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[The two SeeDs and one cadet have the proud honor of being the first to ride Garden's new airship, the Chaotix, up to the Trabia mountains. From their landing point, it's a short and reasonably unpleasant hike up to the filming location -- but possibly one worth it.]

[This production is BIG. A full two hundred people have taken over an entire plateau, with tents and trailers and cameras and lighting rigs and production equipment that seems enough to make ten movies strewn about in organized chaos. Most of this mighty equipment is trained on the north side of the plateau, where some scene or another appears to be midway through takes.]

[They don't have much time to gawk, though; a tall man in a dark suit approaches them with a nod.]

Welcome aboard, SeeDs. Glad to have you here.
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[By this point, Sophie has realised that going home isn't gonna be something that'll happen any time soon, and frankly it makes her really rather uncomfortable. She doesn't dislike this world or anything, and she likes being able to learn stuff like this - it's her second week of classes, and she loves them! - but...]


I overheard somewhere that sometimes people disappear, and I was wondering where they went. Do they go home? I don't hate it here, but I don't know how long it'll be, and I don't want to go home after everyone grows old and dies. I want to be with them.


[A little later, as though to take her mind off Asbel dying without her - it was painful enough to think of outliving him - Sophie can be found by a flowerbed in the Quad, kneeling on the ground and... planting something?

Yes. Planting something.

Specifically, her favourite flower - sopherias. She still had a few seeds on her from home - she could share that little part of her world with everyone here, couldn't she? Maybe she could even show them all a blossomgale!
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How's everyone holding up? I finally healed up from that chimera that blindsided me. Thanks to those cadets that brought me back, whoever you are.

So two things:
1. Trolley dash. Who's in?
2. I noticed there's a movie crew looking for security in the mission log. Anyone interested in a team up?

SeeD ID#73197 Para-Magic Weapon Specialist Operative, Firearms Platoon and Magic Operative, Attack Platoon, Level 3

P.S. If I know you come and find me today. As I missed the secret admirer sign-ups, I'm going to do this the old fashioned way.

[Chase is spending the day in the quad, crappy romance novel being held tenderly in his left hand. He's dressed in all red, except his hair which he left blonde. Over his right eye, on his forehead, is a large but healing gash. Beside him in the grass is a huge crate filled with large boxes of chocolate, complete with bows, as well as a few odds and ends for those that didn't like chocolate.

If he sees and knows you, he'll wave and wave you over.]
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Okay. So. This whole...Island with the monsters thing? Kind of wish we had a little more warning, I'd have tried to get in some more training or something at least. But I guess...it doesn't sound like we have much of a choice. So, if a group of cadets need a healer to come along, I'll join and help where I can.

- Rapunzel
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Anyone want to go out on a suicide mission with me?

SeeD ID#73197 Para-Magic Weapon Specialist Operative, Firearms Platoon and Magic Operative, Attack Platoon, Level 3

P.S. Still did nothing Tattler worthy. Man this sucks.
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[So someone's back to normal after their brief stint as their older AU self and has posted a video onto the BBS.

When the video turns on it's like Christmas exploded all over his room (but unlike his clothes, it's actually done tastefully--think those over the top Christmas light houses but with decorations and not lights). Chase is centered in the video, dressed in a shockingly normal red sweater and a red Santa hat, hair undyed. He gives a wave.]

Hey guys, Merry Christmas from me to all of you.

[There's a jump cut and Chase is in a black sweater sans Santa hat. He turns music on his speakers and proceeds to simultaneously sing and act out "What's This?" from the Nightmare Before Christmas, complete with props. Dolls, garland, candy canes, snowmen, pies, he's got it. His voice is far better than his acting, but it doesn't help that he's going for camp.

When the song finishes he gives an exaggerated bow and puts his hand over the camera. When it appears that he removes it only moments later his room is now only moderately decorated and he's back in the red sweater and Santa hat. He takes a seat and proceeds to sing "The Christmas Song" a capella.]

And before I go, one more song for those of us displaced by Time Compression.

[He removes the Santa hat and proceeds to sing "I'll be Home for Christmas." When he reaches "if only in my dreams," his voice seems to crack and he preemptively wipes at his face, smiling at the camera to show he's fine.]

Merry Christmas, guys. If you don't celebrate it... well Happy Tuesday, I guess.
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[Who's the lady dressed all in dark gray and blue? Why she's familiar....almost. Aerith strides right past people in Garden, her loose (and suddenly short) hair flying behind her. There's no time to stop and sort out her memory: she needs to confirm for herself that things really are as safe as they appear to be. She tightens a dark blue scarf around her neck and steps onto the observation deck, gripping the ledge tightly.]

