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Anyone ever think that maybe they don't want to be a SeeD?

[It's a simple question, but she leaves her message unsigned. After all, Asuka has always been a very proud SeeD, and maybe she's just paranoid, but something about the recent changes strikes her as shady. She's sure she's not the only one who feels that way, but maybe she's curious about alternatives.]
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[Raven has been crafting again, and this time she's made enough to share. Or, rather, sell.

Today, she's brought a small table to the Quad, and placed her projects all over it. There's two knitted hats, because the middle of summer is the perfect time to be selling woolen accessories, but it's mostly jewellery. Most of them are pendants, but there's a couple of rings, earrings and bracelets as well. Each has a little label on them stating the price, which could be anything from 500 gil to 5000.

However, Raven's not always been the best of salespeople, even if that is her job at home. She stands there, silently, all wrapped up in her heavy coat and scarf regardless of the warm weather, watching her fellow cadets. Nobody even gets as much as a smile from her - if anything, she seems to be frowning.
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[action// locked to Asuka]

[Lunch hour, and the cafeteria's full! Well, mostly-- there's a spot at the table Asuka's at that's still empty.]

Is this seat taken?

[Look how hopeful she looks, dude. Tiny girl with a heavy tray in a big cafeteria.]


Hi. :)

Which classes do you wish you'd taken when you'd first started off here? Any things you wish you'd known from the start? Help a newbie out!
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In my country, Japan, we used to have a star festival called Tanabata, celebrating the meeting of two stars (Vega and Altair) which represented the two lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi meeting for the one time they could every year. People write down wishes on pieces of paper and hang them on bamboo trees. It's said that if you burn them by a river after the night of Tanabata (July 7th), the wishes would come true.

Last year some other people and I helped Japan-sama write down people's wishes on paper and hang them on small trees. I'd like to do that again this year. If anyone would like to join me, I'll be in the quad with some pens and paper for you to write your wishes on, or if you're busy, you can post your wishes here and we can write them down for you.

- Mikuru

[As promised (or perhaps you saw her before the BBS post), Mikuru is in the quad with pens, paper, and string for tying the wishes up. As most of her resources at the moment are going into homecoming, she doesn't have little trees this year and has strung up her wish on one of the quad's trees nearby instead.

[Her wish on the tree, written in Japanese, is to
Stay safe, Itsuki-kun.]
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[In an effort to expand from posts about archery, today Artemis is in a Martial Arts classroom. She can be found wailing away at a training dummy like it had just kicked her puppy or something. Honestly she prefers training with other people, so anyone is more than welcome to interrupt her. She doesn't believe in pulling her punches though, so be warned.


About time break was over.

Let's talk classes. Got any favorites or a class you can't stand? For me it's Biology, it's just as bad here as it was back home.

[It has nothing to do with the fact that it's Wally's favorite class, nope of course not.]

If there's a class you know you're going to hate, do you put it off or take it as soon as you can?


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