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What's a good name for a dog? A girl dog, that is. Especially one who seems to really like jumping on things. And who is very fluffy - I think my room now has a layer of dog hair on top of everything.
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So...looks like Mother is here. She didn't seem the happiest to find out how much I knew. But I don't...want either of you two getting hurt or anything because of me. I'm still sort of deciding what to do, but I don't want her to die either. It's....complicated. But, I'm not letting her shut me away anywhere here, and I am not leaving you, Eugene. I'm staying in the dorm with you. Merlin, I know I've talked to you about her before as well. I just don't want her to hurt you either, even if she doesn't remember stabbing Eugene, she is still capable of it. Just be careful around her. Both of you. I'll be in my room if you want to see me, now that she left.
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[A] - [There's no one waiting to greet Gothel when she returns from the mission, but nonetheless she drops her suitcase and spreads her arms dramatically.]

Mother's back, dearies~!

[And she tries to hug a passing young cadet, but it turns out to be a cadet who's met her, and so he runs as if she's just tried to stab him.

She is currently scowling after him.]

[B] - [She is in the cafeteria at lunchtime, nibbling at a biscuit. She's not sitting too close to anyone else--or they're not sitting close to her; it's hard to tell. She seems to be preoccupied with thumbing through her syllabus.]

[C] - [After much trial and error, and hunting down the proper keys, Gothel has managed to post something on the BBS. And it only took her 30 minutes this time!]

helllo stundents students wonderful news1 your loving instructor gothel has returnned to you1 those shouldn't be ones but hyou know what i ment meant. i am very excited to see all the new arrrivals1 hugs and kisss, mother gothel.

((Please mention which choice you're reacting to. ^_^ And for A and B: she's a good bit older than you may remember. She's only been here a little over a year, but she ages faster than most people. As for C: I apologize for her terrible typing. She really doesn't understand keyboards.))
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Looks like classes are starting up again. The break was great while it lasted though, but I kind of have to admit I like keeping busy with lessons and all.

Anyway, if I manage to find somewhere to have it and enough materials, how would the weekends sound for my suggestion for arts and crafts activities? I figure that will be when everyone is most likely free with no classes and all, at least.

Eugene, let me know if you need help figuring out your schedule. Merlin, would you be up for studying together still?
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[Merlin had wanted to stay with Freya tonight, to help make sure she was okay through her transformation. But she'd insisted on him going back to his dorm room and getting some sleep. Reluctantly, Merlin had complied, though he still felt like he should be there with her.

Sleep had taken a while to come. And unfortunately for Merlin, it wasn't going to be lasting for long.]
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[When she made her contract with the world to offer her service as a Servant in exchange for a chance to grant her wish, Saber had been prepared to be summoned across time for the purpose of fighting in a war. But his 'summoning' wasn't even a summoning at all, but some terrible accident. Moreover, she was no longer a warrior, but a student? She had stared hard at the letter as she walked through her new surroundings, her expressionless face giving away nothing of her complete confusion. It all made sense... yet it didn't make any sense at all.

Dismissing her battle-armour and Excalibur, she remained in her blue dress, not willing to chance finding out whether or not her more modern attire had somehow come with her. She might have stood out, but at the very least she had no special need to hide that her presence was unnatural.

She paused occasionally to scrutinise her new surroundings through an experienced knight's eyes. It seemed peaceful enough... at least, on the surface. But for all she knew of this alien place, that could change.]
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[ Today, boys and girls - ladies and gentlemen, there's a new student on campus. Of course, she's still wearing her usual North High uniform (and not the regular uniform) and is walking around like a wrestler trying to find someone to fight.

Of course, she's walking around aimlessly, not even bothering to get used to her surroundings. But if she notices someone, she'll immediately make a beeline towards you with a very enthusiastic look on her face, asking (well, unless you're Mikuru, which instead she'll attempt to sneak from behind to grope you as a way of greeting!): ]

What are you, a slider? Esper? Alien? Maybe even a time traveler?! [ Yes, Haruhi is way too excited about this.

Especially since anything supernatural-related piques her interest. ]

001. bbs.

Feb. 21st, 2012 04:26 pm
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Uhm, hello?

Is this Garden I am talking to? The other students? I hope so, because I just arrived and I want to introduce myself before I start my classes. That's how it works...right?

My name is Thumbelina, and I've never seen so many little people in my entire life! Where do you all come from? Are there little people villages and homes farther away? Do you know any fairies? I have so many questions I would like to have answered.

