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[Despite everything that's been going on, Luna has been doing her best to try and keep things as calm as possible and find a way to get everyone to relax. Sure, she'd been speaking about this earlier, but she hadn't the chance to fully make sure everything had been in order. Somehow between reconstruction and classes she's put things up around the school, little things here and there to make the Garden more... festive.

Things like cobwebs, spiders, pumpkins, the typical Halloween fare one would see around this time. Luna, on the other hand, is taking this time to find the highest perch she can. Those familiar with the last time she did this might get a sense of deja vu, particularly since she's using her Nightmare Moon form with the lovely fake fangs she's fond of.

Having adjusted herself she messes with the camera to make sure that it gets this shot in case people don't see her from where she is.

Large wings spread out behind her, pushing her into a lovely rearing position. Don't ask how she's keeping her balance, it takes a lot of luck and skill. Be prepared for the return of the Royal Canterlot Voice.]

Our dear subjects! We know that things have been tough upon us all, but one must not always be work and no play, it is not good for the mind nor the body. Thus, on this day, We declare that a break is to be had in order to enjoy and take part in the festivities befitting your Halloween, alternatively, We are accustomed to Nightmare Night of which has about the same meaning.

[She pauses for a moment, letting herself fall heavily back to her perch, head sweeping back to move her mane from her face.]

A night of enjoyment, of costumes, of treats, of tricks, of celebrating the night as it should be. But, our dear subjects, there is more to it than you may think. We are not particularly proud of the history behind Nightmare Night, but We feel it is something to be shared and to be learned from.

You see We are from an interesting place, a place ruled by ourselves and our elder sister who controls the Sun while We control the Moon. Day and Night. Celestia and ourselves were in this position to keep balance, however being as young as We are, We steadily had become jealous towards our sister for the ponies enjoying the day but sleeping during the night. Thus our jealousy had turned into hate and anger, changing and twisting our form into this one you see now. No longer going by Luna but by Nightmare Moon, an enemy towards Celestia, trying to be rid of the sun forever and leave nothing but night.

Safe to say that We had failed in that attempt to take over, thwarted by what was called the Elements of Harmony, imprisoned in the moon for a thousand years. In that time frame Nightmare Night was formed, initially used to scare foals by saying that We would come and eat them if they did not give us an offering of candy.

A thousand years came and went, being freed but still bitter We had tried again to take over. We had managed to be rid of Celestia for a brief time as she no longer had a connection to the Elements, though We were eventually stopped once more by the Elements when they were brought together once more by a group of ponies. Luckily this brought us back to our senses, back to what you are accustomed to seeing and back to being the keeper of the night and moon as well as co-ruler to Celestia.

Thus Nightmare Night has recently become a celebration the likes of the Sun Celebration, one that We hope will continue to flourish and be a fun time with spooks and tricks just as much as it is treats and fun.

[After that whole speech she can't help a light laugh.]

And do not worry, this form is taken by will and is nothing more than an appearance change, We are still Luna.

((OOC: So, yes. Nightmare Night/Halloween. Luna's gone out of her way to decorate Garden and possibly set up a few little traps and tricks of her own. Feel free to have your character set up something or be in costume or what have you. She'll clean up the day after the night, no worries. Thought this would be a nice little thing to come off hiatus for and to get Luna to explain herself and her world a bit more.

If you have any questions/comments feel free to ask me~))


Oct. 31st, 2012 05:13 am
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So while there's still some wreckage to take advantage of, I'm thinking we should have a Halloween ball. It's all gotta get cleaned up anyway, and I'm sure everyone could use it after this rough month, eh?

It's a birthday present for Grell, so make sure you dress up in costume! And if anyone wants to help me nick food from the kitchens, that'd be appreciated.

For now, the location will be anywhere open on campus you feel like, starting right after classes! But don't worry, for anyone wanting to avoid the fun and games, I'm sure we'll try to keep it down! [Yeah right. If you want your character to get dragged into this, rest assured, Marco probably will find a way to try his hardest...]

