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[Looks like someone's finally worked up the courage to actually use the video option on the BBS; though to be fair he looks like he hasn't slept in several days, sunken bloodshot eyes making it look more like he's gone a little unhinged.]

So, I don't know if any of you have been reading the papers, kupo?

[He holds up a clipping from the Esthar Memorial, bearing the headline of "ESTHAR SCIENTISTS DISCOVER NEW MONSTERS, TIME COMPRESSION TO BLAME?" and accompanied with a picture of a... fluffy bunny-looking thing.]

It looks like the Time Compression isn't just pulling in sentient species any more, kupo.

In...uh... completely unrelated news, kupo, does anyone have any tips for... uhm... someone who's been up at least seventy-two studying but doesn't want to end up with hideous traumatizing nightmares when they finally crash?

Alternately, am I allowed to rig my dorm with explosive traps, kupo? The thought that those things followed me here...
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[The days after the Lunar Cry and subsequent battle had gone by in a blur for Selphie. She remembered the end of the battle before she'd collapsed in exhaustion. She'd pushed herself too hard in the battle and had been unconscious for a couple of days before coming around and simply staring at the ceiling. She didn't know how long she'd been staring before an assistant came and started asking her questions that she couldn't recall answering before falling back asleep.

She was too tired at that time to do anything besides sleep. It had been the same as when she'd come back home after being lost in Time Compression for so long. Little by little, she'd become more aware of her surroundings and had done her best to be a model patient. Staying there for a prolonged period of time leaves her a bit unnerved and jumpy before she's informed of the study on those affected by the Gate and volunteered for it as a result.

She hadn't been affected nearly as bad as some of the others but she wanted to know what had caused it. She may have been secretly hoping that maybe there was a way to make her grow a few more inches but she wasn't about to hold her breath. In the end, she'd been barred from her laptop and could manage to weasel a book out of the library after the begging of yet another aide to go get one for her. Overall, there'd been lots of rest, tests and blood work that earned everybody a good long pouting session.

About a week and a half later, Selphie's just chilling out in FH on a quiet dock enjoying the sunshine and not having to wear pajamas. She's got a pair of sandals beside her as she dips her feet into the water, daydreaming about anything and everything. Leave her alone, she's earned some quiet time. Or don't and keep her company?

Eventually though, it turns up to be the present day and Selphie pops up on the BBS with an idea. She doesn't care that it's not time for another Garden Festival, she just wants to do something to boost morale for everybody living in Garden. You're all about to be greeted to a video post with a sunny smile and Selphie's good cheer. She dares you sourpusses to ruin it; double dog dares you to even try and ruin her good mood.]

Hey guys!

So yeah, it's been kinda... tense around here lately? I know that everybody worked super duper mega hard on all the stuff with that dumb Mage but hey, we need a little something to boost morale right about now, I think.

I've already run this by the GFC -- which you should all join by the way -- and they're on board for this! So my fellow Gardener's, who's game for a little barbeque and some fun at the beach? Think about it! All the hamburgers and hot dogs you can eat, a little volleyball or fun in the ocean and a great big bonfire at night!

It'll be fun for everybody!

[She gives everybody an excited look as she anticipates this being a big hit.]

So! Who's game?
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[This video is uploaded to the BBS under ID#GUEST -- which is likely the first time anyone has seen this new feature in the system. The person it features is a man, handsome in a vaguely bland sort of way, who could be anywhere from eighteen to forty. He wears simple brown robes, his hands folded into the opposite sleeves, and thought he smile, there is no mistaking the seriousness of his tone.]

Good morning, residents of Balamb Garden. I have heard of you, and I expect in turn that many of you have heard of me. I am the Time Compression Mage.

I am certain you will doubt this claim, but it is true. On my own world, I am a scholar of chronomancy and spatial alterations; here, my studies and my natural talent have given me an ability to manipulate the distortion of time and space we know as Time Compression.

[He lifts his hands, sliding them out of the sleeves to reveal long, fine fingers unadorned by jewelry. He speaks a few words that have no meaning in any language, makes a few passes with his hands, and then holds them half a foot apart in a cupping gesture. A ball of wrongness grows between them; those who observed the source of the jam flood might recognize this strange distortion.]

I have come to Balamb Garden to offer all of you who, like me, are displaced from their worlds... a way home.

Over Tears Point, which is the nexus of interactions for the forces that bind the world and the moon, sits a great distortion of compressed time. In slightly over one week, the forces will reach a temporal peak due to the combination of the moon's location and the approaching solstice. At that time, I will be able to manipulate the distortion. Those who are present at Tears Point will have the process that brought them here reversed.

You will go home.

[He lowers his hands, and the ball of distortion disappears as if it never was.]