If that's not too much trouble! I mean...you don't have to answer them, but maybe there's something in the library I could read?

[ooc: changed because I took one look at this after a long needed nap...and almost headdesked myself into ANOTHER nap.]
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Greetings Denizens of Balamb Garden!

After a refreshing break, we have returned with a small round-up of what we all secretly love to dive into: Gossip! Let's not waste time!

We missed you, too )
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[You know how long the Doctor has been here?

Two days.

A whole two days, mind you.

This is a simply horrendous situation - a whole two days stuck in one spot? That's just ridiculous - practically unheard of! Well, okay, not totally unheard of, but very, very unlikely. But, with no TARDIS, and time being all screwed up, there wasn't really much else to do. How... boring.

Still, he had to admit meeting a whole assortment of people from numerous different realities wasn't something that even a Time Lord got to do very often. He could do without the "military school" thing and the guns, but if this was where all the interesting people were being welcomed, he could handle that for the time being.

Then he would go and fix it. Somehow. Without the TARDIS. No, really. He's brilliant and he can do it, he's sure of it!

Mind you,

[And yes, he's talking to himself.]

after The Library, this library is miniscule.

[Meet the Garden's new librarian, stacking shelves. It's not a position he's all that familiar with really, but he supposes he'll get a few "off-worlders" popping in. Maybe they could have a chat.]
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[ While location may be everything in real estate, timing may just be everything when it comes to the Time Compression pulling people here. The young woman who found herself on the ground when she wasn't expecting it had little to actually complain about, too much at a loss of energy and blood from a wound dying the fabric of her beautiful, medieval gown a dull red-brown at her right side to much complain about what ground she was expiring on. Freya was aware she was dying, had known so almost immediately after being wounded, and if it was disorienting and jarring to have gone from being carried by Merlin to dropped on the not-so welcoming ground, well, at least he had been trying.

Having strangers find her should have been more upsetting, but outside of expediting her current process to its natural conclusion, she wasn't finding it in her to get heavily upset. There are two times to run into her on this bloody valentine evening: ]

1. [ As she's brought into the infirmary, still responsive to questions, but actively bleeding and incredibly pale; ]

2. [ Or after people have managed what Freya swears should have been impossible, and she's stable enough to be looking forward to more than a few hours left in existence. Still pale, still disorientated, and now a bit mystified by the explanations offered, a tired Freya is alert enough to be spoken with. Please don't stab her again she's at maximum daily quota! ]
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[This was confusing, to say the least. One minute, she had reunited with her brother, only for Jeremy to attack Port Rosalia, and the next... she was here? After reading the letter, though, Yulie had relaxed slightly, as despite the situation, she was (hopefully) in good hands. After looking over the catalog, she also had a good idea what she wanted to do, as well.

Still, she couldn't help but feel a little worried regardless, especially when it came to how everyone would fare without her. Trying to get a feel for her surroundings, Yulie can be found (tentatively) exploring Garden.]

What should I do...? Kresnik, I wish you were here...
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[Merlin hadn't visited Balamb Town yet, but it today he'd decided that he was going to walk down and take a look. The town was unlike any place Merlin had ever seen in Albion though, so as he wondered around he felt very much like he'd turned into the village boy who'd stared at everything he saw that he'd been on his first day in Camelot again.

Throughout the day, there were a few places where Merlin could be seen]

1. [On the way to the town, as Merlin walks along the road. If you're on your way to the town too, you might pass him by]

2. [Traffic lights. Merlin's stopped at the corner of an intersection and is now wondering what those flashy light things are for. It's still daylight, so they're obviously not there to help people see...]

3. [A Department Store, where Merlin has found a section full of amazing things: kitchen gadgets. He doesn't know what most of them do, but they're interesting and he's sure that Gwen would like to have some of these.]

4. [A pet store! Which has Merlin looking in the window at a puppy with a rather perplexed expression. Why would you want to keep a dog in a glass box?]
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[For the record, Eugene really doesn't like sewing. It is quite possibly the most irritating form of art there is for him. His nimble fingers are for snatching things like prized rubies, or maneuvering the locks of chains around wrists. He's adept with a lock pick and can make escape rope faster than any other thief he's ever come to meet.

But sewing as in embroidery?

The things he does for love...]

It can't be that ha--yeow!