I'll complete my obligation and then I'll leave. I have no use for this, and it has little use for me. How can any of this be important in the end? In the end, it's still our job to ride the tide. Not control it.

[But she is definitely going to ride the tide back home straight into kicking certain awful people in the face, she thinks, clenching her fist. She glares out into the gray of the day, allowing her anger to start to pass.]
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[People up early may spot a panicked looking Gaomon running from the dorms to the infirmary, and then running back with a wheelchair. He's not about to stop, so if you want to chat, better keep up...

[While he's doing this, the following post goes up:]

I realize some of us have been undergoing some odd changes lately, but stealing a disabled person's wheelchair and asking his digimon partner to play along is low.

If you return my wheelchair before first period, I won't push for a court martial.

Touma H. Norstein

[Later in the day, Touma's at work in the infirmary. Business as usual, right? Except that he's in a wheelchair and has Gaomon on a ladder getting the high stuff for him. Gaomon looks utterly bewildered at having to do this.

[Gaomon's also helping him get food come lunchtime, and he insists on carrying the tray. Touma may occasionally be spotted standing for very brief periods to get something, before all but falling back down into the chair. He looks resigned to this frustration.]
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Okay, very funny. Which one of you switched out my clothes? It looks like a unicorn threw up in my closet... no offense to any unicorns still on campus. As I'd prefer not to screw up my good eye by wearing orange you can see from space, I'd really like them back. Just leave them in front of my door, and I won't hunt you down.


Chase Kelly
SeeD ID#73197 Para-Magic Weapon Specialist Operative, Firearms Platoon and Magic Operative, Attack Platoon, Level 3

[Well if that BBS post wasn't odd enough for Chase, it's even odder if you happen to run into the kid. First, there's the fact he's wearing his SeeD Uniform (mainly because "his" clothes hurt his eye). Second is the fact that he's wearing his hair long and well groomed for a Tuesday with no formal event or mission coming up. He's even showing a little scruff for a change. Finally, and probably the most glaring changes are the scars on his face, one beside his left eye, one cutting through his right, leaving him blind in that eye, and the fact his left sleeve is pinned to his elbow, revealing anything below said elbow is no longer there.

Chase seems oblivious to the changes and can be found at various parts of the campus:
  • In the mystery section of the library, looking for something to read.

  • In the cafeteria having lunch.

  • In the quad reading whatever mystery he picked from the library.

  • In the training area, using Grats for shooting practice.

Finally, a word of warning: Don't sneak up on him unless you want to get a gun pointed at you. He's now touchy like that.]

[OOC: I made a little AU writeup here if you're interested, but be warned it's kind of depressing.]
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I know there's a winter festival even coming up for us by the wonderful GFC, but we should try to bring the spirit of the holidays here to everyone before then! So who wants to go caroling around Garden?

Of course, for cadets and instructors, this would be when you're not using up too much valuable time studying or prepping for courses! Education comes first!

I know only of Christmas songs, but if there are other holiday songs from other worlds we could sing, them please let me know! I'll be in the Quad with signup sheets!

-Gakupo, SeeD #28262


[Gakupo sat on a table with a clipboard and pen in front of him while strumming a guitar to the tune of Silent Night. A few cadets slow down to listen in, since it's not often they get a mini show like this.]
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So who's up for Secret Santa this year? The answer better be "all of you," even if--no, ESPECIALLY if--you have no idea what I'm talking about.

I'll deal with all the boring planning details, you just buy the gift!

SeeD ID#73197 Para-Magic Weapon Specialist Operative, Firearms Platoon and Magic Operative, Attack Platoon, Level 3
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I am sorry, but I have a question. Normally I am able to conduct research and determine what a feeling is, but this time, I am stumped. What does it mean when the idea of someone makes you happy?

Thank you.

[Not signing this one in hopes of remaining anonymous. Not like everyone can't tell anyway.]
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What languages do you speak, besides whichever Old language you may have taken or may be taking in LAN 101?

I've found it interesting how some of the 'Old' languages that used to be spoken in some countries on this world seem equivalent to languages from my own world. For example, Japanese and German, my native languages, are much like this world's Old Shumi and Old Trabian. (So if anyone who took LAN 101 in a quarter offering those languages would like to practise their conversational skills or continue their studies, I may be able to fit you into my schedule. Twelve weeks is a short time to learn a language.)

I also ask because if we know how many native speakers there are of other languages, we could suggest that the library supply more non-English language books than just beginners' textbooks and low vocabulary level graded readers. Of course, I understand the library and the foreign language department's budgets may not cover new additions, but it's worth a try.