I have directly requested the formal and official aid of Garden, but I hope those of you who are at liberty will aid me no matter what. I cannot promise any other person will be able to do what I can do. This may be our only hope to go home.

I have been graciously offered lodging here for the time being, so I make myself available to you. I know you must doubt my claims, or me; I invite you to put me to the test.

[The so-called Time Compression Mage inclines his head solemnly, and here the video ends.]

[Beneath the video, a transcript of his speech follows, along with a note that the video was posted on behalf of the Time Compression Mage, who does not have further access to the Garden intranet. Students and staff may discuss amongst themselves in response to this post, but the Mage will not see or reply.]

[As for the Time Compression Mage himself: true to his word, he has set himself up in an unused office for the time being, and is spending that time in study and research. Books sit on his desk and drawings and charts take up much of the walls. Nevertheless, he has made himself available to anyone who wishes to approach him.]
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[Night has fallen on Balamb Garden; the halls of Garden are mostly deserted besides the stray student walking about, and even the usual faculty members are missing from their posts around the school. There's a certain festive energy through the air, the source coming from the Ballroom cheerily decorated located on the second floor.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. The Headmaster speaks to the Garden.]

The Graduation Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Graduation Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The dance will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building. In the second floor ballroom, the Headmaster, Garden faculty, and even some of the instructors are present, so troublemakers are free to roam until 2400. Caterers roam, offering drinks and refreshments to the party goers; a stationary stand for punch and food is also offered. Unfamiliar people can be seen speaking with staff and amongst themselves - potential clients, perhaps?]

(Mod note: You may participate in the dance in comments to this post, or opt to make your own new post or log.

The dance is not mandatory (though it is strongly recommended that newly graduated SeeDs attend), so students that choose not to attend won't be punished.

Newly graduated SeeDs are required to wear their uniforms. Otherwise, the occasion is black tie. All inhabitants of Garden are welcome to the festivities.

Should players have any questions left unanswered, feel free to ping the mods via PM.)
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[Someone's been missing lately, and that someone happens to be very important to the Garden's pet lizard. The result is pretty much that, during every ounce of free time available, Espio the Chameleon has been hiding in corners, sulking, being invisible, and generally being far quieter than anyone has come to expect from him.

Unfortunately, he's picked up some sort of cold, which isn't very good when you're making a full-on effort to hide, especially when a sneeze can completely throw off your concentration when trying to stay invisible.

So yes, the corner of the library just sneezed, briefly revealing a pink lizard who promptly disappears again.
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PM to Twilight and Pinkie )


[Today Edward is sitting in the library with an enormous paper bag full of baked goods on his lap and no idea what to do with it.

He doesn't object to free food. That's the last thing he'd ever object to. What he objects to is it coming in a bag too large to fit in his pocket, and too blatantly overflowing for him to sneak out under his arm with any pretense of discretion. It's not so large that he wouldn't be able to empty it in ten minutes under the best of circumstances, but the best of circumstances wouldn't involve sitting just yards away from a stern-looking librarian who almost caught him industriously chewing on one of the bread rolls earlier and didn't sound at all convinced when he protested his innocence.

That would have been a decent cue to up and take his research elsewhere, except... he's so close. He's sure he's close, surer than he has been for a long time. He's got a good feeling about this particular enormous textbook on the theory of paramagic, and he's barely scratched the surface. If he shuts his eyes, he can imagine he already has one hand on the front of the Gate.

...Dammit, who in their right mind just drops something like this onto a table in the library and rushes off without even a transparent excuse?! Okay, Rainbow doesn't quite fit that criterion, but still!

It's a dilemma. When all of this is finally over, he thinks, he'll have to hand his brother an invoice for the trouble.

But for now, if he sees anybody passing by who doesn't appear to have too big a stick up their ass, of course he's going to wave them over, shoot a furtive glance to either side and then quickly proffer the open bag.]
Hey. Happy birthday.
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Being here a few days, there was still a lot to take in. New world, CLASSES, not to mention there was still no Cake. She could deal with any of this stuff so long as she had her sister with her, but she was a no show so far. Swallowing that, she decided she was bound to see her sister soon and started looking through the classes she would have to take. The big question was where she would sleep though, and that question was answered immediately.

Twilight Sparkle? Was she some kinda princess?

She was sure it was a girl anyway. It could be a dude, who knew? At any rate, she had to circle around three times and got lost a few before she finally arrived at her dorm door and knocked.

"Hello? This the right place?"
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It appears I have been gone overly long. My formal apologies towards my fellow SeeD and the Commander.