[Another pricked finger. Greeeeaaat. He sucks on the pricked forefinger to stop the bit of blood, then assess his assignment. A fabric, red heart with the starting of the words "I LOVE" embroidered at the top center. It's going to be sewn to a purple pillow he's still piecing together. He usually doesn't do something so...fancy for anyone, but Rapunzel isn't anyone. And since this is apparently her first Valentines Day, he wants it to stand out in her memories.

And if that means some aching fingers...]

Yeow! Son of a--

[He begins to curse every single needle in the world in a colorful, angry tirade. Any students passing below may hear Eugene if they are passing by the quad during their classes. He sits high up on a ledge up by the ceiling, the perfect thief's spot (albeit, no thieving to be done), out of sight to the naked eye. Perhaps if someone sees him, they will wonder why Eugene is hiding. Could it be because he's trying to keep his work secret? Is it because he stole four apples from the kitchen and there they sit in a sack beside him, half-eaten? Or could it be that he's not gotten into classes yet, and has been whiling away his days ambling about Garden, trying to pass the time?]
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[There is a unicorn trotting around the Garden.

Probably not one of the more common sights in this place, really, but there she is, on her way to the library, talking to herself the entire time. Hey, she's just got herself a new job, in a new world with a fashion sense she's not in the right place to properly observe, and she needs to research.

I simply must see what this... this "world's" fashion history looks like. Would they keep books on such things in a school library? Or will the school's more brutish subject matter dominate?

If that is the case, I will just have to request new books!
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[So guess who has finally noticed that a certain nubby-horned troll is gone? Nepeta had thought that things sounded unusually quiet. She had been looking for him for a while, and he was nowhere to be found. More importantly, his scent was weak, even in his room which she had managed to get into. Cheezeburger's bowl was empty and she could tell that he was hungry and despondent right away. That's two owners now that had been taken from him, poor thing. She picked him up and hugged him tightly.]

Hey sweetie. Where's Karkitty? [He bumped his head against hers, and she nuzzled him in return. She already knew the answer. Somehow, she almost felt that Cheezeburger did too. She sniffed a bit, burying her face in his fur until she was able to blink away some tears before looking around the room. It looked the same as when she last visited him to see some of his DVDs--speaking of which, the large collection of movies and TV series were neatly stacked in a holder. She wondered what would happen to those. Would they be thrown out? A long with all his other possessions? The possibility made her sad, and she wondered if maybe she should take them. Keep them safe for if he ever returned. She let out a sigh and gently lowered Cheezeburger to the ground.

She hauled up one of the DVD racks with ease, as if it weighed nothing and balanced it on her shoulder, holding onto the front end. Time to start hauling things to her room. She didn't want this to all be thrown away.

Cheezeburger trailed behind her.]

((ooc; feel free to come across her either in the halls, Karkat's old dorm or hers))
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[When the feed starts up, Ardos is tapping the camera. ...Oh, good, it's working, it seems, so he'll smile. Even though there is static often interrupting the image.]

Greetings, Garden. I am Ardos, and it is a pleasure to meet those of you who are new. Don't be surprised by my appearance, please--I was "born" like this. I am also not a monster.

[Well, he is, but...]

Today, I would like to extend a hand in help. These personal computers are something I am good with. Should anyone have trouble with it, please, seek me out, and I'll see what I can do.

[He may even try and upgrade it, should he ever find parts.]
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[ Merlin's information on the BBS was helpful enough to get her started on making a post, but for the most part Gwen is still struggling. Sure, the keys and characters are much more legible than script, but finding the right one in the rows took her quite some time. After writing it up she longed for quill and parchment. ]

Hello Garden Dwellers,

I am having an issue with my standard Garden cadet uniform. I am not at all fond of the cut and location of the hem.

[ Translation: her medieval sensibilities make showing her legs not an option! ]

I am, however, quite adept at sewing. If anyone knows where I might obtain fabric, needle, thread and perhaps some beading I would be in your debt. If anyone is interested in a dress or anything else please do not hesitate to let me know.

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[As you walk in the main hallway, towards the cafeteria, you may notice one (1) Danny Masters, stuck in a wall.


From the hallway, only his waist upwards is visible, as he hangs downwards as if being pulled by gravity. (If you happen to be in the cafeteria, his legs are doing the same thing.)

Care to come and ask him what the hell he's doing? Or give him the literal butt-kicking you've always wanted to?]


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