arrived (and was safely stored in his room), and she'd added something else, too!

... unfortunately, one of the things Rion had not picked up on prior to coming to school was Triple Triad. Sure, his mom had sent him cards, but ... er, he had no idea what exactly to do with them. So if you don't mind he'll just be looking at these cards like they're written in Coptic or something.

(ooc: we will pretend I did NOT post that into my journal at first. ¬_¬ AND THAT I KNOW HOW LOCATIONS WORK, GOD i am not good at writing posts on 20 hours of no sleep)
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[ two and a half months ago, and einiona canning is setting her maths textbook on her chest and closing her eyes for a short rest, expecting to be woken by some passing instructor shouting at her for oversleeping close to curfew or some odd nonsense like that. she closes her eyes on the warm glow of a midday sun.

[ two and a half months later, einiona canning opens her eyes and it's still midday and she is suddenly very aware that something unnatural has just happened, although she can't explain why or what causes her to think this except the color of the sunlight above her face. she doesn't see anything missing, so -

[ it's just a feeling. but it's a bloody pissing persistent one and it won't go away, not for all the repeated attempts at sleeping again einiona makes in the whole wide world.

[ so she begins investigating her surroundings. as you do, when you're a right and truly obnoxious utterly manic welsh problem child from a family of problem children with a marked tendency towards obsessively picking and pulling apart everything you can get your hands on to find out what makes it tick so as to make it all a little less intimidating and upsetting to deal with. nothing immediately leaps out and screams "I AM WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR SIGNAL" until ...

[ until einiona looks at the calendar display.

[ and looks.

[ and looks.

[ and looks. ]

... aw, now that's not humanly possible.

[ i'm afraid it is, einiona. you've somehow lost nearly three months' time and you'll have to make up all the homework you've missed for the duration. best come to terms with it; your teachers sure aren't going to be very happy with you for it. ]

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[Rion had found recently that his new roommate was ... not really to his liking, and he was spending more and more time out of his dorm (as opposed to before, where his roommate was either never there, or nonexistent). Normally he'd be studying or reading in his room, but over the last week or so he'd found it easier to just go to the library and curl up in one of the chairs with a book.

This is exactly where he'd be found now, body pulled up against him as he sat in a big, comfortable chair in the library, reading a detective novel that Naoto'd recommended to him before she disappeared to go back home. Not that he seemed to be paying much attention to it - he kept looking up, looking around, almost as if expecting something or waiting for someone.


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