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*Sion's taken up a corner of the library for herself. She has several clippings spread out on one table. They're all articles about the current on goings, but with bits and pieces highlighted from each page. Passages mentioning incidents repeated from the past and rumors of different disasters occurring. To a onlooker, they'll look random, but Sion seems visibility bothered by her discovery.*


*Shortly after figuring out that Wallachia is outside of the Gardens attacking innocents, she knows she should be getting her things together right away and leaving. But she's hesitating.

Fact is, everytime she's faced him, she's had help, normally in the form of her friend Shiki Tohno but the True Ancestor also helped seal Wallachia. She really had her reservations about going alone and if her conceptual weapon would be enough. Sion also really wasn't looking forward to seeing him. It's true that killing him once was never enough to settle the score. Her need for revenge was too great. But it was still hard to see the form of the being who was responsible for all of her misfortune.

She takes out her barrel replica, and begins loading it with it's original bullets. She had regular bullets in for training with the monsters but for Wallachia, that wouldn't do at all. Now all she needed was a way to seal him into a physical form...*
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[Looks like there's a new face in the garden, specifically standing around in the lobby with her arms crossed and in a huff. Though it supposedly doesn't give much effect to make people take her seriously, considering she's no older than eight.]

And just when I thought things like this were over. [She mumbled to herself in a sigh. Yeah, it was one thing that it was at least told beforehand and she was ensured to come back to her homeworld at the first. But this time, she wasn't in the human world and the way of coming back was still a mystery to the people of the garden.

Doesn't mean she still can't try to ask around.

Hey, uh, excuse me!
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[It is afternoon when Kaldur makes him way to the swimming pool, pausing to look over the large body of clear water. So deceptive it is. He is not intending to take a swim himself. No, instead one may find him collecting samples, a large bottle of water and smaller vials. His motions are careful, as if he would rather not touch the water himself if he can avoid it.

He takes the samples to a classroom for research. The computers in the Garden are not exactly like those he is familiar with, but he's adapted to them easily enough. The bottle beside him has most of his attention as does the book he has open beside it that he is looking through. Unfortunately he is not finding what he is looking for. Perhaps requesting outside opinions may be his own answer.]

I am currently seeking the answer to a question and any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Would anyone know a manner in which to remove toxins from a large body of water?

{OOC: People can run into Kaldur by the pool or in the classroom, whichever you prefer!}
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[It's noon on a Saturday, and the weather's nice... which means it's just wrong to be sitting in the library.

Besides, the librarian kicked him out for spinning one of his Frisbees around his finger while he read, which is why Lea's occupying a bench and half of the edge of a raised flowerbed in the Quad, a book open in his lap. This place is gonna kill him by making his brain explode. It's an evil plot. Or something like that. He keeps spinning the Frisbee in alternate directions around the fingers of his left hand, stopping occasionally to turn pages and take notes.

Finally, frustrated, he tosses the book back on his flowerbox edge pile and flops out backward along the bench, feet up on the opposite arm. The metal disc goes over his face to shade it from the sun. His voice echoes weirdly in the sheet metal.]

This totally sucks!
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*Sion is currently absorbed in her reading in the library. She's completely taken up one table with a stack of books in one corner, and three open books laid down. The books that Sion has chosen to read appear to be on the monsters that can be found in the training hall. She's sitting down with two in front of her and one of the books above the other two. If you watch her closely enough, you'll notice that her focus isn't on one individual book, but at all three at the same time. She'll occasionally flip the page of one of the books, but other that that her attention is completely focused on those three books.

Yep, that's right, she's reading all three at once. And she's also taking up a whole table which, you know, if you aren't curious about the fact that she's somehow able to read three books at the same time? You might want to tell her that she needs to take up less room with her studying.*
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( There’s a young girl in a cadet uniform worriedly looking from the papers in her hands to the large map display she stands before. Back and forth, back and forth Shiemi goes from the papers to the map until the confusion is even more evident on her features than before. If this entire situation wasn’t hard enough to swallow, she feels the need to move but has no idea where to even begin.

A few moments pass before she takes in deep breath, and figures there was one obvious solution to her problems and that was just asking for help – so in a flash of color, quickly enough she almost loses her footing (why are uniforms so difficult to wear?) she turns and yells at speaks up to the person who happens to be near her.

Yes, that very well just could be you.

Ex-excuse me! ( And then, she drops her voice to something more quiet as she tries to fight the blush that begins to color her face. ) Can I… can I ask for your help with something?
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[oh, how cute, there's a graduation ball going on right now. see, there would be a lot of people excited to attend. of course there would be. but, you see, Asch isn't like them. no. social situations? no go. so. where is he? he's just. kinda hanging out around the Quad, minding his own business. he has Things to think about.

which, clearly, if you're not at the dance (or taking a break from it), you should go bug him. yep.]


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