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[Sometime around stupid-thirty the morning after Espio made his post, a link to this audio clip shows up on the BBS.]

represent.wmv )


Oct. 27th, 2013 07:24 pm
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[Ace had gone to Balamb town and bought a bunch of sweet smelling flowers. He had them all placed in a basket and then returned to Garden where he promptly removed his standard uniform and slid on his old board shorts. He placed his hat on his head and slid into his boots before heading back out into the halls.

He smiled brightly as he walked bare chested down the hallways and offered all the ladies he met a flower with a request to vote for him as homecoming prince. He only hoped this idea worked.]

[OOC: His hat looks very similar to that pic at any rate. It was a gift from Grell and Marco because his real hat was lost back in his homeworld]
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[It's that time of year again. Where it is encroaching upon Grell's birthday, she's up in arms about Homecoming, and Marco has no ideas for either. Well, some ideas, just not good ones.]

[So you know what?]

[Fuck it!]

[Marco is hiding out in phoenix form munching squash seeds.]

[Actually, this is not his typical phoenix form. You see normally, he's almost indistinguishable from the world's phoenixes except for being blue and sparkly. This time, it looks like someone bred a horrifying combination of a chocobo and a peacock.]

[Yeah. Not pretty.]

[Marco even shares some of his seeds with the chocobo around them as he asks them for advice. It doesn't go well.]

This is what I get for asking non-homicidal birds, yoi. [Hey, who said that?] I mean... wark. [Deadpan.]

[Later on the BBS this mysterious post will appear (as well as sparkly fliers throughout the halls):]

Attention all SeeD and cadets, this is a very important announcement!


They are edible and delicious, and should only ever be planted or devoured.

If you have no interest in roasting them for yourself, see Marco SeeD rank 11 for a 500 gil reward for every pound of seeds you bring, thank you.
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All Blue Phoenix Pirates who can read this message go cuddle Namur stat and don't let go until he begs for mercy and even then.

[and, watch out, Namu-mu, he's coming to do just that]
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Greetings Balamb Garden!

It's about that time again, and we're already at number eleven! We have a very special issue for you this time around!

A snippet of various things! )

Until next time, Garden!

Miss Tattler

[It most certainly is posted under Namur's ID. So he must be Miss Tattler!!]
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[As people panicked or smashed through their doors, or used alchemy on them, or otherwise wrecked up Garden and fled into the lobby or the halls, a few things have quickly become clear, either shouted or spread by word of mouth:]

[Garden is precariously balanced on the edge of a canyon wall -- a canyon wall that was certainly not there last night. Garden didn't move all through the night, either, so how this happened is anybody's guess...]

[Speaking of precariously balanced, we DO mean precariously. The tilting has been perceptible, but glacial, and in fact it has slowed noticeably since Rainbow Dash started pushing against the bottom of the suspected edge of Garden. On the other hand, some people removed a car and a few people from the over-land side, which has made the balance slightly worse, and so the pony is losing ground again.]

[People remain scattered in small groups within the Garden, and the power remains completely out. This is not terribly surprising; the internal generators are not particularly hardened, since normally any damage that reached them would have to go through the entire surrounding structure to get to them. Dorm rooms are beginning to light up as sunlight trickles through their windows, but the lobby and many other areas still have no light.]

[No sign of Commander Zabala or Headmaster Cid. Rumors are swirling from some of the cadets that this is another of Zabala's crazy tests.]

[What's the plan?]
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[Thursday morning, 0559 hours.]

[Garden as a whole abruptly drops two feet.]

[The facility strikes the ground with a massive crash and shake that bears the full weight of every single one of its pounds. Loose items tumble to the floor and glass shatters in a cacophonous tumult that only serves as counterpoint to the greater and far more ominous crash of earth meeting metal. Massive vibrations race through Garden as different parts of it resonate with the force of the impact. Somewhere on the first floor, a chocobo literally screams in rage, a sound almost monstrous in its inhumanity. The lights flicker and then go out entirely.]

[Like an earthquake -- and no one would blame anyone for mistaking the source of the crash and shake, if not for the sickening drop that had yanked everyone's stomach into their throat for a heartstopping moment -- the shaking, roar, and vibrations slowly fade away, leaving only panick, fear, and disarray behind. And very ominous silence. The power has failed; the lights are out, water does not flow, and besides the residents, nothing stirs.]

