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Looks like I picked a bad time to start taking classes in this dump. Anyone care to fill me in as to what the hell is going on here? Looks like nobody's prepared to appreciate the Great Zelos when he's just some new cadet.

We'll see about that. Greatness isn't something that'll go overlooked for too long, huh?

Zelos Wilder


[Not that Zelos is gonna sit staring at a computer screen all day. Computers are a giant pain to someone whose entire computer expertise comes down to messing with the bad guys' stuff. Computers aren't really a thing on Tethe'alla, and he's kinda glad of it - looks like they have their uses, but they're kinda boring!

Nope, he's gonna wander all around the Garden, familiarise himself with the general layout of the place, keep an eye out for cuties, and hopefully work out what everyone's getting so worked up over. Better get himself established in this place if he's gonna stick around, after all!
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If you're still interested, I have those concert tickers for Sadie Pang! If you want them, please say so! They look like they'll be good seats!



[Meanwhile, Gakupo is listening to music on his laptop in the quad, thanks to the music player he got from Time Compression. It seems like it's cycling through a playlist, but if anyone listens carefully, one could tell that it's him singing. He also has a pad out and a pencil, jotting down notes feverishly. There's quite a pile of papers held down by a canteen of water so they won't blow away.]
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[Night has fallen on Balamb Garden; the halls of Garden are mostly deserted besides the stray student walking about, and even the usual faculty members are missing from their posts around the school. There's a certain festive energy through the air, the source coming from the Ballroom cheerily decorated located on the second floor.

At exactly 2100, as soon as the dinner rush ends, the Garden chime sounds and the intercom clicks on. The Headmaster speaks to the Garden.]

The Graduation Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom.

I repeat, the Graduation Ball is now beginning. Your attendance is requested at [2F] Ballroom. The dance will run until 2400. Students leaving the ball after curfew are to return to their dorms immediately.

[After the announcement, the intercom falls silent. The faint sound of music can be heard from the second floor of the building. In the second floor ballroom, the Headmaster, Garden faculty, and even some of the instructors are present, so troublemakers are free to roam until 2400. Caterers roam, offering drinks and refreshments to the party goers; a stationary stand for punch and food is also offered. Unfamiliar people can be seen speaking with staff and amongst themselves - potential clients, perhaps?]

(Mod note: You may participate in the dance in comments to this post, or opt to make your own new post or log.

The dance is not mandatory (though it is strongly recommended that newly graduated SeeDs attend), so students that choose not to attend won't be punished.

Newly graduated SeeDs are required to wear their uniforms. Otherwise, the occasion is black tie. All inhabitants of Garden are welcome to the festivities.

Should players have any questions left unanswered, feel free to ping the mods via PM.)
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[Field exams are often publicly announced, but the date for this one had been given to those involved in private, via private message on the BBS and notes left in dormitories, two days in advance. While SeeDs Nida and Touma H. Norstein had been briefed in private, the cadets would only be briefed on the day, and were simply ordered to meet at the front gate at 0600 hours on Friday morning armed and in uniform.

[Once the cadets and Touma are assembled, Headmaster Cid and a faculty member join them for the traditional send off speech:]

Good morning, everyone, I hope you're doing well this early morning.

[He paces as he walks, eying each cadet and SeeD as he does so.]

This exam will involve three members. )

[As Cid finishes up, the sound of the Ragnarok coming in grows louder, until it lands below the cadets and opens. Nida soon emerges.] Everyone into the passenger room for your briefing.

[Briefly, he pulls Rainbow Dash aside.] Traditionally we let our piloting specialists take off on field exams, but as this mission is time sensitive, I'll be taking it this time. I'm sorry; I promise there is a place for you to fly later in the mission.

  • Arrivals
  • Briefing and planning
  • Ground team disarming and fight
  • Sky team infiltration and fight
  • Retreat to Deling - to be posted!
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    You know, this is the first time I'll actually get an opportunity to attend a concert in this world! Is anyone else thinking of attending one of her concerts? If there is interest, please let me know, as I plan to get tickets very soon! Maybe we can get a group discount?

    Also, does anyone have some extra mittens or gloves? Sticking my hands into my pockets isn't really working for me. I'm willing to do a reasonable trade for the gloves! I've gotten gloves, but if anyone needs assistance with something, then please let me know!