To those cadets and who have never met me: My name is Rosa Christopher. I apologize that I was not around to assist those of you who had rather dangerous training over the winter, but I will be available from here on out to assist. I instruct Advanced Indirect Paramagic and Status Effects, so if you cannot get into the infirmary after accidentally transmuting your roommate into a toad, my door will be open.

[...was that meant as a joke? Either way, later in the evening Rosa can be seen walking around Garden, still in her formal SeeD uniform. She'd needed to get some fresh air, and what better way than to reacquaint herself with the surroundings?]
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[Suddenly, abruptly, without warning, the formerly-comatose Rainbow Dash opens her eyes.]

[This moment, possibly the most peaceful waking one she has ever had, lasts exactly two seconds before those memories and these memories lace together like a zipper, and she sits bolt-upright.]


[If you don't catch her in the infirmary, she'll be spending a fair amount of time zipping through the entire Garden like a bat out of Tartarus today, as if the ancient evils from said Tartarus are pursuing her.]
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[She was certain everything was going to be certainly-


Twilight's eyes snap open in the now-familiar sight of Garden's infirmary. Quickly coming to the conclusion that she was just dreaming (after all, Princess Celestia would never really release Discord, right?), she silently thanks whoever brought in her laptop with her, and...

...wait, what's this feeling she has in her oh.

Welp. Let's try to break this one slowly. At least she was only out for three days.]

I'm not quite sure what that was about, but it's over. I'm just going to adopt the usual stance of "blame Time Compression aftereffects" for the fact that I've been asleep for three days.

But on that note, has anyone here ever woken up and known that their dream had to have actually happened?

~Twilight Sparkle

[ooc: Action taggers, her wings literally grew like five minutes ago, so if you're rushing over there ASAP, you won't have seen them.]
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[Somewhere, in the Quad, sitting on a worryingly dark looking cloud, there is a pegasus pony with a laptop, staring at the screen with intense concentration as she carefully picks out her letters and promptly slams her hoof into them.]

ghji im derpy,. hjavent useds oine of tyghese bnefore.,
ikm new111
nmicve to ,eet evertyponmy1

[Considering she types like that, one might wonder how in the world she even managed to log in. She seems happy with it, though, and submits her BBS post.

Well, that was a job well done! Pleased with her work, the pegasus shifts position and sits her rear down on the cloud... giving anybody who happened to be underneath a short, cold shower.

...was that a yelp?

Oops, my bad!

[She looks over the side of her cloud to check whether she had managed to drench someone or not. If she has... well, it probably won't be the only time she manages it.]
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[Video Segment]
[The screen showed someone that hadn't been around a bit, that was for sure. A woman, with very long, blue hair, who was wearing an odd hat. With peaches.

More noticeable than her clothing was the fact that she was visibly beaten up. Dust, bruises, some blood, scratches, she clearly had been through quite some fighting, though she was somehow radiating a smug satisfaction that didn't fit the state of her body at all.

Hello! I've been away for a bit, doing the usual here and there, so for those who don't know me, I'm Instructor Tenshi Hinanai.

I'll be teaching Geography and, of course, the highest level of magical combat. Don't worry, I'll make sure that even you ordinary, earth-crawling humans can have some chance of passing.

[She nodded, brushing back some of her hair, then smiled at the camera]

That said, we have a nice island here, don't we? Reminds me a lot of home - the islands in actual heaven. But I suppose Islands closest to heaven are pretty good, too, although they got nothing on the real thing, of course. I look forward to returning tomorrow!

[Evidently, this instructor had not deemed it necessary to make herself presentable for the introduction. Just one more sign that her priorities were completely and utterly screwed up beyond help.]

[ACTION Segment]

[Of course, Tenshi could also be encountered in the garden, while she was looking at the place to check if everything was how it used to be. She had been away on a long-ish mission, after all, so who knew what changed? Like above, she likely still hadn't changed.

Particularly lazy-seeming students might find her throwing a head-sized rock at their feet.
And teachers/seeds too, 'to test their reflexes'...

BBS voice

Jan. 18th, 2013 09:02 am
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... Hey. I guess I'm not the only one here who's a bit concerned with what we're going to be doing. I mean, they're throwing us to the strongest monsters on the planet, right?

I mean, I just completed my first quarter here. I barely have any of the training. It was a just a good thing that I decided to take PMGF 101 first thing.

And, the commander said we're not allowed to use "otherworldly powers"? Or can we use them if we have to, and we just won't get recognition for it?

[She sighs.]

I don't know, it just doesn't seem like a good idea. I mean, what if your limit break involves BOOSTING "otherworldly powers"?
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I heard that there was a potion that turned all the animal-people into human shape for a little while. Is there one that does it the other way around? Only I was wondering what it would be like to be a pony, like Twilight Sparkle.