Oh, and always be ready to move it on a second's notice, [Because guess who totally did not clear this with the headmaster or anyone else for that matter? Yeah....] but don't worry, true parties never die until sunrise.

- Marco

[ooc: I'm still on hiatus for health, which is why Marco hasn't been around much, but I couldn't resist putting this up. Feel free to threadjump this post with Action/BBS like crazy and if there's enough interest I'll try to put up a party log! Also people are willing to try to hunt Marco down and shut down his unauthorized party, but he will cheat to his utmost, change costumes as needed and go flying XD Feel free to tackle him anyway and/or get the kiddies to bed before curfew (he will just protest on their behalf). AND HAVE FUN!]
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[Taking advantage of the fact they were on break and the fact that they were in an open space, Luna had decided that it was time to see just what she could do. Important things were coming up, at least in her opinion, and she certainly had to get ready.

But she couldn't do it alone.]

Dear friends, We have a favor to ask of you. If you have the time and would care to help us out with a little experiment, then please do meet us down by the lake in about an hour. We appreciate any and all help, nothing special is required other than for you to be honest.

[She doesn't sign it this time, but by the speech pattern it should be fairly obvious who it is.]

[About an hour later Luna is outside where she said she would be, pacing back and forth for the time being. She's done this sort of thing before, the transformation, but with this being a special holiday she needed to make sure that everything was properly set up. Thus her planning this far in advance, to make her transformation more seamless and believable, to make sure that she could go through with her ideas. Nightmare Night, or Halloween as they called it here, had become a close holiday to her once she had figured out that people had wanted to be scared by her. They didn't hate her, certainly not, but that fear was for that singular night only.

Even in this new setting she still believed it was her duty to be involved with all of it, as well as bringing in that touch of Equestrian tradition to show the differences and similarities between her world and this one.

The first order of business was the actual transformation, not something that was difficult for her. Not at all. Though she knew those that had been around a few months back would probably still remember the little incident of her locking people in Garden, not... exactly the best situation to put herself into. Though with some warning she hoped they would understand her intentions this time, intentions that weren't to cause harm or become evil in any sense of the word.

A small smirk came to her face as she abruptly stopped her pacing, taking a calming breath before allowing her magic to transform her into her bit of an alter ego as it were. The main differences being her gaining a few inches or so in height, adding armor onto her form, and losing the tiara that she always seemed to have on her.

Once that was done she took to stretching her wings, her wingspan quite a bit longer than in her true form, thus making them a bit more awkward to control. But nothing she couldn't handle. Looking around she dug through the bag she brought with her, fishing out the fake fangs to situate into her mouth. There. It was perfect. Now to wait.]


Sep. 13th, 2012 02:25 pm
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[A few different things had been on Luna's mind since things had calmed down a bit, particularly allowing her mind to wander and think about what exactly was coming up in the next month or so. Curious things, wondering if it was even worth speaking about considering the connotations they held.]

Call us curious, Garden, but We were wondering what kind of celebrations that were held back in your own world that revolved around the end of October. If they were a positive celebration, a negative one, what sort of things were involved, and what kind of characters were included in it. [The ponies probably know exactly what she's getting at, but it was still worth asking.]

Secondly We are curious as to what kinds of rulers and/or deities you had back in your respective worlds. We are... not unused to the term and We wish to know the definitions others have used in such circumstances. It is no secret that We were a co-ruler of Equestria, nor is it a secret that We had, for some time, control over the change from sun to moon along with the stars in the sky. Thus We will also gladly answer any questions on that front as well as We have quite a bit of time on our hands.

-Princess Instructor Luna


Sep. 11th, 2012 03:06 pm
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[Today, the quad has a new resident.]

[This is not necessarily a good thing.]

[You can ask all sorts of questions: like how did it get here!? Or what does it want?! Or even why is it here in the first place?! And these are all perfectly good questions (with perfectly good answers, mind), but not ones you're going to get an answer just by asking.]

[Because whatever the answers might be, the fact remains that there is a very, very large red chocobo sitting contentedly in front of the quad's stage -- right in the middle of everything, in other words. At the moment, it has its head tucked back and its eyes shut -- it's napping.]