[Then... slowly, but inexorably, Balamb Garden begins to tilt.]

[OOC: This is a general reaction and mingle post! You may also make your own posts if you so desire. If you need a mod response to a thread for information or a reaction, please ping us through PM!]

BBS post

Sep. 8th, 2013 08:11 pm
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[Opens to a video post with a young man who looks like he hasn't slept well in a few days. This is mostly because he hasn't. Of course instead of bothering Grell and Marco and Thatch he decided to try and figure out on his own first. He hates the fact he's resorting to the BBS system, but in reality he is just at his limits with how much he can take.]

Hey Garden!

Does anyone have a clue what I can do to get some sleep? I don't feel like sleep spells are cutting it and I can't afford to fall asleep at even more random intervals then I already do. Some help with this would be wonderful.

Thanks, Ace.


Aug. 30th, 2013 06:48 pm
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Well since we're breaking away to begin with, why not go all the way and just become pirates? Floating the seven seas, waving our battle flag from the massive white dome. Pillage and plunder and the occasional panty raid. What do you think? Shall we put it to the vote?
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[Considering how happy Espio has been lately, his recent moping certainly seems quite a dramatic contrast... and after the weekend, it has only become worse. Moreso now because he's noticed it, which made him think, which in turn made him think of other things to be unhappy about.

The obvious solution might have been to tackle the cause... but unfortunately, despite what it might look like to a few people, the cause just isn't one isolated thing, and the only ways he can see to tackle the issues he can tackle look pretty hopeless.

So what do you do when doing and/or thinking something is ridiculously bad for you and by extension the people around you, but no matter what you do to distract yourself and put your focus on something else, you can't help yourself? Even though all the logic and reasonable thinking you possess says you're wrong and stupid.

I don't mean anything specific, more a collection of things. They don't even make sense, so don't ask. General summary is: I'm an idiot.
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Tuesday/thursday morning biology 101 students i got your tests graded and im working on your papers. Ha! You guys are funny. Did good on your tests but youre papers suck. Seriously yall need to come talk to me or instructor enpecee cuz i dont think a single one of yalls got a damn clue what we been talking about. Aint got an office tho so im set up here on the beach. Bring something to drink and something to write with and we'll get ya up to speed.


[As promised in the BBS post, Namur can be found chilling in a big hammock strung up between two trees. The papers he's in the process of grading are piled in a folder with a rock dropped on top to keep them from blowing away, the ones already graded in a similar folder. He's got his laptop and a couple text books in the hammock with him, one he's using as a hard backing to write on, a few bright red pens scattered over the lot, and a couple of water bottles in a pile at the foot of one of the trees. Yes, he's wearing the shades Thatch gave him for his birthday. Do feel free to come and bother him for fish caught in a net puns whatever reason. He'll appreciate it.]
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[On the BBS, under a hacked cadet ID (which took days to even develop a program to do that), there is only a sound clip attached to an odd message:]

Red is the moonlight.
Pink are the stars that bind it.
It makes little sense.


[Although anyone bothering to click on the sound clip will just wonder why there is one of a heart beat, it really is just there to spread a virus. It's nothing harmful. It just changes the text font to red for anyone that listens to the clip.

Why a virus?

Because Grell is bored, and wants to fix any laptops that may have contracted the virus she created, just to keep her busy. It's the perfect plan! She sends a virus, someone comes to her to fix it (hopefully her), she gets what she wants!

Who let her specialize in this...]


[Grell, with her hair tied back into a messy bun, sits in the cafeteria, taking up an entire table due to her laptop being in pieces. The pieces aren't broken, and everything seems to be laid out atop the white table cover in an organized fashion. The cafeteria was the only place with good lighting and large enough tables to do this on. She seems quite focused and getting everything back together, even if it looks pretty impossible. Many tools used to deal with tiny screws and wires were either in her hands or on the table. It depends on when you catch her. There is even a can of compressed air on the table, because since she has her laptop open like this, it makes sense to clean any debris from it.

It's safe to say she won't be answering BBS messages for a while.]