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Well, this was more than a little unexpected, but I need to introduce you all to someone.

[Something offscreen pipes up, saying only:]


I'm getting to that! Anyway, Time Compression seems to have brought me a... research assistant of sorts from home for Hearth's Warming.

[She turns her head to the side and nods, waiting for a small owl, who is by no means wearing a bejeweled bowtie, to rest on her back.]

I'd like you all to meet Owlowiscious.


You, you silly owl!

[And, turning back to the camera once more:]

...He does that sometimes.

[OOC: tan text is the owl.]
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[The video ticks on showing Lina in uniform, and those familiar with it will notice that she's in her classroom.]

So, I'm curious - those of you here who have magical skills that aren't Paramagic, I'd like to talk to you. I'm curious as to how they work. You can either answer here, or come see me in my classroom if you'd prefer to do so in person. Especially if you feel a demonstration is needed. This will help me work out ways to teach future Offworlder cadets some of the more complex Paramagic spells - and you'll get to show off a little, if that's your kinda thing.
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[Selphie may have been particularly and unusually quiet since she came back to Garden but hey, 22 years of catching up can take quite some time. On top of that, she had to learn how to use the laptop before she cast Firaga on it like she'd threatened when it started crashing on her. Thankfully for the Garden Tech Support staff, they gave her another laptop and instructions on how to operate it. Quiet all you tech saavy types, they didn't have laptops at Garden during the war, okay?

However, the perky brunette wasn't expecting to open the curtains in her room on this very special morning to snow. It wasn't just any snow, either. It was the snow with the big fluffy flakes that glittered in the sunlight and everyone on the second floor of the dorms is going to hear the girl squealing with delight for all it's worth. Feel free to come and find out what all the commotion is as she's scrambling to set up her webcam to start recording the gently falling flakes.]

Garden! Everybody, make a wish! If you don't know about the Snow Fairies, then you clearly haven't spent enough time at the awesomeness that is Trabia Garden!

Otherwise, snowball fight in the courtyard in half an hour. Be there or be square!

[Then she's leaning in with an excited look on her face. Really, she looks like a kid who's walked into a candy store for the first before grinning at everybody with a mischievous glint in her eyes.]

Or if you want your sheets frozen then by all means, skip out.

Selphie, out!

[And with a peace sign to the camera, the feed cuts out.]
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Monster, resource, and supply list )

[The Ragnarok lands briefly on the Nectar Peninsula, dropping off the group with nothing more than their Garden-provided packs and a "good luck!" from the pilot and accompanying SeeDs. Centra, we've headcanoned, is in the southern hemisphere of Planet VIII, so it is summer for this field trip. Have fun!]

Mod note: Be sure to be on the lookout as surprises may pop up in the thread. Each group is given one signal flare that should only be used if they require the immediate retrieval by a nearby SeeD squad sent to discreetly watch over them. Good luck!
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[Gourry is smiling cheerfully as he looks into the camera, seated somewhere with his laptop level in front of him. He waves energetically; the video option has always suited him much better than writing things out, once he figured out how to work it. He doesn't have to worry about spelling things this way!

He rubs at the back of his neck as he addresses the camera, looking slightly lost despite the familiar surroundings.]

Looks like there's a lot of new cadets here since I went on my last mission! Makes you wonder where they're all comin' from! Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself, since I'm seein' a lot of new faces in the halls! The name's Gourry Gabriev, SeeD! Er, that's a title, not part of my name. I'm a sword specialist here! To any new cadets, good luck with your training, and watch out for Instructor Inverse! She's got a short temper and she's not shy about throwin' those fireballs around!

[The feed cuts out, the video being wrapped up rather unceremoniously.]

[Action, Afternoon:]

[Later that same day, Gourry can be found in uniform, seated in his own corner of the cafeteria with a table all to himself. There are about five full plates of food spread across it, which he is steadily working his way through without breaking a sweat. He's friendly enough, for anyone who wants to approach him, but keep an eye on your hands. You're likely to lose a finger if you set them down in the wrong place.]
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[There's a small pigtailed girl sitting on a bench, poking at the laptop Garden had provided her with. She had a vague induction as to what it was, but really it was kind of a mystery. Someone had told her that there was something called a "BBS" on here and that it was easy to meet other off-worlders on it.

So far she'd learned that if you moved the arrow around and pushed a button it did something. There were some interesting things to read about, like the Garden's rules and notices... but she couldn't seem to find this BBS. Not just that, but when she pressed the keys to write, no letters showed up anywhere.

As time goes on, she grows increasingly perplexed, her frown deepening.

She was going to work out this laptop thing!

Maybe if I talk to it...?

Show me the BBS!





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