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[This probably should have been posted before, but she's been pretty distracted between catching up to her new classes and spending time with Snow. She does remember to get to it eventually though, so that's something right?]

I realized earlier that it'd be easier for me to get to know people if I actually remembered to introduce myself, so here I am!

My name's Serah Farron and I'm a new cadet sponsored by Amber.

This world is really different from mine, so I'm looking forward to experiencing all that it has to offer. I'm also looking forward to getting to know everyone, especially my classmates, so if you wouldn't mind introducing yourself that'd be really nice. It's hard to stay strangers once you know each other after all, right?

[At the bottom she posts her class schedule, just in case anyone wanted to know what her classes actually were.]
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[As is the case with most weekends, Gwendolyn is honing her recently learned skills in the Training Center. This time, however, there's more in her mind than how to take out a group of Grats.

Despite the school gossip that seemed to garner more attention from people, the newsletter has never hidden that they're in a world on the brink of war - maybe not a war to determine who gets to survive the end of the world like in Erion, but war all the same. Not to mention how mere rumors of clandestine missile tests were enough to call Nina out of her teaching position and back into the field.

Gwendolyn knows sooner or later war will break out here, and she needs to be ready for it. Since she's already on her third quarter, she figures she should look into the other requirements for making SeeD... and she knows, from that one fateful visit last year, one such requirement resides in the Fire Cavern...

As she mulls things over, she hears some noises in the distance. Good, she thinks, a chance to unwind already.]
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[Gwendolyn, not for the first time, is of the belief that her stay in this world is not the result of a loopy Sorceress kompressing time, but actually a punishment from her father. Having spent the past week and a half essentially babysitting what were normally fellow cadets, with some of the adults taking their being regressed to her age as an excuse to shirk duties, strikes her as the sort of ironic hell that would drive Queen Odette jealous for not having thought of it first.

Still, at least her fellow unaffected have taken to the task of looking after the afflicted well, to the point that by now they can afford to let some of them take time off. Which is what she'ss doing in Trabia Garden at the moment (well, that and keeping an eye in case the one guiding the children on a field trip missed one).

She finds the weather rather chilly today, to the point that she's wearing her cadet uniform - her wings come out of slits she had made on the skirt, but it doesn't seem to raise much attention, thankfully.]

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[With the sudden change in most of the cadets around Garden, Zuko was one of the lucky few who hadn't lost any years or gained any. He had remained the same sixteen year old teenager that he was, fiery temper, impatience and all.

Days ago the Fire Princess had disappeared.

Zuko thought about asking on the school boards about where his sister had gone to, but by the time he went to write up the post, all of this had happened. Who was going to be able to read the message or know anything if there was no one but brats running around?

He's figured that, by now, Azula's gone off home to the Fire Nation. Just as Sokka and Toph had gone weeks ago. It won't stop him from taking a look around Garden though to see if he can find her.
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[Over the course of her life, Gwendolyn has learned to count her blessings. For instance, at least this time she wasn't caught flying outside when the Garden crash-landed. Better still, she also didn't have to fly back to Garden, which means she's fresh and capable of engaging in more than a few rounds of combat in the event of a fiend invasion.

You know, such as the one currently taking place.

Fortunately, there are more than enough SeeDs and cadets running around to keep anyone from being overwhelmed. Just to be safe, Gwendolyn is gliding around, dive-bombing any beast that decides on ambushing an already occupied ally - a confused foe is an easily dispatched one, after all - and lending a hand to anyone who might need it.

If she has one regret for today, it's that no one's probably recording that fight she glimpsed between two Blue Dragons and a T-Rexaur. Ah well...]
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[Nina's mission had been a success, but that was to be expected. She was nothing if not studious. She was honestly enjoying the winter break and downtime because it gave her time to work on her own studies a bit. That and make a syllabus for her courses. You'll find the little birdy sitting in the cafeteria, happily reading and sipping on some coffee. Feel free to bug her!]
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[It's been more than a week since Katt arrived, and she's still generally lost and confused by half of this. She's been told that she's here because time broke, however that works, she's been shown around a little, she's found that Ryu was here too, and she ran into some guy who was...also Ryu except not? There was no sign of any of the others so far, though.