[Then again, who knows how sensitive its hearing is? (There's another good question, and this one might be answered quickly and directly if you care to ask...)]
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[ooc: quirkless translation]

Translation. )
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[Having opted to try this potion thing as she's ever the curious creature, she's deciding to offer a little bit of a gathering despite her better thoughts.]

Dear Garden, today We come bearing an invitation. You see, We are trying to get used to this odd... human... thing and since We are intent on using it as necessary, We feel that strengthening is in order. Thus We invite those who wish to help or can offer advice to the pool so that We may figure this out.

[If anyone does opt to go to the pool, Luna is currently clung to the edge of the pool, body luckily placed firmly against the side. Which, well, is hiding the fact that she hasn't understood the point of those clothing things and opted not to bother with them. But she at least seems to understand how to use her hands to attach to objects.

Be gentle with her, she's not entirely sure what to make of all of this.]


Aug. 8th, 2012 02:08 pm
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Good day, students and staff, and particularly fellow offworlders! Since Commander Zabala has ordered that the Polymorphus Potion (my own recipe, you know) be made available to you, I hope you'll favor me with the benefit of your experiences. If you have any questions about it, or care to tell me about your time spent transformed, please, come visit me in my office.

-Professor Slughorn
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[You know you missed those three girls. At various points throughout the school (eg. the cafeteria, the quad, hallways) they can be seen putting up posters and banners, as usual not even trying to be discreet with their commentary.]

Homecoming is a travesty. I can't believe we didn't get nominated!

You would have made a great Homecoming Queen - and I would have been a better Princess than any of those off-worlders!

I know! Oh, honey, [she directs this at the last girl, who's been hiding a bit of a smile] I feel so sorry for you, having to work with one of them as the GFC leader.

[Looks like someone wasn't expecting that, but she recovers quickly.] What? Oh, yeah. It's awful! And now she's nominated for Princess...

At least she's human! Two of those King and Queen nominations - ugh!

I really can't believe there's only two of our people nominated for the entire Court.

And they're off-worlder lovers at that - but they're the best we've got!

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[The sound of the last Homecoming-related intercom announcement has barely stopped echoing before a rather succinct post goes up.]


[And a couple of minutes after that:]


OWN UP DAMN YOU11 you're goimg to wish you rem,ebered to nominate YOUR INTESTINES1

[Neither is signed, but... given the topic, how many different people could this possibly be?]


[At lunchtime on the same day, if you happen to be keeping an eye out for Edward, you'll find him sulking by himself at a table in the far corner. You might miss him otherwise; apparently, for once, he's trying to look smaller than usual.]


Aug. 4th, 2012 10:00 pm
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How unexpected, to be nominated for something like this. I would just like to start out by saying that I absolutely appreciate the nominations I received on the homecoming ballot and respect the fact that those of you who did nominate me felt that I deserved to at least be in the running.

As for my opponents, I wish them all the best in their campaigns and that we will have a clean and fair campaign against one another. I will pull no punches and campaign as I would for any other position, without the use of any kind of mud slinging or name smearing, I feel that low blows and not something that I feel comfortable with by any means.

On that note, as well, I would absolutely adore if anyone would continue to hold support for me in the competition of Homecoming Queen. I do respect the way the Garden runs and would love to be able to at least represent it in some way, shape, or form, even if it's only in title. I would also like it to be noted that I have numerous centuries of experience being a public figure, having been bestowed the title of Princess in Equestria at a young age. While I may still be young myself, I have learned through hard work and trial and error to know how one is to act in such situations.

Thus I leave you with this, friends and colleagues, if you vote for me, I promise to uphold a demeanor and responsibility worthy of the title.
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[As is usual with Luna and this technology, she's opting for video feed. This time she's parked herself on the top of her chair, one wing outstretched and preening it. Though she pauses, one of the feathers in her mouth, oops.]

Aaah. [Which she promptly spits out.]

We were wondering if any of the students who have yet to take our classes would be interested in learning anything in particular. Do remember that We teach one of the drama courses along with speech and etiquette. For drama We are taking suggestions as to what those of you not even in the class would be interested in participating in, since one cannot have a cast with just current students.