Touma H. Norstein

[Inspired by Chika's example of dragging Piyomon around with her, Touma actually has Gaomon out in the open today. Maybe Those Three Girls some of the more xenophobic cadets will get more used to more non-humans around if a SeeD, and their apprentice doctor, at that, has a non-human friend around.

[So here they are sitting across from each other on a bench in the lobby, a 3x3 gridded mat with one card on it between them. Both of them have a hand of monster cards before them.]

Try to play a card with a higher number than those on my card.

These really aren't drawn to scale.

[Touma smirks.] That's a little beside the point, Gaomon.

Dream event. )
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[The stopover at Fishermans Horizon takes maybe two minutes, total.]

[One moment, the Garden is slowing to a halt -- the next moment, the dock latches hiss into their closed position, the ramp into town is secured against the second-floor exit, and the SeeDs are being gestured out the door and into action. In the same moments, in a flurry of action, a hatch deploys on the side of the floating citadel and a transport boat steams out to position itself at the ladder just next to the Garden's dock. The Ragnarok swoops gracefully through the air to land in the center of the city, while down in the train station, traffic has come to a brief halt while an engine waits at full steam, quivering with anxiety.]

[No sooner do the teams touch ground than each receives a small package, easily tucking into a medium belt pouch or pocket. No words are wasted; the SeeDs receive only a cursory nod from the waiting townsfolk before they hurry back into work. The hatch shuts, the latches disengage, and Balamb drifts away, picking up speed as it does.]
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Not to put too blunt of an edge on the question, but who here can use magic? Not paramagic. Who here was born with actual magic? I've a notion to offer some lessons in Potions on the side, spread the knowledge around. Never hurts to have a few more people with a few more skills, if you can learn it.

[And people to do the hard work of gathering and preparing ingredients for his own work, but let's not mention that.]
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[As if no one knows who 'me' is.]

Got any ideas for...whatever you guys call Nightmare Night! You know, where we dress up in costumes and get ALL THE CANDY!

Here's an idea: lets dress as the things we think we taste like! I think I'll be a banana this year!

Anyone else?!

[Bananas are ruined forever?]
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[His head's pounding, and for once, it's not because he woke up with a nasty hangover. Tom carefully sits up, clutching his head as he takes a careful look at his surroundings. For some reason, he's in the Infirmary...


He's back at Garden. Those memories felt so vivid that he thought he'd been sent back home, and that he was finally able to finish what he'd started with the JSA - only to get into some kind of fight with his dad and join the All-Stars instead. It'd been a rough few months, and Tom wanted nothing more than to---than to go back to Shar, to Touma, to Chase, and to pretty much everyone he knew here. Time Compression comas sucked, and he really didn't mean to worry them.

He sighs, glancing around the room before he closes his eyes again and flops onto his bed. So much for actually being back on Earth.]


Time Compression's a bitch. Sorry if I worried any of you - I was in the Infirmary for the past week, give or take a couple of days. Never would've guessed that I was gonna go through one of those weird memory-induced comas. :/

If I missed something important, can you take an IOU? I'll make it up to you guys later if I can.

Good luck to those Cadets taking the field exam - hopefully you'll do well. I'd offer extra Boxing lessons, but I've been told to take it easy for a couple of days. Just audit my class next Quarter if you're curious - I don't really care as long as you remember to show up.

- Instructor Tom Bronson

[ooc | backdated to September 20th!]
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Has anyone seen a monkey in the forest?

[Unsigned, unusually for Touma, because this feels insane.]

Hello Danny,

The results from your allergy test have finally arrived. Please come to my office at your earliest convenience so we can discuss them in person.

Touma H. Norstein

[ACTION for Tom and Chase, hideously backdated to August 29th]
[Three boys plus Wednesday night in Balamb plus booze. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?]

I'm flattered, and thankful, but one's twenty-first birthday isn't a big deal in either of my cultures. [He has said this many times.] Or even here, considering the legal age for most things is eighteen.

[He whines, but Touma is actually having a pretty good time! Despite being a wine guy (#euro life) and thus making faces at every beer they make him try.]
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[The weather is wonderful, the people are relaxing, and best of all? NO CLASSES! Spending a whole three weeks at Obel Lake is different than all the other trips, but that doesn't mean the fun will be any different!

Well, with the addition of ponies, this break will only be a little different. Any good horseshoe jokes about?]

(ooc:This is just a mingle post for the Obel Lake trip. Feel free to hop in and stir up some CR!)


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