Which, at this moment, she's still wandering around a bit, looking to see if she could find Nina around here. Or Rand. Or heck, she'd be happy if she could at least find Sten. Ryu might or might not still be following her, too, to make sure she doesn't somehow break anything in the process.]

Aw, c'mon, where in the heck are they...
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Alright, I'm bored. After this, it's only one more week of classes before exams, right? And it's all too easy. So, tell you what: I'll help out. If you need a hand and my valuable brain, just ask.

I'm up for helping with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Intro to Para-Magic and GFs, and Intro to Magic. Just shove a message into the computer and we'll arrange something for study week. Just don't expect me to go easy on you.

R. Mordio.
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Survival Skills Group #2: Bika Snowfield

Location specific information + Items provided by Garden )

[The second stop! The Ragnarok lands briefly to let the second group unload its items in the snowy fields of the Bika Snowfield. Brrr, would hate to be out here for a whole week! Another "Good Luck" from the transportation team, and they're off!]

[Mod note: Be sure to be on the lookout as surprises may pop up in the thread. Each group is given one signal flare that should only be used if they require the immediate retrieval by a nearby SeeD squad sent to discreetly watch over them. Good luck!]
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My, it's been a while since I last posted here! Hello, everyone. I'm Ms. Fey, your new Criminal Justice and International Law instructor! I don't think I'll be posting here too often, but it's certainly nice to see some new faces here at Garden.

Has anything interesting happened since I left? It's been... at least half a year, I should think, so any news'll be new to me.

Also, if you don't take either of my classes, that doesn't mean that you're not welcome to drop by my office for some candy. I won't mind.

~ Ms. Mia Fey
SeeD Instructor
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[The Ragnarok has just landed at the foot of the Vienne mountains; Cadets have been ordered by the instructor to unload the equipment from the airship. Once everything that's needed is out of the hanger an all the cadets on the trip are accounted for, the Instructor advises students to get their gear ready and go at their own pace; there's an assistant instructor who will be leading the climb, while another will be at the end.

Students are free to climb within the designated range of the mountains; they're also all issued walkie talkies to communicate to one another should they get lost. Otherwise, it's free for all! Enjoy the field trip.]

[Mod note: The Rock Climbing field trip, forward-dated so that people can tag in at their leisure. Be sure to be on the lookout for some surprises which may pop up at random, and have fun!]
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[It's the Career Expo! Headmaster Cid thought it would be a good idea to let cadets have a chance to explore the different specializations provided by Garden. In the Quad, there are booths set up for each specialization. SeeD are manning each of the booths, and they all have little pamphlets and brochures regarding the specialization as well as little freebies such as lame awesome office supplies (think post-it notes, laser pointers, stress balls, frizzbies.) There's also a cotton candy and popcorn machine, just for the cool factor.

Come forth and explore the specializations, cadets!]

[Mod note: Subthreads have all been posted! Cadets are free to mingle around with each other or inquire NPC SeeDs about the specializations. Players are also welcome to create their own subthreads for general interaction in the Quad. Have fun!]
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I'm sorry, I know the computer isn't as good as asking in person, but it's the best way I have to talk to everyone! I hope nobody minds.

I just want to know, is everyone okay? So many people just collapsed, even in the middle of the corridors! The faculty said they were sleeping, but I was so worried! Now everyone's awake again, right? What happened?
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[For the most part, Oswald is certain that he has left the bleak realm of the netherworld behind. Whatever else this place is, it certainly doesn't seem like a punishment.

There are, however, days where that belief is put to the test. Such as days where he finds himself shoved onto a ball floor for dancing lessons.

It's bad enough that he has to discard his armor and his sword for the flimsy cloth uniforms they insist on. But the fact that he's expected to partner up with someone and learn how to dance with her...It's something of a relief when the instructor has them line up today, instead of immediately stumbling over their feet in an attempt not to fall down or step on people beginning dance practice.]


Aug. 10th, 2010 01:26 am
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This isn't working.

Escalating tension between Esthar and Galbadia; between the natives of this world and us "off-worlders"; even some of the off-worlders are starting conflict amongst themselves. It's like we're all in some sort of panic. Speaking of which, the unexplained disappearances of some of the cadets - Where did they go? Are we returning or not? [ Yes, she's referring to the disappearance of her sister. ]

Furthermore, what was with that whole month when all of us were experiencing those nightmares? That can't have been some random occurrence.