    SeeD #28262
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    The cold of Trabia is concerning. I have donned my thickest wear and yet, I have still felt a chill. For that reason, I have made heat stones to help keep the most of us warm throughout this investigation. As I shall be moving between Garden and Trabia constantly during this investigation, the best method of having contact with me is to private message my devices.

    I hope our endeavors' results are useful.

    -- Sigyn Freyasdotter


    [ Sigyn is outside Balamb, decked out in winter garb, hair braided and tucked into her warm, fur cloak with her hands stuffed into mitts. She's checking her gear of dagger, rope, little brown sacks for herb gathering (or else what she shall find that she may bringing back to the school for further study) and some snacks of bread, apples, jerky, and peanut-butter, which are all (barring her dagger which is in its sheath at her hip) in her rough knapsack.

    She waits before adventuring out, to see if anyone will join her on her trip. ]
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    [The Date Auction held little interest for Sigyn. Especially since she had started her steady relationship with Gakupo. Not even to needle Edward (she is certain that Pinkie Pie is already doing so, so what need did Sigyn have to replicate the effect). Instead, she bypasses all the cadets and staff heading to the cafeteria, tugging her furred cloak's hood up, venturing outside of Garden. She has a book tucked under one arm, worn and old, that Sigyn had borrowed from the library after a little peek one day after studying in the library's study area.

    Once outside, Sigyn heads to her garden, where she finds a seat by her winter-kissed roses (a few of the cadets had been wondering how the flowers could grow and stay strong in the winter's cold, often sleet bringing weather) and opens her book.


    By Mary Shelley.

    Sigyn gets cozy, tucking into chapter one. ]
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    [Towards the end of the break, when supplies are running low all round, is it any wonder the people working at the infirmary have chosen to prioritise the cadets who aren't going to head back to the Island and get themselves injured again in a maximum of a few days? And, for that matter, the cadets less inclined to vocally and incessantly gripe when they take longer to patch him up than he was hoping, which is to say five seconds.

    From a purely intellectual standpoint, Ed can approve of pragmatism like this. On another, more immediately pressing level?]

    Dammit, dammit, dammit...

    [He sits back in the bed and, frustrated, thumps his right fist against the wall. It rattles alarmingly loudly. For once, he's glad it's not that arm he currently has trussed up in a sling, given the lack of decent mechanics around Garden... but knowing the medics could fix a broken bone pretty damn quickly doesn't help him in the slightest if they aren't doing it right now.

    He hangs his head.]

    No two ways around it. [He raises his voice slightly.] Guess I'll just have to bust out of here myself.

    [Is he joking? It's really hard to tell.]
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    I have returned from another bountiful battle upon the island and request your immediate attention.
    -Sigyn Freyasdotter
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    [0900 hours. Whether the weekend was spent in anticipation, terror, dread, or fury, the time has come. The Ragnarok docked at the observation deck on the second floor, ramp extended to admit those brave few who dared to volunteer on the first day, as well as the SeeDs and Instructors charged with keeping them from death, and the recovery and medicine specialists to restore them to health.]

    [For the next three weeks, life would be rough for Garden's inhabitants.]

    [[OOC: Use this thread or make your own for parties and fights on the Island Closest to Heaven! If you'd like a mod to NPC some monsters for you, please put your request on the OOC planning post or PM the mod account. When your party needs a rescue from a senior SeeD, that request can go on the OOC post as well!]]

    [[Game on!]]
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    Anyone want to go out on a suicide mission with me?

    SeeD ID#73197 Para-Magic Weapon Specialist Operative, Firearms Platoon and Magic Operative, Attack Platoon, Level 3

    P.S. Still did nothing Tattler worthy. Man this sucks.
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    I've recently acquired my music player from home, thanks to Time Compression I think. While it came with a cord to recharge it via our laptops, I can't do much more than play music. There are other files on here I wish to utilize, but I don't have the proper programs.

    Are there any computer science specialists, or those that know their way around a computer, that could help me open up and use these files? I'm not even going to bother trying to figure it out on my own since I'm quite terrible with computers.

    SeeD #28262
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    Who wants to join me for some extra-cirriculur WTR activity?   