As for etiquette... We figure that after the ball that some more knowledge in courtly manners may be necessary for all students. Honestly, it is rather ridiculous how uncouth some of you have become.
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[Home Ec class this week is planting stuff in a garden in Garden. Thus, Pinkie has this sign made up as one enters the area, hanging from somewhere:]


[Meanwhile, she's sticking lollipops into the ground. Because she can.

Anyone is welcome to stop by and plant some lollipops, but not anything else unless you're in her class.]
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[No BBS messages for this wizard, no, no. Instead, every student in Garden finds an envelope stuck to their door one morning, as if by magic. A simple tug is enough to free it, after which it immediately unfolds to become a message, written in golden ink.]

You Are Cordially Invited

to the office of Professor Slughorn

This Evening at 5:30

For those who choose to go... )
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Actually, I've just thought.

[Yes, the Doctor is just going to make a post as though he was already half way through a conversation.]

You off-world lot aren't exactly doing a very good job here, are you?

Look at you, all special and powerful and even magical, some of you, and what's Garden got to show for it? Not a whole lot! This time compression business might like to try to attract all the weird people, but you're all rather insistent on being this world's standard of normal. Which, you know, isn't actually all that normal.


Actually, that's another one.

Why do your special, off-worldy, other universe completely different laws of physics powers still even work here, because that shouldn't happen. If it's impossible here, it should really stay impossible here, unless NO! Ignore everything I just said! We already know that time and space is all squished and useless! Let's not get on the subject of realities slipping in and out of each other. Just don't be surprised if you go home and suddenly there's GFs.

What I was trying to say is that you lot need to raise awareness, and what I want to know is about your powers, and more importantly, how and why they work where you're from. Because it can't be a "they just do."


You know.

Just type stuff in.

OH! And if you don't want to talk about your special what-have-yous because of the xenophobia business, just talk about someone else's.

[Disjointed rambling is now over! Anyone who didn't get incredibly annoyed/confused/headachey, answer! Anyone who did, complain!]
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Did everyone have a good time in Dollet? I know I certainly did ;) The beaches were fantastic! Was there anything that we should've avoided? Or was there anywhere that I should've gone? It wasn't my first time in Dollet, but the place seems different every time.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I'll be offering extra Math tutoring this Quarter, just in case anyone needs it (and trust me, some of you actually will. This isn't me being mean so much as me remembering Cadet days). I'm Instructor Tom Bronson, by the way; I teach Boxing and Stats most of the time.

My office is
[location] so I expect to see you eventually.

- Instructor Bronson

[For some reason, Tom looks... happier than he does, and that's saying something considering he's practically overflowing with excitement. It's obvious from the get-go: the guy's happy just reading the syllabus this week in both BOX 101 and STAT 101.

He's even thrilled while grabbing breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the cafeteria - and he's practically skipping as he passes through the Quad on his way to classes. He'll probably spill the beans if someone asks, but his happiness is certainly contagious.]
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hey everyone

big big awesome flying demonstration outside today at noon

be there or you'll kick yourself for missing it all the rest of your days


[The skies over Dollet are blue, save for several clusters of clouds that Rainbow had quite deliberately left behind when she'd snuck out earlier this morning to clear them out and set the weather. Beyond that, it's a gorgeous day.]

[She'd also set up a sign that told people where to stand to watch the demonstration. All these buildings made it a tricky prospect, but she'd counted for them when she worked this up.]

[As the sun reaches its zenith and the hour of noon comes upon them, there's no sign of the demonstration though. From behind a building, Rainbow's been watching the crowd gather with excited glee. She gives it a minute to build suspense, then takes off--]

[The first the audience sees of her is a rainbow streak slashing through the skies above them like a comet, air roaring as it races over her body and through the feathers of her wings. Rainbow drops into a plunge, diving down to the street below and ahead of the audience area at a speed that surely is going to flatten her on the pavement -- but it doesn't. She pulls out of the dive at the last second and into the Super-Speed Strut, racing along the ground with a casual smile as if she's just out for a stroll in the park. Only her beating wings and the thunder of air betray the effort she's putting out as she rockets straight through the crowd, then blasts back into the air with such force that the road actually cracks beneath her from where she lifts off.]