Aug. 12th, 2013 03:16 pm
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[Ace woke with a groan and sat up. Grass? Wasn't he just on a battlefield? He ached everywhere and felt very weak. It took a good five minutes for him to even be able to stand. Waves of nausea and dizziness forced him to take it slowly. Finally upright he took stock of his injuries. Numerous cuts and scratches, dirty, weak. No broken bones though.

First order of business he looked all around him as keenly as possible. He called out as loud as he could hoping for an answer.]


[Nothing. There was no sign of anything or anyone. No Marco, no Jimbe, no marines, and most importantly no Luffy. He felt panic rising inside of him but quickly stomped it down. Panic would get him no where right now. He needed to figure out where he was and where everyone else was.

Deciding anything was better then just waiting around; Ace slowly started walking forward intent on trying to find civilization. He crested a hill and saw a large building in the shape of what seemed like a shell of some kind. Hoping they could help him, he began to walk towards it. Doors opened revealing a school or center of some kind. Not that he had ever been inside of a school before. He stumbled forward towards a small group of people hoping they could help him.]

Backdated to before he enrolled]


Aug. 10th, 2013 11:19 pm
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Anyone up for a little piracy? Pillaging? Plundering? That sort of thing? Giving some jerks a bloody nose? Or should we just get hammered and run a riot through good old Balamb?

[Anyone who wants to speak to Thatch will find him underneath the shade of a tree, leaning against it and looking up at the sky, thoroughly bored. An open book on sailing is face down on the ground beside him and there's a bento half eaten as he picks his teeth]
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[sometime in the night, two notes will be found under very specific doors]

Espio lad,
Come and talk with me.

My sweetest lady Grell,
I beg your forgiveness for my borish behavior and general bad attitude regarding your lovely person. Please allow me to have but a moment of your kind indulgence at your earliest convenience. I swear that I shall make it up to you in spades.
Forever Yours,

1 // [BBS]

Jul. 6th, 2013 10:55 pm
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hey guys. guess i must be the latest transfer student from somewhere far far away
or something like that. name's yosuke hanamura. nice to meet all of you.
sorry for the rushed intro but actually i was just hoping to ask a quick question about settling in. a burning urgent quick question.
i overheard some people earlier talking about this star who's doing a gig in town tonight
and i'm new in town so i gotta know, i don't know where else to look
does anyone have pics?
any pics. i'm not picky. i won't judge.


Jul. 6th, 2013 04:16 pm
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[Saturday means no classes if you've worked hard and made sure you got your school shit done. An acquired boombox means unending music. And a fishman in the mood to celebrate means that passersby will learn something about Namur that they may not have known before now.

Specifically, Shark's Got Moves.

He records himself through a couple songs, and posts it to the network as if everybody in Garden wasn't already aware of what he's doing. Those inclined to jump in, feel free! He likes watching as much as he likes showing off. So come on down, be amazed, maybe give a high five. It's his birthday, after all, and instead of angsting over getting older, Namur wants to revel in the fact that holy shit, it's been 37 years since his Ma spawned him, and he's not dead yet!]
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[That he was back in Garden was almost more than Tobias could have hoped. It had taken him some time to actually get his brain to accept that, yes, this was real, he was here. The note was the same, the same uniform, the same everything...

Or at least, he had hoped at least the important things were the same.

Tobias is tearing through every part of Garden he can get to, looking a mix of frantic and searching. Because he's focused more on whatever it is that he's trying to find, he's crashing into people and even walls or doors occasionally, almost like there's just something taking up so much of his mind he doesn't have space left to actually be aware of where he's going.

The occasional smacks into a door have actually made his face hurt a bit, so his frenzied running is occasionally mixed with pauses to try to rub the stringing out.

And through it all, either on his heels, his head, or shoulder, is the usual yellow electric mouse chilling on his shoulder, occasionally expressing her displeasure.]
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If anyone who underwent a... change, during the battle, could drop by my office? I'm quite curious about it. I'd like to do some studies on it. No tests, you needn't worry about drinking any experimental potions! Just a few questions and some other minor matters depending.

-Instructor Slughorn

[The Potions Professor is indeed hard at work, or at least as hard as he gets, since he makes potions look easy as a general rule. His office has a startling number of cauldrons heating brews, and the cloud of steam and smoke hovering at the ceiling has taken on a number of curious and different tones.]


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