    [Twirls a small pistol in her hand.]

    In other words: target practice!  Hee hee! 

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    Greetings Balamb Garden!

    We have missed you as much as you've missed us! Today we bring you all you'll ever need to know in this edition of your favorite gossip column!

    Such beautiful entertainment! )

    And here we conclude with a special gift to everyone! A poll! Let's predict the year and perhaps help keep an eye out for the special individuals!! We'll give the results in a week, so hurry and vote!

    Until next time, Garden!
    Miss Tattler

    (ooc: the poll will be on Grell's account, as only paid accounts can make polls. :| or maintainers of a community. Unfortunately, Miss Tattler doesn't run things like that yet lol )

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    [A red-haired teenage girl wearing a pink, rubbery space outfit walks into the Lobby.  She comes to a stop and starts glancing around, from left to right, at all the people passing by, at the directory and upward to the elevator and the ceilng.  And then, without warning, she shouts at the top of her lungs.]


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    [Its inhabitants might still be recovering from the attack, physically or otherwise, but the Garden isn't in shock. On the contrary, the atmosphere in some of its less fortunate halls and corridors is even more bustling than it normally would be during class hours. Everywhere you turn, the characteristic noise of people hard at work fills the air - cadets scurrying from place to place with supplies, instructors barking instructions, a few power tools buzzing here and there, some kid with a braided ponytail kneeling down in a corner by himself and clapping...

    Wait, clapping?

    Yep. The reason why may not be completely obvious, but there might be a clue in the towering heap of debris he's facing at the moment - such as the way it suddenly crackles into life, bluish sparks tracing jagged lines across it as it rapidly warps and twists like something in pain.

    Barely a second later, Ed straightens up to admire the gleaming, pristine wall and floor in front of him, a satisfied smirk playing around his mouth. These people better damn well appreciate having him on board. And he's added a little something in the corner, just in case they were inclined to forget...

    Looks like he'll be done in no time. Ha, and to think they'd handed him a wrench.

    ...Actually, hold on a minute. Where'd he put that again?]
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    Greetings, valiant warriors of Garden! I require most skilled assistance with the art of needle and thread. As I cannot obtain my chosen dresses from merchants of this world, I must make my own clothing. Before the great battle of Balamb, I was well stocked with the perfect tools, but after, I seem to have lost them, either to repair or slothful negligence, I am unsure.

    I would be most grateful if someone were to perhaps lend me some needles and thread. In return, I will happily make you any fabric of your choice, whatever the design be.

    The threads I require are the colors orange, black, and red.

    -- Sigyn Freyasdotter
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    Hello Balamb Garden.

    I hope everyone is safe and sound, and if not, then I wish that your recovery is swift and comfortable. The recovery efforts will be difficult, but it will be quicker with many hands on board. Of course I'll be assisting and doing my part, and I hope that others can too.

    In the meantime, does anyone have any extra earplugs?

    -Gakupo, SeeD #28262


    [Gakupo is busy clearing floor debris near the entrance of the Garden. He looks pretty deep in thought that he may not even notice anyone approach. It's as if Gakupo is simply running on autopilot, since he's been cleaning that same spot for the past seven minutes.

    He has his ear coverings on, because last time he didn't have them on hand, it was excruciatingly painful. ]
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    Not to put too blunt of an edge on the question, but who here can use magic? Not paramagic. Who here was born with actual magic? I've a notion to offer some lessons in Potions on the side, spread the knowledge around. Never hurts to have a few more people with a few more skills, if you can learn it.

    [And people to do the hard work of gathering and preparing ingredients for his own work, but let's not mention that.]


    Oct. 2nd, 2012 01:31 pm
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    [Tobias has been feeling a little creative lately. How? Well... he filled his side of his dorm with pictures of his family -- Grell, Espio, Marco, and even some of Whitebeard, after getting the description from Marco again -- and now he's working on the people around Garden.

    If you walk through the Quad, you might feel the teen's eyes on you as you walk past. Anyone who comes into view is being drawn in the sketchbook he has, a quick little pencil drawing that none the less is enough for him to remember them by. Of course, he only knows a few people around here, so most of the drawings go unlabeled.

    He's immensely absorbed in this, paying attention to little else but the paper and his current subject.]


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