[Into the sky again, and this time headed for the largest of the clouds, which she races around with rainbow contrail behind, quick hoofwork and air pressure sculpting and shaping it until it resembles a fearsome dragon, jaws dropped and wings spread, ready to pounce. Rainbow ducks behind it and whacks it with her forehooves, sending it shooting at the other cluster of clouds she'd left behind. Then she races past it, whirling around the second cloud until it resembles a pony, legs thrust back in the middle of a powerful kick -- and a second later, the dragon-cloud slams face-first into those raised rear hooves and dissipates.]

[She draws herself up proudly, savoring the moment, then descends again, weaving and turning just to show off her casual moves. Give the audience a breather, let them build up some anticipation, because compared to what's coming, most of them can only imagine...]

[Again, Rainbow pulls out of her dive, this time swooping over the cloud, forelegs extended and wings laboring as she races off down the street, accelerating with all her might as she reaches the edge of town. Just over the ocean, she pulls up sharply, then pours on the speed as she rockets towards the sky--]

[With an immense rumbling boom, brilliant, shining waves of rainbow light burst out from her, rolling over Dollet in a glorious display of color. In its wake, the pony flies a great arc over the town in no time at all. It might be high noon, and a near-cloudless sky on a beautiful day, but Dollet now has a shining, glittering rainbow arching through the skies above it.]
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[Private message to Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack]

[First things first, Luna's very careful to make sure that things won't be too hectic for her with this little affair, she knows better than to get the ponies involved if it can be helped. Thus she's going to be sending them a private message.]

Dearest subjects,

I need for you to do me a large favor, despite how odd this may seem. I'm doing a bit of an experiment for recruiting more people into drama and it rests with my appearing and acting as I had previously as Nightmare Moon. Thus I need for the both of you to act the parts, give information, whatever needs to be done. But do not, I repeat, do not engage me in a fight.

Please do remember,


[Action: Open to all]

[Standing on a walled off perched Luna can't help her amusement, this is going to be absolutely grand if she can remain in-character for this whole thing. Her appearance is probably familiar to some, though a pair of elongated sharp teeth are placed in her mouth, keeping up the look of some terrifying man-eating creature.

Clearing her throat she moves to the front of the railing, posture standing tall and wings spread out at her sides to make her as imposing as possible. Voice would return to the Royal Canterlot tone, knowing it to be the best way to get her message across.]

Attention, students and faculty! I have come to you today to convey an important message to all of you, one that is of your utmost concern. You may be wondering what that is, what it deals with you, how it will work into your life in these walls. Well, the answer is quite clear. This place is now under my control, the control of what I now dub as a founding member of this planet's Lunar Empire, controlled by the princess of night. You see, here I have nothing stopping me, no pesky Elements of Harmony, no sister of which to compete with. A perfect plan considering that no human on this planet could possibly out do me in any shape or form.

It's quite pathetic, you know, you humans. You think you rule over all simply because you have fingers. You have fingers because you have no clue how to use magic, how to fly, how to communicate with the world at large. It's a pain and a pity at the same time to see how ridiculously inferior you are with your tiny lifespans.

I give you a choice. Either you can be on my side or suffer my wrath.

[A tiny smirk crosses her lips, raising up on her hind legs to smash down on the ground, horn glowing with a nice blue aura. Like that the light bulbs burst, casting darkness and shadow over the area.]

My darlings, you will become used to the darkness. And it's going to do you no good to try to escape, the exists are blocked with magic none of you could know.

You can be on Nightmare Moon's side or you can be a stepping stone to my throne of power.

[She pauses for a brief moment, that smirk ever growing before she performs this little speech, clouding herself in shadow to move to a taller secured perch to watch the mayhem begin beneath.]

((Feel free to try to get at her or whatever you wish, though she's as high up as she can get.))


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