Some of this is just ridiculous.

-Lightning Farron
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[ Mid-Afternoon in Balamb, and Terra is almost going out of her way to avoid people. Well, if she's spotted before reaching her destination, she'll chat someone up, but ultimately, the girl is heading into the Training Center.

Not to fight, no sir, just for a little quiet time. Why she chooses her quiet spots in there who can say? Nonetheless, if someone DOES happen upon her, she could be found deeper into the Training Center, perched on a large boulder with a book in her lap. She is also talking quietly, almost whispering.

She's not alone. Seated beside Terra and curiously looking over her shoulder is an ethereal woman. Shiva. Anyone who comes into audible range of her lowered voice would hear her talking with the GF(s). ]

"Have you decided?" [ This from Shiva, apparently, as Terra shakes her head at the GF. ]

"I'm not so sure about this 'ballroom dancing' ... although it was pretty to watch when I first came here."

[ She pauses, and both she and Shiva seem distracted a moment, listening to something. Terra finally smiles, nodding. ]

"It's a little easier now that I understand how things work here, for the most part. Plus I have you and Shiva to help me, Quetzacoatl."

[ Don't mind her. She's just a weird girl being...weird. ]

004 [BBS]

Aug. 5th, 2010 12:17 am
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Guessing by all the BBS posts up today, I think most of you have seen the new issue of the newsletter. With that said, I'd like to state a formal apology addressed to the Cadets, SeeDs and Faculty in Garden.

I was the one that was caught waterbending by a native down at the beach in Dollet. I know, I know-- It was a stupid thing for me to do. I was overeager at the chance of being surrounded by my element and I made a bad judgment call. I should have been more mindful of my actions, as now my carelessness has caused for the natives to become wary of Garden.

But at the same time, I don't regret having exposed this sort of prejudice that the natives hold against us off-worlders. We're here because we don't have a choice-- if I had my way, I would be home where I wouldn't be ostracized for a natural ability that isn't viewed as a curse by the people of my world. Bending is an art form, a rare gift that only the few and proud possess. I shouldn't have to be ashamed of it or live in fear because of my ability.

Even if I do have the gift to manipulate water, I know better than to use it against innocent people. What's to say that everyone who has a unique ability immediately has ill intentions? Their ignorance isn't going to make our lives any easier during our stay in this world. There has to be a way to make them see us in a different light.

- Katara
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[ Back in Garden, while listening to music from her MP3, Minako is semi-lost but enjoying the experience as she takes a stroll around the first level.

In fact, it's the second time she's circling the ring of the the first level, peering curiously at but not entering any of the sections just yet.

And if nobody stops her, it seems like she's starting to circle around a third time.

> Watch her
> Help her out
> Ignore ]
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Attention Ladies of the Garden,

We've approached freedom, and we all want to have a wonderful time having fun~. But, we women should always protect ourselves in this new environment. We're beautiful flowers who should not be trampled upon!

So just keep these points in mind:

1. Never, ever introduce yourself first. Men come to us, don't they? It's only fair that they give their name first too.

2. Check guys for fashion coordination. If they can't figure out that not all patterns go together, they aren't worth our precious time.

3. Stay moisturized. No one likes dry skin.

4. If a man asks your age, you tell him 'I can't marry you', because only your husband should know such vital information! The same goes for weight.

5. If he offers to pay, let him. You can make it up to him later~.

6. Woman's intuition is never wrong. Trust it!

7. Above all else, stay beautiful! Who doesn't want to feel their best? Maintain proper maintenance, and you'll dazzle!

Of course there's so much more, but these are the basics any woman should know. Questions? Leave them here? Adoration? That goes here too~!

From one concerned woman,

♪03 (BBS)

Jul. 8th, 2010 06:39 pm
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Hey, what's with the long (seriously, they're getting long with those dark circles) faces? A star needs a bright and cheery fanbase and you're all so--

Not cheery.

[Rin's maybe one of the lucky few that hasn't been having nightmares because she chooses not to dream. Lucky her!]

Pick up the speed! Play a game!


Do I have to write another essay about the lack of energy around here? [She shouldn't even have to sign this note after that.]


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